Battlefield Heroes Footage, Limited Beta

The main Battlefield Heroes site has started running contests for a limited number of beta keys. They gave away 400 last night, and there’s more to come. The rumour in the mill is that a large scale beta should be turning up very soon indeed. After the jump we have several minutes of Heroes footage, which starts off fairly slowly – try to imagine it ramped up with eight aside – and then goes fairly triumphant as it shows off the ludicrous air-combat. We get a good glimpse of the pace of the fighting, the layout of one of the maps, the vehicle use, and even some of the character customisations.


  1. Fede says:

    The Air-combat looks really fun, but I don’t like much the UI, it seems it covers much more than what it needs.

  2. Klapperman says:

    Wow, they’re really channelling the TF2 vibe there. Sincerest form of flattery and all that…

  3. Valentin Galea says:

    The graphics are amazing, but the camera is horrible – way too fixed to the character’s back… looks like he’s running on the spot when walking (but that may be the animation :) )

    They should use a bit more over-the-shoulder approach///

  4. Jammin says:

    I like the way the trees fade out of view.

  5. Dorian Cornelius Jasper says:

    I honestly did not get a TF2 vibe as much as you, apparently, because this was more cartoony and “clean fun-ish,” while TF2 is more darkly comic, and really goes for the funny in the way that you’d expect the Old Man Murray crew to aim for. It’s a stylized cartoon look with a surprisingly mature edge. BFH is definitely more “family-friendly.” And with guys jumping on plane wings, I don’t think I’ll mind that.

    Dare I say, this actually reminded me of… Megaman Legends. The goofiness, color, and feeling of light-hearted fun, all of it reminded me of my youth playing that most underappreciated of gems.

    While I hate the fact that you usually need to get in a vehicle to really get anywhere in Battlefield games, I was nearly giddy with delight when I saw that one guy jump on the plane’s wing. (Usually, I rush for the aircraft spawnpoint only to get to there a second too late.)

    So yeah. Color me surprised. I’m actually looking forward to this now that I’ve seen it in action.

  6. Ginger Yellow says:

    I’ve been kind of ignoring this game, but the GFW guys just gave it a thumbs up (with some reservations) on their latest podcast, so I’ll probably give it a chance. Hell, it is free.

  7. James says:

    Looks like a ton of fun and it’s free. Seems like a recipe for awesome as far as I’m concerned. Hopefully I’ll be able to get into the beta at some point to get a first hand look at the thing. The real test will be seeing how it goes on my laptop, I guess.

  8. Wedge says:

    You have GOT to be kidding me with those sound effects. Honestly those alone make me not want to play this now. Being cartoony is one thing, but making everything sound like some bad Looney Tune… that’s just tasteless and annoying.

  9. Paxeh says:

    To be honest, If I had to pay for this game I wouldn’t even had thought about even trying it. The 3rd person view just makes it look too ‘consoley’. I never liked having to peer through a silly HUD crosshair to shoot at something 2 miles away in 3rd person, it just gets annoying. I thus have certain reservations regarding to this title.

    Then again, it is entirely possible that this turns out to be mega awesome cools but after reading the 1up Hands-On and spotting “It’s a little like Age of Conan or any other MMO mixed up with a multiplayer shooter” I just went D:

  10. Guido says:

    Hm, before this movie I was looking forward to it more than I do now, to be honest. I love TF2, so I’m fine with comic graphics, but this is a bit too much. The 3rd-person view isn’t my favourite either, I guess I’ll have to try it to really be able to judge, but it looks like there’s way too much in the way of my field of view there.

    And the animations just don’t reach TF2 quality.

    Maybe EA should’ve stuck with realism with their BF series?

  11. N says:

    The infantry combat seems pretty negligible, plus the camera should be placed a bit to the side… nice visuals though, even if pg13-ish…

    really moronic sounds effects

  12. Valentin Galea says:

    Why didn’t they go with a hybrid FPS/3rd-person?

    3rd-person for sho’, FPS for a pro! :D

  13. die happy says:

    @ Guido
    since when is the battlefield series realistic ?
    in bf2 it takes 20 shots to kill someone, you can jump 2 meters high
    and bf42 ? well dont get me started on realism in that game

    BF:Heroes in the same game with just some more cartoonish design and focused more on “funstuff”

    and how i hate this 3rd person camera
    this is supposed to be an FPS so give me a normal camera view through the guys eyes.

