Your Daily Far Cry 2 Footage

Well, it seems like it, anyway. I promise not to post any more. Unless it’s tomorrow.

This clip (conspicuously marked CONSOLE FOOTAGE, but hey so what) shows off some forest sequence with sniping, sneaking, and killing. And some interface! See that intriguing map and compass bit. Oooh.

If this isn’t game of the year, I shall bake my hat in a pie and serve it to my entire family.


  1. RiptoR says:

    I love sniping in games, my hopes for this games just tripled with this footage!

  2. cHeal says:

    I really hope it doesn’t have online activation or any of that nonsense because I really want to play this.

  3. FuKuy says:

    It’s console footage… I expect PC version will look even better.

  4. Seniath says:

    I’m liking this trend of publishers altering their logos to fit the game in question. Makes those unskippable intros slightly more agreeable.

  5. Jonas says:

    Yep, will definitely be getting that for PC. Such that I will be able to actually HIT something.

    Also, it looks like you’re not limited to 2 main weapons and a side arm? Or did he pick up that uzi while I wasn’t looking? That’s ace if so, I mean I’m okay with being limited but it’s starting to get a little old, and I could do with another game that lets me lug around the full arsenal so I get to actually use most of the weapons :)

    I guess I shouldn’t be hoping for non-lethal combat in this game, eh?

  6. rob says:

    There’s pretty definitive proof that this game isn’t going to be very good at the very start of the trailer, even before we see any footage of the game.

  7. Real Horrorshow says:

    I’ve almost come to the point where I think this will be significantly superior to Clear Sky. ALMOST.

    But damn Far Cry 2 does look freaking amazing. The best part is all the hyped features aren’t just hype, there’s seemingly 28 hours of uninterrupted gameplay footage on the net proving that. I think it’s a very good sign when a developer puts out SO much gameplay footage out there. No teasers, no tricky trailers, no B.S., just “hey, look and see how awesome our game is.”

    STALKER came close but Far Cry 2 will be the first true “Oblivion with guns” which is the FPS I’ve been waiting for since I played Doom 2 at my cousin’s house in 1996.


    @ Jonas: I think the uzi counts as a side-arm. It’s a machine _pistol_ afterall.

  8. Feet says:

    Need to upgrade. Need to upgrade. Need to upgrade. Need to upgrade. Need to upgrade. Need to upgrade. Need to upgrade. Need to upgrade.

  9. finchDenton says:

    The Sunlight rays are really, really obnoxious in this game. Thankfully, PC users will be able to change that in the config files.

  10. NuZZ says:

    Clear Sky should be in my hands within days. Can’t wait for that. But this … It is like a month away :(.

  11. Pavel says:

    I have just seen a new (another) video on actiontrip called immersion.

    I love Clint Hocking even more.

  12. Tom says:

    They just better keep both gamepad and keyboard support in! I can’t stand playing games hunched over my keyboard.
    Hopefully it will be slick as Bioshock’s implementation.
    Love my 360 pad.

  13. Jonas says:

    Horrorshow: Oh right, I guess it is a one-handed weapon. Ah well, realism is a main point of this game, so I’m okay with having to pick my weapons carefully. And it looks so huge, there should be plenty of time to experiment!

    Are there really, literally 28 hours of uninterrupted gameplay footage out? That seems… overwhelming. Do you reckon that means the game offers way more gameplay than that?

    I do have other games to play as well, this year :P

    Nuzz: But it’s good that it’s a month away, no? Gives you time to play Clear Sky first!

  14. Heliocentric says:

    any word on clear sky? i keep hearing rumour its somehow worse than the original. I’d love to buy it day one on steam but the rumours are off puting.

  15. Biff says:

    Exploding guns, broken-down jeeps, disclocated shoulders and shrapnel that needs removing. Awesome.

    link to

  16. Will Tomas says:

    Jim Rossignol’s review of Clear Sky in PC Gamer (UK, obv) this month comes down pretty hard on it. 68% I think, basically saying that the additions break the atmosphere of the first game. The words “huge disappointment” may have been used. PC Zone liked it (88%), but I suspect that given that RPS writes for Gamer then that’s the line most people here will follow…

  17. AndrewC says:

    23 hours is looking at trees. Do you like trees? If no, the other hour is of shooting the trees.

