Lego Universe: Show us the game!

The most recent Lego Universe video is a “behind-the-scenes” documentary advert which shows tantalising glimpse of the game, without actually giving us anything concrete. It’s largely annoying PR fluff. Honestly, it’s awesome that they’re having fun making the game and everything, but the rest of the world just wants to see it running! Show us the footage! Clickwards for the video.


  1. Joinn says:

    Am I the only one that’s been having problems (videos loading very slowly or even not loading at all) viewing the embedded flash videos lately? Mostly seem to to be videos from that cause that problem (and yes, the whole of is slooooow for me)

  2. Bobsy says:



  3. Jim Rossignol says:

    What is life without enemies?

  4. Bobsy says:

    Meh. It’s hard to tell when we’ve seen bugger all of the game of course, but I was holding out for more of a Second Life sans yiffing than a World of Legocraft.

  5. Esha says:

    I really can’t say anything about the video. To me it just looked like a more violent version of Home/Second Life/Toontown with Lego-Men instead.

    What I will say something about though is that concept art, it’s absolutely beautiful – but it’s ruined by the Lego-Man present. Airbrush him out though and it’s a fantastic image of an alien vista, showing the ruins of some ancient, utopian civilisation.

  6. Erlam says:

    “Clikckwards for the video.”


    And yes, that concept art looks like some new WoW spac- I mean, ‘fantasy’ level. Very nice looking, but lego? Really?

  7. Ted says:

    Safe to assume the controls will be completely broken like every other Lego game on the PC?

  8. Trezoristo says:


    No, I’m having the same problem. It loads, but slowly, and is constantly buffering :(.