Streetfighter 4 Fatty Footage

Streetfighter 4’s bulbous battle-boy, Rufus Rhumba, shows off some of his moves in this most recent piece of footage. I was absolutely obsessed with Streetfighter 2 as a youth, so I’m keen to have another go at this when it turns up. I can’t remember the last time I was actually excited about a straight fighting game. No release date has yet been announced for the game, but we’re still anticipating seeing it on all formats in 2008.


  1. Optimaximal says:

    Why do Capcom always show fat people as being able to jump 20ft in the air? It’s just generating false hope…

  2. DazzeL says:

    The question is though – will anyone actually buy and play this on PC?

  3. Smee says:

    I’m disappointed he doesn’t have a “tuck head between legs and steamroll opponent” move.

  4. Rook says:

    I’ll buy it on PC, I think it’ll actually do really well.

  5. MetalCircus says:

    rehashed rubbish

  6. Jochen Scheisse says:

    I like this. In other news, I watched the new Jean Claude Van Damme film yesterday, and I like it.

  7. dust says:

    First the mexican wrestler and now this fat circus jerk, I know it’s hard adding new characters to a game universe but this is just terrible.

  8. Ian says:

    Who do Capcom think they are to break the fighting game tradition of fat characters being lumbering but powerful?

  9. Gurrah says:

    @Jochen Scheisse: I assume you are talking about JCVD, and furthermore, based on your name, I am assuming you watched it at the fantasy film fest in Dortmund. Is it really worth it? I was thinking of getting a ticket for the screening in München, amongst others.

  10. Garrett says:

    While on the surface it seems strange for Street Fighter IV to come to the PC, what most people don’t know is that it is in fact natively a Windows game; the original arcade version runs on Taito’s Type X2 arcade system, which is actually a PC running Windows XP Embedded. The Type X2 cabinet conceals a recognisable ATX desktop case containing off-the-shelf components, and like any PC it can be upgraded with any hardware the motherboard chipset supports.

    Unless Capcom really screws something up the Windows version will be “arcade perfect” in every way.

  11. kibibu says:

    Looks like somebody felt dirty spending all that money developing jiggle physics only for breasts.

    We need man-jiggles! Quick, dig up those old Dr Robotnik models we had from the failed Sonic Vs Capcom game!

  12. CrashT says:

    “Worst. Street Fighter Character. Ever.”

  13. mrrobsa says:


    I watched mid-90’s Van Damme explosions and ice hockey fusion, Sudden Death, recently and thought it to be one of his best. It has a helicopter exploding inside a hockey arena.

    I also have a pair of Jean-Claude Van Damme’s trousers.
    No bull.

  14. Albides says:

    Damnit, he’s just stealing E Honda’s thunder.

  15. Esha says:


    The humble rehash is King, these days. And as long as you can view each attempt to bring something into the present objectively, you may find that some of it is actually pretty good.

    Bionic Commando: Rearmed was pure gaming gold, especially in co-op. Much laughter was had when my roomie and I played it, especially those damn tunnels. And those moments where one of us would pull of some unspeakable bout of Bionic Arm-ery and complete half of a level in a matter of seconds.

    Good times.

    I would note that this is Capcom too, and I loved Street Fighter 2 back in the day, it was a blast and invoked much laughter. In arcades, it invoked much domestic-level violence. But as long as you had a group of half decent people to play it with, it was grand. Just make sure that the person you’re playing against doesn’t have any anger issues first, that should be a health & safety warning on the box!

    “Due to danger of domestic violence, please ensure that you have well-humoured friends. In the absence of well-humoured friends, please ensure that you’re all too drunk to successfully throw a punch.”

    Long and short of it anyway is that I’m looking forward to this. More properly done rehashes, please! Can we have Revenge of Shinobi, next?

