Stargate Worlds – A Gated Community

'Yoohoo! Make them release a screenshot with a stargate in it!'

The best bit about the Stargate movie (no, seriously, there is a best bit) is when all the soldiers are running around the pillars under some Egyptianesque building. Every time they get to a pillar they press their backs against it and “cha-chunk” their big rifles. Next pillar, “cha-chunk”. Pillar after that, “cha-chunk”. The amount of live ammunition lying all over the floor in that room must have been a hazard. And that is definitely the best bit in that film. Apart from trying to guess if that baddy is a boy or a girl. Fortunately this is unlikely to have an influence on the MMO Stargate Worlds, for which there is a trailer below.

I’ve never watched much of Stargate SG1, but my dad does, and when I’m in town I can’t help but notice that it has MacGuyver in it, which does appear to be an excellent thing. Although he didn’t seem to be building aeroplanes out of twigs, which was disappointing. I think what I’m trying to express here is that I haven’t the faintest idea about Stargate. Although I do know that its last televised incarnation, Atlantis, has just been cancelled. Which possibly isn’t great timing for the tie-in game.

After the fly-bys, I did get that awfully familiar feeling that seems to accompany the sight of many new MMOs. But I’ve got a feeling this might have something to do with their presenting it as a single-player game in these clips, which is an odd choice. Where’s the bustle?! The possibilities for an MMO where using Stargates can transport you to wildly different locations do seem great, and hopefully they’ll nail an emphasis on shooty-guns a lot better than Tabula Rasa. There’s no hurry on this one, set for 2009, but nothing more specific than that.


  1. Mooey Poo says:

    John, you’re wrong. The best bit about Stargate is when upturned-nosed TV comedian and actor Kevin Eldon is blown up. Watch it again.

  2. Mogs says:

    Griiindfest! Searching for gameplay.

    From what I’ve heard this is the standard right-click auto attack dice rolling nonsense that continues to plague RPGs. This will be a WoW-clone in Stargate’s clothing.

    Monumental meh.

  3. Fringe says:

    um, everyone runs sideways!

  4. Alex McLarty says:

    It’s illegal to say anything bad about Stargate.

    Apparently James Spader only took the role because he knew the script was that bad. And it has Kurt ‘Jack Burton’ Russell in it.

    Come on! Have a heart!

  5. phuzz says:

    SG1 doesn’t just have MacGuyver in it, it’s also got the casts of pretty much every other scifi series of the last 10 years.
    So at least you can always play the ‘wasn’t she Aeran in Farscape?’ game.

  6. Bobsy says:

    If ever a game needed a system where locations, enemies and missions were generated procedurally in the tens of thousands, it was this.

    Looks pretty. Needs more MacGuyver.

  7. Paxeh says:

    I am not impressed. Even though it totally uses the holy relic that is SG I must say it is giving me Tabula Rasa chills.

  8. rocketman71 says:

    People, hasn’t anyone here ever read the title of the show?. It’s MACGYVER, FFS!!!

    Also, while Stargate is decent, Farscape was waaaaaay better, and I despise Bonnie Hammer for axing it despite the fact that they were guaranteed another season. And no, PK Wars didn’t make up for it.

  9. Bananaphone says:

    Hey nice sideways running, swivel-hips.

    Looks poor. The combat is using dice rolls underneath it all so it’s still going to lack the impact of real-time combat. Just like Tabula Rasa. Though hopefully they won’t have that stupid MMO thing where projectiles follow you round corners because the game says it should have hit.

  10. Anonymous says:

    This game needs a key bound to “Jaffa, kree!”

  11. Lars BR says:

    Awesome. Instead of having a static world with procedurally generated caves, they can have a static cave with procedurally generated worlds!

  12. McCool says:

    Stargate SG 1 is the worst television show I have ever seen. It’s beyond being so bad it’s good, it’s even futher, where it’s painful to even watch. Then it’s even WORSE, and funny again. The pain you are putting yourself through is funny.

    Just seeing the word Stargate on my beloved RPS makes me want to die.

  13. AlexW says:

    phuzz, did you see ‘200’? The Farscape bit in that was awesome.

    And McCool, what specifically do you loathe about it? Aside from the horribly poor aim being evil induces.

  14. Shawn says:

    i like what i see. I wonder, is Tabula any good? I get a similar feeling with the artstyle which reminded me of TR, haven’t played that since beta.