  14. Freelancepolice says:

    I’ve heard some bad balancing issues regarding this – can anyone in the beta tell me how they’re getting on with it?

  15. Briggsy says:

    Regarding beta balancing, they still haven’t got it spot on in a number of places. Soldiers are practically useless against tanks atm, and gunners are overpowered, with commandos having very weak knives. Expect it to be sorted more before release however.

  16. Real Horrorshow says:

    I know they’re trying to make this game family friendly, but does the tank cannon have to sound like a fucking slide whistle?

  17. Ginger Yellow says:

    “I’ve heard some bad balancing issues regarding this – can anyone in the beta tell me how they’re getting on with it?”

    GFW said it’s pretty easy to get an unbalanced class if you overload your points on one skill/weapon rather than spreading them out.

  18. Senethro says:

    The skills certainly rewarding distributing your points deeply, rather than wide. Last month’s gimmick build was the Fire Frenzy Gunner, where you dump all your point into Fire frenzy for a 10 second damage and accuracy bonus with a 15 second cool down. Take a high rate of fire machine gun and the accuracy bonus would allow you to use it for those ten seconds as a sniper rifle while moving. Great fun for someone who is, you know, actually good at FPS games but it was the only viable class at the time.

  19. Post Maker 1 says:

    I’m not really in agreement with most of the complaints levelled against this (aside from the obvious balance issues).

    The HUD/UI/LookyBits are just large enough to give the player easy access to anything they want to know using only a quick glance, without taking up too much screen space. The talents on the bottom seem a little small (the recharge meters are pretty tiny!) until you realize they work together with the sound effect that lets you know skill has recharged (the sound plays, and the recharged power flashs and becomes coloured for a bit). It looks nice!

    The sound effects seems a little odd in places (rocket launchers and grenades making that cartoony springing/jumping/swinging sound, for example), but they work well for the things that really matter (guns, vehicles, and explosions). The ones that don’t quite sound right (rockets and grenades, again) might help to distinguish between ordinary guns and powerful weapons, and they fit in fairly well with the art style too (cartoony and deliberately unrealistic).

    Now I’ll admit the game might look like Team Fortress 2, but that’s only because both games have gone as far away from realism as possible. They look similar in that they are cartoonish instead of bump- and normal-mapped to Hell and back, but there are noticeable (and frankly, important) differences between the two (that I don’t have enough space to go on about right now (unless asked (please don’t ask))). Besides, if comparisons are to be drawn, you might as well say that Team Fortress 2 was just ripping off the art style of Psychonauts and Valve JUST DIDN’T HAVE THE BALLS to take it as far as Double Fine did.

    Now I’m in love with 3rd person cameras, so I’m obviously a little biased, but in a game like this I think a 1st person viewpoint would ruin the experience. Why customize a character when you only see it after you die (if at all, outside of the menus)? Sure, the other players will gaze upon your awesome leather-bound bondage soldier in his tribal head-dress and skirt, but isn’t half the fun of creating a custom look seeing it yourself, in game? Plus, in a game that is (apparently) going to feature large amounts of people doing absurdly high-damage, wide-area attacks and causing all sorts of chaos in some occasionally confined environments, a 3rd person camera angle would let you see more of the battlefield than if you were viewing it from your character’s eyes. In the end the 3rd person viewpoint will help you stay out of trouble a bit more by letting you see trouble coming more often, if that makes any grammatical sense.

    Personally I like the more rigid, straight behind the spine viewpoint this game has. I’m sick to death of games taking an over the shoulder camera angle, because it forces the character model to eat up more screen space on one side or the other (due to the usually close proximity of the camera in “those types of viewpoints”) and it looks absolutely awful. Sniping (is there sniping? I’m not sure!) could be awkward if it stays in some kind of weird 3rd person view but the odds of that happening are pretty low(!(?)).

    The fact that it’s free and powered by “microtransactions” (a completely ridiculous word) isn’t much an issue so long as people can’t buy Super Killing Guns that dominate the playfield, but with all the attention to gameplay balance that I’ve heard about I don’t think it’s going to be a problem.

    Vehicles (and vehicle combat especially (BARREL ROLLS)) look nice, and I’m a little ashamed to admit that when I saw the plane run right into that pole and just keep going without getting damaged, I cheered. It might be just me but I really dislike taking damage from running into little things, however realistic it may be. An environment that appears to be totally indestructible is also something I’m looking forward too, because after playing a bunch of Battlefield: Bad Company multiplayer (among other multiplayer games with destructible environments) I’d to run behind cover that’s actually cover and not just some tiny annoyance to be blasted away while I cower and attempt to heal.