  16. Jochen Scheisse says:

    His new movie, JCVD, is one of these postmodern action movies. It’s called JCVD and he plays himself. As he comes back to Belgium after a particularly devastating custody hearing in the USA, he gets taken hostage in his own bank by a group of criminals who, upon realizing that their idol JCVD is one of their hostages, insists on him talking to the police in their name as he is clearly more experienced through his films. This results in the police assuming JC has finally snapped and robbed the bank himself.

  17. Butler` says:

    No idea which platform to buy this on. I’m worried about going straight for the PC version due to the fair likelyhood of it having only a tiny competitive player base.

    I could buy it on PS3 and get a USB joystick, then if things hot up on the PC (competition wise, LANs etc) I can always use the same joystick on my PC and just re-buy the actual game.

    360 can just go RROD itself.

  18. Mike says:

    Has anyone paused it about halfway through?

    “My old lady, she wants to get a cat, but I’m like ‘No way, babe!’ I mean, those things meow and meow all day, you know? How are you s’posed to get to sleep with all that racket? I mean, I guess cats are cute an’ all, but I can’t stand not being able to hear myself think! So…”

  19. Tellurian says:

    Does he have the obligatory burping + farting special moves every fat beat’em up character since Samurai Showdown’s “Earthquake” had?

  20. desk scene says:

    DazzeL: I can imagine it doing incredibly well in Tesco/Walmart, even if it’s not a good fit with the more regular PC game demographic. If they keep the system requirements reasonable and maybe do a bundle with a controller it’ll be big – people who haven’t owned a console since the SNES and have no intention of getting a PS3 might well grab it for PC.

    As a regular PC gamer though, I’d get this on a console. The only CAPCOM games I’ve really wanted on PC lately are Dead Rising and Puzzle Fighter HD (and Resi 5 if it’s a good port).

  21. sinister agent says:

    Street Fighter 4? Come off it, even the fanboys aren’t going to fall for that one. Let’s have some honesty for once and call it Street Fighter 287.

  22. SanguineLobster says:

    In other news, that’s some nice soundtrack.

  23. born2expire says:

    I can’t wait for this, all i need is a GOOD joystick not that shoddy crap that is out for PS3/360 already. is the best I’ve found but I can easily build something for less money.

  24. Marcelo.Abans says:

    They figured “Since fireballs are coming out of people’s hands, lets make fat people agile.”


  25. Erlam says:

    “More properly done rehashes, please! Can we have Revenge of Shinobi, next?”

    Revenge of Shinobi: Revenge!

  26. Butler` says:


    You can get decent imported Hori arcade sticks at specialist game retailers. You know, the real arcade quality shizzle that makes the ones out in Europe look pathetic.

    edit: link to

  27. Al3xand3r says:

    I’ll buy it on PC. Then I’ll hope someone comes up with a mod or hack to permanently delete this character (but without causing any game issues, for example crashing when the game wants you to encounter him, etc). Then I’ll have fun.

  28. born2expire says:

    ugghh, those Hori sticks look terrible, whats with 8 buttons? and i HATE that style of joystick.

  29. James T says:

    First the mexican wrestler and now this fat circus jerk, I know it’s hard adding new characters to a game universe but this is just terrible.

    Rufus is an unbelievably bad design, but El Fuerte? He’s awesome.
    Not wowed by C. Viper or Seth though. I’m disappointed by the utter SF2-ness of the cast, but it looks like it plays great, and it’ll be nice to play PC Streetfighter without an emulator, so I’m still down. Really hoping they expand the cast for the home release though.

  30. Michael Walbridge says:

    This guy is the new Dan. Anyone see what he said when he wins?

    My old lady, she wants to get a cat, but I’m like, “no way babe!” I mean, those things just meow and meow all day you know? How you s’posed to get to sleep with all that racket? I mean, I guess cat’s [sic] are cute an’ all, but I can’t stand not bein’ able to hear myself think! So…

    Man, I love the localization. I haven’t laughed this hard at the Japanese perception of Americans since Earthbound.