  15. Anonymous says:

    SG-1 was great. It started off a bit pants, but they started getting better writing and acting soon enough. It went downhill towards the end, but by that point they’d introduced Ba’al, greatest villain ever, and it was still interesting and amusing to watch.

    Not as good as the earlier bits, but not bad, and there were always the more unique episodes that made up for any suck from the more generic “run around in the woods shooting aliens” episodes – 200 has been mentioned, but there was also proving ground, that one where Teal’c and Jack are stuck in a ripoff of Groundhog Day, 1969…

    It’s not perfect, but it’s definitely one of the better modern sci-fi shows, and its characters were very good.

    Teal’c is gold. Daniel is great, whether he’s dying again or crushing on Teal’c. Jack’s always good, especially when Thor shows up to flirt with him. Sam’s… average, ok. The two replacement SG-1 members aren’t as good, but they didn’t have as much time on the show.

    The minor characters are also better than those on most other shows – “Sometimes I say “chevron locked”, to mix things up a bit.”

  16. Duoae says:

    Yeah i loved SG1 – in fact i just bought the whole she-bang last week and am wading through the series…. currently on series 2.

    Not so sure about the MMO though… I’d like to get into a Stargate MMO and i’ve done the Planetside and EVE Online things so the non-singleplayer RPG (WoW) thing might be interesting to do for a short time.

  17. Sal says:

    This looks and somehow feels like tabula rasa

  18. EyeMessiah says:

    I am a magic wielding alien.

  19. Cradok says:

    From what I know, Bonnie Hammer didn’t technically cancel Farscape, since she couldn’t legally do that. She just lowered the budget so fat that they might have been able to do a season with finger puppets and Henson and Rockne doing all the voices…

  20. Grey_Ghost says:

    Although I do know that its last televised incarnation, Atlantis, has just been cancelled. Which possibly isn’t great timing for the tie-in game.

    Actually MGM supposedly canceled Atlantis to free up money for use in their new show “Stargate: Universe”, which will be the actual tie in to this game.

  21. DSX says:

    @Grey_Ghost : I read about that too, sounds interesting, though it was pitched as sort of a rip-off of Star Trek Voyager…(and Lost in Space, and Farscape) the “stranded far from home” theme.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Stargate Universe is the Trek-style one, right? IIRC it involves a new galaxy the ancients never went to, so there shouldn’t be too many slightly funny-looking humans wandering around, and more exploration and less popping back to Earth for a cup of tea every few episodes.

    It had better have Woolsey, though, even if he’s not in charge of anything.

  23. Ted says:

    Nothing about this game looks even slightly good.

  24. Xyzzy says:

    It it just me, or is the movement lagging towards the end of the trailer? Character movement seemed a little jittery, and the teleporter rings seem really bland.

  25. Konky Dong XI: Tobias Sings Bluegrass - In Three Acts says:

    Actually, the best part of Stargate is when Kurt Russell overcomes his fears and learns that it’s okay to let children have guns.

  26. Jochen Scheisse says:

    The best part of Stargate is probably the partial nudity of the female lead. Didn’t see it, but now it’s too late anyway,

  27. Albides says:

    Stargate the movie was the sort of thing nostalgia makes you love forever because you were too young to know better.

    Stargate the series is what you watch because sci-fi offerings are slim on television and you’re at that right age where you’re mature enough that you can notice but knowingly overlook the hamminess but young enough that the gaudy escapism and senseless action-oriented plot still appeals.

  28. MeestaNob! says:

    I reckon Stargate is fantastic. Good escapist TV with humour, ‘splodes, Ba’al (best TV Sci-Fi baddie ever), best theme music EVAH, and MacGuyver. Mc friggin’ G. Yo.

    And fuck Farscape!

    Hard to get any feel of the game through that video, my only complaint would be that whilst the game looks pretty nice, the actual Star Gate looks very low detail. Needs MOAR triangles please.

  29. luki says:

    as long as there is no Dr. Gaius Baltar im not interested

  30. Rosti says:

    Anonymous has already won this thread, guys. ‘Jaffa, CREE!’ is 2009’s ‘Meidc!/Need a dispenser here/SPY!’.

    (And also canon, since ‘cree’ apparently means any military type order depending on how it’s said… Indeed…)