Two Worlds 2 Is Too Pretty

Ah, Two Worlds – the comically-translated RPG that malicious types (like me) could describe as the poor man’s Oblivion. Or perhaps the drunken madman’s Oblivion. It was utter nonsense in so many ways, but hard to dislike – it had a certain just-getting-on-with-it factor that its peers lacked, and offered no small amount of unintentional belly laughs. Also, you could improve your weapons by bolting weapons of the same type onto ’em, which was a fun way around the usual loot fixation.

A sequel’s on its way, and the first screenshots of it are out. RPS’ initial reaction was to cry bullshot, but a chum who saw it in action at Leipzig assures us that these are the genyooine article. More pics’n’words beneath the cut.

(Click for big’uns)

Really really good-looking, no? Also seems as though Two Worlds will shrug off its fairly stereotypical high fantasy approach in favour of something a little more ostentatious this time around. I quite fancy being chased through the jungle by velociraptors. And in the game.

Reportedly this sequel – subtitled The Temptation – will have proper writing and acting. Which is almost a shame. Here’s Jim explaining why, back in the mists of RPS-time. Fortunately, this picture gives me hope that The Temptation will be as ridiculous as its predecessor:


  1. Jonas says:

    I really gave Two Worlds a chance. I did. I liked the riding! Kinda. It had mounted combat, whereas Oblivion didn’t. The story was… uh, easy to follow, at least! Look, I played it with an open mind, okay?

    But it kept crashing! There was one town I couldn’t even enter. AT ALL. The game would just freeze every time I got near it, so I had to CTRL-ALT-DEL out of there and terminate the process, which got a bit tedious after the third try because it took about 5 minutes to escape the game this way post-freeze :(

    At least I got it during Steam’s discount weekend, so I got it almost for free.

  2. Neb says:

    Also seems as though Two Worlds will shrug off its fairly stereotypical high fantasy approach

    If it’s leaving high fantasy in a tangled heap of gore by the side of the road, then I’m calling shotgun.

  3. Schadenfreude says:

    You could get chased through the woods by velociraptors in Gothic 3. And boars with huge tusks. And big creepy insect things. Seriously, based on those screens it’s looking like a Gothic knock-off rather than Oblivion at this early stage. Which is not to say that that’s a bad thing.

    You RPS guys should really give Gothic a go.

  4. Janto says:

    Is that… is it deliberate? What you did with spelling Temptation? Some kind of ultra-cunning joke on bad translation? (it should be. In fact the game SHOULD be called Tempation: Homeworld of the Temps)

  5. Heliocentric says:

    played the demo of two worlds for about a minute. Got maimed… Wait, or was that gothic 3? No in gothic i fell into the ground and could see all the underground caves, in tw a rat beat the hell out of me and i ran away. And quit.

  6. A-Scale says:

    Sweet Jesus what I would give to have a game with a good small boat sailing mechanic. I dream of minutiae.

  7. Mr. Brand says:

    Just like jokes about someone’s recent demise, this is too soon.

  8. Turin Turambar says:

    I know the game had a good amount of fixing and general overhauld with the patches, so the last version seems to be a pretty acceptable game.

  9. Ojive says:

    Two worlds betrayed me. I was promised a game to the same level of Oblivion, and I got… I’m not even sure what I got, but it damned sure wasn’t anything I could genuinely call good.

  10. Citizen Parker says:

    Perhaps this one will ship or patch in workable multiplayer too.

  11. KruddMan says:

    Yep, it has bloom.

  12. Ben Hazell says:

    Oblivions meets Crisis. But in all the bad ways.

  13. Deuteronomy says:

    If one’s never played Oblivion, is it worth getting now?

  14. Nick says:

    Yeah, it’s pretty good if you get some mods for it.

    Just don’t expect it to be amazing.

  15. NuZZ says:

    I remember there was some NPC in tow worlds that said to me the famous Diablo line… I loled.
    Can’t remember the line, but it was from Diablo 2, and from Ariel, or that Witch women from the Rogue Encampment :D.