    Oh god I have typed so much look what I have done.
    This is too much text!

  20. roBurky says:

    After TF2, it seems really strange to watch a shooter played in absolute silence like this. Where are the calls to push little cart?

  21. Nimic says:

    I’m not quite sure how I feel about this. Obviously stuff like the Air-combat looks splendid fun, but as a whole I don’t know how much I’d like it over a longer period of time. The 3rd camera view doesn’t agree with me at all, particularly not after having played quite a lot of TF2, which has a similar style while still being 1st person view.

  22. elmo says:

    please tell me that you`ll be able to play in first person

  23. Tom says:

    There’s no blood!!! Not even little puffs of it. How the hell are you supposed to see if you really did manage to shoot someone inspite of that crappy camera perspective. And the sounds, terrible if you aks me. I was really looking forward to this, I love TF2, and I also liked bf1942, bfheroes should be what happens when both geht cuddley and have babys, but I think TF2 got cheated, and some WOW-guy came alonge and fathered his beloved bf1942…a shame

  24. NOT AN ALIEN says:

    Judging from the reports of other beta players, this game is for fun but it’s for kids.

    You can see whether you hit someone by the damage indicators (numbers that pop out).

  25. Zeitgeist says:

    Just because it doesnt have blood doesnt mean it is for kids, the game is really really fun but since there only seems to be 2-3 players in the video you cant really tell what a real game is like based on this

  26. stavrosthewonderchicken says:

    Well, that looks spectacularly unfun. And I still can’t get over how, uh, Village People the characters look.

    You know, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  27. A-Scale says:

    It looks like LEGO WW2 to me. Some of the combat looks remarkably fun, considering that I really thought this game was going to fall flat. The tower sniping position definitely looks OP though.

  28. Fumarole says:

    This does absolutely nothing to make we want to play the game. In fact, quite the opposite. Bunny-hopping FTL.

  29. Nick says:

    bunny-hopping and point blank grenade useage.. I thought they were trying to avoid all that gubbins?

    The planes carry people on the wings is looking to be the only feature I’ll have any interest in.

  30. MetalCircus says:

    It’s free goddamnit. Beggers can’t be choosers as they say.

  31. Nick says:

    It’s free so we should all get down on our knees and praise the lord/EA? The things I mentioned are favourite FPS tactics of what they said in the very first trailer they were trying to avoid (ADD kids playing it 13 hours a day).

  32. MetalCircus says:

    What happened to my comment? Anyway – Nick, what I’m saying is if it bothers you that much you can, like, not download it. Corr blimey!

  33. Noc says:

    Actually, I watched it again, and even though I saw some bunny hopping, it didn’t look like it did anything. After all, people bunny-hop in WoW.

    I think a lot of the issue with the camera just comes from how awkward your standard circle-strafey FPS fights look in third person. But that’s something you get used to pretty quickly, I think.

  34. Nick says:

    Gosh, really? You mean I don’t have to play it? I wasn’t aware of that. I’m so very sorry for daring to voice my opinion.

  35. MetalCircus says:

    Take your prozac son. I don’t see the merit in whingeing about something which is A) absoloutley free and B) you could just as easily ignore. Do you react like this when a friend offers you some of his (FREE) chips? :)

    This chip has vinegar on it. ARRRGHHHHH.

  36. Eschatos says:

    I got in the beta a while ago, but I stopped due to the huge time it took to get in a game and the terrible lag when I did get in.

  37. Nick says:

    And I fail to see how me expressing displeasure about it containing stuff – as I mentioned before – is synonymous with the playstyle they were trying to avoid. What exactly is so fucking awful about me being disappointed about it? I was looking forward to playing it and now I’m not, why does is that such a big issue for you that you have to repeatedly attack me for it? What the hell are comments threads for if not expressing opinions?

    Nice analogy btw. *sigh*

  38. Post Maker 1 says:


    Combatants Ready?

  39. Nick says:

    yes yes, very droll. I appreciate the futility.

  40. chris says:

    That 3rd person view has got to go. That’s a dealbreaker for me, free or not.

  41. Mr. Softpants says:

    Can I get a refund even though it’s a free game?

  42. The Hammer says:

    Well, for a quick five minute game to play on the browser when you can’t be bothered for anything else… this looks amazing.

    Sure, I would not buy it for cash, but it’s not made for buying for cash.