Continuing this year’s crayon-aesthetic in indie games, we have shooting platformer BulletZORZ, by Arvi Teikari. It’s slightly too hard in places, and it’s a shame more of the level isn’t on screen at any one time. Nevertheless the ideas are charming, especially using bullets to jump on as moving platforms.

Thanks, Indiegames Blog.


  1. Esha says:

    As a programmer, that kind of aesthetic really amazes me. I’ve dabbled with putting together 2D games before, and sprite/tile based stuff is a real headache because it requires a certain level of visual cohesion. Oddly, it strikes me that it would take so much mroe effort to get visual cohesion in something like this or Crayon Physics than it would for some generic pixelised platformer.

    The only constructive criticism I have too is that everything could be scaled down by a magnitude of times, the art style should stay but I agree with you Jim that there needs to be more on screen at once. Still… this is a technical achievement, and I won’t take that away with my minor nitpicking.

    Oh and as a footnote… I do have some non-constructive criticism too. Don’t create a game with aesthetics like that and call it something with “zorz” in it! It clear deserves so much better.

  2. Jochen Scheisse says:

    That’s progress for you. I’m rather waiting for “The Catcher in the Ryezorz” or “OMGZIllyad”