  16. Alex says:

    Really really good-looking, no?

    As far as I was concerned, the visuals weren’t really what was wrong with the first game. Meaning to say, I’m not really interested in how good-looking the sequel will be.

  17. Larington says:

    Not entirely sure why, but I really enjoyed Two Worlds when I played through it. I’ll definately be happy if they move further away from the high fantasy tropes for the sequel, I’ll likely be buying it, anyways.

  18. Chaz says:

    @ A-Scale

    Yes boats would be amazing, I was rather hoping that they’d put boats in Oblivion after Morrowind featured so much water, and folks had modded boats for it. Exploration by sea is much neglected in RPG’s.

    Whilst we’re on modes of transport, I wouldn’t mind being able to buy things like different types of horse and cart setups. Something like that to keep all our loot in would be much appreciated, as all that running back and forth between dungeons and vendors gets bloody ridiculous.

  19. Flim says:

    Oblivion was completely ruined by the level scaling – rather than designing dungeons/areas/whatever to be a particular level they just made everything scale with you – so everywhere you went you met the same monster with a different model.

    I’m told you can get mods that sort that out a bit though but I’m forever scarred.

  20. onkellou says:

    ” Exploration by sea is much neglected in RPG’s.”

    Definitely – Zelda and PotBS notwithstanding, when was the last time an RPG had ships? One of the Ultimas?

  21. onkellou says:

    I just googled around a little, and found this bit in an interview:

    “Yes, in “Two Worlds” – The Temptation” the player has yet another form of transport available. The new region of Tarea has a huge bay with lots of islands. And you’ll be able to reach these in a sailboat! When you’ve learned the relevant skill, you can get into the boat and steer it to your desired destination. The direction of travel is set using the tiller at the stern, just like a real sailboat – but you’ll have to watch the wind – a red flag at the tip of your mast will tell you which way it’s blowing. Depending on that wind direction, you might have to hoist your sail to move over the water faster. Special series of quests, like a smuggling adventure, for example, have been specially designed for the boat feature – and you’ll have to put to sea sooner or later in the Main Quest as well! ”

    Source: link to

  22. jamscones says:

    I started TW five times trying to get into it, failing each time after a couple of hours. It was dreadful.

    It was like they’d started designing the game by creating the landscape, populating it with towns, then critters and people, and only *then* attempting to create a game around it (badly). Almost like they were making it up as they went along. It didn’t help that the designers had no taste.

  23. phuzz says:

    as onkellou said (and how exactly do you expect us to pronounce that name eh?) the only boaty mechanics worth a damn was zelda: wind waker, and obviously that wasn’t much of a simulation.
    Something tells me there’s probably a ridiculously detailed sailing sim out there somewhere, ala bus driver.

  24. Esha says:


    Ultima VII parts I & II. Sailling was so much fun in those games, but inn Ultima VII it was still fairly tame, mostly because it was almost impossible to encounter pirates on the open sea. Ultima IV had pirates docking to raid towns, and you could actually fight them off, ransack their ship and even steal their ship. That was fairly epic, and hilarious.

    “Yarr, now we’re pirates! Let’s go raze Trinsic!”
    “Is that virtuous, Avatar?”

    Ultima Online had boats too, but it was the same tame system as Ultima VII. There was the occasional sea monster, and the boats were horrible to control. Not to mention that despite the production values (at the time!), there were only galleons in the game. There wasn’t a single small sailing boat.

    Oblivion and Morrowind have both had boat mods, but they suffered the same problems as Ultima Online, the boats were almost always fairly huge and they were monstrous to control. Nothing has ever had the fun of Ultima IV, where one could nick a boat and just enjoy sailing around in it.

    If it was so easy for Ultima IV, why is it so hard for modern RPGs? I wants me some NPC pirate battles again, with cannons! And I want that to not be the overall focus of the game.

