Galactic Civilizationier!

Whilst morning forum browsing I discover Stardock have announced there will be a third incarnation of GalCiv . Just not soon.

“The good news is that there will be a Galactic Civilizations III. The bad news is that it won’t be out this decade.”

Ooh. The teases. Details about what they’re up to follows.

It’s an example of Stardock’s usual open-development procedure, where they’re very clear about what they’re doing even enormously ahead of time. What they’re up to first is and “unnamed fantasy strategy” which is internally known as “not-MOM”. As in, not Master of Magic, presumably because it totally is, at heart. The beta of which will start early next year, with a release depending on how much the testers like it, as is Stardock’s wont. The technology for that game will be used to power the eventual Galactic Civilizations III. What does that mean for the eventual game?

That means GalCiv III will have features like tactical battles (as an option), multiplayer, more sophisticated planetary development, and much more.

“Much-more” is actually an industry codeword which means “Platforming elements”. GalCiv3 will feature not only multiplayer and optional tactical battles but platforming. You heard it here first.

In other GalCiv news, Tom Francis, author of a previous splendid GalCiv diary is serialising his PCG-coverbook on the PC Gamer blog. It’s him trying to take over the galaxy as a pacifist via cultural convincing. How’s it going? “The killed-instantly camp eventually left to form a new society called the Korath Clan. My first contact was with these guys, a race whose special ability is an unstoppable chemical weapon that can instantaneously exterminate twenty-billion people. I just hope they know good TV when they see it.”

He may be in trouble.


  1. Little Green Man says:

    Oh yeah I’m a subscriber so I’ve already read the whole thing. Just EPIC. Don’t let ANYONE spoil it for you, or you will spend the rest of your life in tears. Joke.
    Really good book and pretty much anything in PCG or with PCG (‘cept ads) is awesome, so this is a wholehearted reccomendation to either read all the updates or buy the new issue.

  2. Bobsy says:

    I promise I’ll bother playing this one then?

    Gah, I KNOW I’d like Gal Civ II, I KNOW it. I adored Alpha Centauri, and it’s always seemed like Gal Civ’s a sort of spiritual sequel. But I just can’t be buggered.

  3. Feet says:

    I’m playing through Age of Wonders Shadow Magic right now so I’m very excited to find out more about their non-MoM game in development.

    Details I must have! Now!

  4. Dorian Cornelius Jasper says:

    GalCiv with tactical battles? Very nice.
    Something Master-of-Magic-y? Also very nice.

    So, really, that’s two bits of ridiculously good news wrapped into one. Because I probably could’ve heard about the MoM bit somewhere else, but didn’t, so as far as I care it’s RPS’ scoop. Stardock means to out-MoO MoO and out-MoM MoM, and that’s damn good news.

    Also, Alpha Centauri? … Actually, it kind of is a bit like Alpha Centauri, come to think of it. Tiles, and customizable units, and a noted lack of tactical combat on both parts. Just replace “Planet” with “Space, yo.” But it’s a lot more vicious in play, to be honest, but a lot more fun because of it. I’d say GalCiv II is like GalCiv, except Gallier and Civvier. And the expansions take that up another notch. It’s Gally and Civvy like you wouldn’t believe.

    But with tactical combat, GalCiv III will be stepping into direct competition with MoO2. Which is precisely what GalCiv fans have wanted for a long time coming.

  5. Kieron Gillen says:

    Feet: Oddly, before going into the August games review craziness (Mercenaries 2, Spore, Clear Sky, Too Human, Crysis Warhead) I was playing Shadow Magic for kicks too.


  6. James says:

    I’m really hoping that the header image gets used on the final box. Nothing deep interplanetary warfare like the spray-paint can from Microsoft Paint.

    I’ve been toying with GalCiv recently and finding it much to my liking, though the complexity of the system gave me a little bit of a shock. Once I can wrap my head around that, I think it’ll be exactly the sort of thing I’m looking for. If the third adds tactical combat on top of it all, they pretty much have my money already.

  7. Schtee says:

    Yeah, read Tom’s book cover to cover after I grabbed PCG yesterday. Lots of editorial net-slippage, but a very entertaining read, as expected.

  8. Heliocentric says:

    i actually don’t like controlling a whole empire. Having to move every unit i can trust not to kill me. Coop might be the killer app for gal civ. One player managing diplomacy and warfare. The other expansion, infrastructure and trade. Chatting over voice chat about where to start building the space station.

  9. Azhrarn says:

    Guess that’s money I’ll need to set aside when the time comes. :) I have GalCiv II with all it’s expansions, and frankly love it. If they add tactical combat then it’ll be so close to MoO2 it’ll be glorious. :D That’s one game I will probably pre-order.

  10. Will Tomas says:

    I think the GalCiv diary was great, but I would rather have seen the same format be done for a different game: Tom Francis’ first GalCiv diary was so brilliant and inspired, whereas the second can’t help but be another run at something that worked brilliantly first time around. I like the idea, though, but surely it could work for something other than GalCiv or Civ?

  11. Yargh says:

    I went back and re-read the first of Tom’s GalCiv diaries immediately after finishing the booklet,I found both stories to be compelling reading, so much that I suspect a 3rd one would do just as well (I’m expecting Spore diaries soon though).

    With Tom seeming to invariably play psychotic space bunnies I can’t help but visualise their tales in the form of Raving Rabbid short movies, it kind of explains their diplomatic troubles….

  12. antonymous says:

    “…just not this decade. Thats to give our players time to finish at least one match against the current GalCiv gameymonster.”

  13. Goomich says:

    Some details about this not-MOM game are here:
    link to

  14. Ginger Yellow says:

    “I think the GalCiv diary was great, but I would rather have seen the same format be done for a different game: Tom Francis’ first GalCiv diary was so brilliant and inspired, whereas the second can’t help but be another run at something that worked brilliantly first time around. I like the idea, though, but surely it could work for something other than GalCiv or Civ?”

    It would be pretty good for a game like Mediaeval or Europa Universalis, but you really a game with decent AI and diplomacy (or a multiplayer one, obviously).

  15. Dav says:

    For those unaware, the Something Awful forums have a “Let’s Play!” subforum for this sort of thing:
    link to

    There’s quite a variety of stuff (good, bad, and weird) but if you liked the GalCiv diaries linked here you might be interested in this unfinished Sword of the Stars LP
    link to
    this completed Dominion 3 LP
    link to
    or this ongoing Dominions 3 LP
    link to

    And yes, people have done this sort of thing for games like Europa Universalis. In fact, there are people crazy enough to do it across more than one Paradox game. Here, for example:
    link to

    Oh, and a bunch of completed LPs are available at link to

    …I now return to my regularly scheduled lurking.

  16. RichPowers says:

    Anyone know if the upcoming GalCiv II compilation thingy will be available in the States, or just in Europe? That would be the perfect opportunity to jump into the complete series.