  25. lukasz says:


    Mass Effect

  26. Mr. Brand says:

    Sailing sim? It exists, and it has reached v7.0.1!

    link to

  27. dhex says:

    If it was so easy for Ultima IV, why is it so hard for modern RPGs?

    the view, man! seriously though, in a tileset world, you can do all sorts of strategic things you cannot do in our more close up universes. it would be neat as all hell, though.

  28. andy says:

    enjoyed the first one, looking forward to the sequel.

  29. Bhlaab says:

    Is that CryEngine?

    Anyway, I gave up on Two Worlds after about 5 minutes because the interface was more than a bit of a pain in the ass and instantly being mugged by 37 boars as soon as you exit the introductory cave wasn’t fun. Hope they fix it up.

  30. onkellou says:

    and instantly being mugged by 37 boars as soon as you exit the introductory cave wasn’t fun

    The bigger problem actually was that you could beat pretty much anything, including level 80 grizzly bears (AND level 37 boars) at level 1. If you use the “jump back” key, you’re almost invincible for wildlife. :-)

    Didn’t think much of the first game, either, btw. – never finished it – but I am strangely attracted to the sequel. But I most certainly will read a truckload of reviews before.

  31. Furbomb says:

    Flim says:

    Oblivion was completely ruined by the level scaling – rather than designing dungeons/areas/whatever to be a particular level they just made everything scale with you – so everywhere you went you met the same monster with a different model.

    I’m told you can get mods that sort that out a bit though but I’m forever scarred.

    yes, Yes and Yes.

    but luckily theres mods for us to save the day.. and game.
    Give it a try with “oscuros oblivion overhaul” , gone is the pesky levelscaling, and the game gets hard as hell. And just as wonderful.

  32. malkav11 says:

    The visuals in Two Worlds were theoretically attractive but somehow…off.

    And that was only where the problems started. There’s an okay game in there somewhere, I just haven’t had the patience to find it. Really, there are so many other fish in the sea.

    Kinda bemused to see a mess like Two Worlds regarded so fondly in RPS articles with The Witcher, an infinitely superior title that was among the best games of that year (this year? I forget) condemned for a few niggling issues with voice acting and the art cards.

  33. Atech says:

    I gotta say I like it.. how anyone could say Oblivion was any good is beyond me.. graphics yes.. BORRRING AS HELL!!! YES!! that game sucked. This seems to be actually alittle different and pretty fun to me. Well worth thr price
    and have seen no glitches thus far after 4-5 hours.

  34. George Ison says:

    I really liked TW, so much so that I replayed it several times in order to fine tune my walkthrough.

    Oblivion sucked big time, not because of illogical game play, but because there was simply an overkill on game play (too much that wasn’t really necessary).

  35. Mahkana says:

    Two worlds looks interesting never played the game myself, but Oblivion, it was kinda crappy because the quests seemed to repeat themselves and I only beat it once, and even after the main quest (Which by the way was pretty good) you have nothing really “Memorable” afterwards. I have high hopes that two worlds will be different and its sequel.

  36. kaushik says:

    can any one tell me a easy way to change the game language from russian to english. i have the russian version. is there any english language pack?

  37. Michael says:

    I agree with Mahkana. TW looks rreally interesting. Oblivion is heaps good you have to be a eldar scrolls nut to full apreciate it though. I want to play TW but im not sure if its worth it. Can someone reccomend it for me? But what’s the down side to it? Give me some info…

  38. Tei says:

    Re: seas

    King Bounty has seaships :-)

  39. stelios says:

    I played 2 worlds 4 times(!).I like it very much.I recently tried to play Oblivion.It sucks.It’s boring.I’m looking forward to 2Worlds2

  40. Goryo says:

    Lets just hope it isn’t like it’s predecessor in the fact that the grass and bushes TURN as you do with the camera…. Seriously, I want 3D bushes, not 2D bushes that give the illusion of 3D.