  18. Matt says:

    Heliocentric: Have you read the PC Gamer review? It doesn’t sound good at all, but I still may have to get it to see how they could have messed it up.

  19. Noc says:

    @ Will Tomas: So the love for Far Cry 2 is a . . . rebound? Latching on to a cute looking open world shooter after the last one left him on its doorstep?

    This can’t end well, I’d say.

  20. Dracko says:

    This is looking tasty. I love it when FPS games can pull off these sorts of tense showdown sequences.

  21. Jim Rossignol says:

    Latching on to a cute looking open world shooter

    It’s not I’ve ever been monogamous.

  22. Real Horrorshow says:

    @ Jonas

    I posted half a dozen links of long gameplay footage but it got flagged for spam.

    But yeah, lots of footage out there.

  23. dhex says:

    The words “huge disappointment” may have been used.

    aw man way to fuck up the holiday weekend there. sadness ensues.

    at least far cry 2 looks amazing, though in that clip the ai didn’t seem as bright as other gameplay footage we’ve seen.

  24. RC-1290'Dreadnought' says:

    Spore is the game of years to come, so start baking. I would also like a piece of pie =).

    After watching this video, I would like to add that this game will probably be A game of A year. It just didn’t quite get the year right.

  25. megaman says:

    Somehow I missed the “sneaking” part of it…

  26. MacBeth says:

    That’s an Ingram Mac 10, of course, not an Uzi… but borderline compulsive gun identification aside, this game may be the one to knock TF2 off my most-played list.

    System requirements scare me too though… upgraded my computer with new almost-everything, including Crossfired 3870s just a few weeks ago and I’m not even sure if it will cope…

  27. Brian says:

    I hated the first Far Cry. Awful story and dialogue, enemies saw me from miles away and sniped me with pistols, and big surprise – there’s supernatural monsters afoot!

    This being said, if the sequel has someone yelling “Hey you, in the shirt!” I’ll buy it.

  28. dhex says:

    Spore is the game of years to come, so start baking.

    you could bake a commemorative pie with dicks on it for spore!

    seriously though it’s nice to see the pc hentai market finally breaking big in the us. looking forward to a full 3d port of battle raper: rape harder in q1 ’09.

    brian: some of the best bits of far cry were the stupid dialogue. the whole ointment back and forth in the ship was priceless.

  29. Tom says:

    AH NO!!! Clear Sky pants! Say it ain’t so!

  30. Jonas says:

    MacBeth: That is indeed what I realized when it was pointed out that it counts as a sidearm :)

    Oh and if your system doesn’t cope, I’ll help you beat up Ubisoft Montreal. Deal?

  31. Nick says:

    I’m getting clear sky anyway because I’m almost positive I can remove a lot of the annoyances through modding. Like Oblivion (only I didn’t realise I was going to have to when I bought that).

  32. bildo says:

    what makes this game GOTY material from just looking at it? I’ve yet to be really excited about it from simply watching videos.

  33. JulianP says:

    The colours are looking rather bland.

  34. Heliocentric says:

    i’ve yet to see the pc gamer in a shop this issue, truth is I’m not really a fan of the direction it took and the hyperbolic newcentrisity of the magazine, i mean pages and pages of previews? I couldnt care less, i want information on the games, the mods of games and the ways i can play what currently is available, and not even caring if that thing is new.

    The operation flashpoint 2 article full of concept art really put me off the mag tbh.

    As for clear sky, no matter how hideous it is i’ll get it, but how hard should my game boner be right now? 6 days before release.

  35. Whiskey Jack says:

    Haters can hate all they want, this game is doing a LOT of things right, enough to make it an AMAZING game. The company logo might not be a guaranteed Seal of Quality, but it is not a guaranteed Seal of Mediocrity as some would like to imply.

    I’m going to enjoy this like probably a few millions other people this fall. I’m probably gonna play it at home on my 360 (and yeah, I will be able to “HIT” something, rather easily might I add) as my laptop won’t allow me to play with highest resolution and maybe on the computer at work.

    I already know that graphics, special effects and all the fireworks are going to be awesome, I’m just curious about how the game structure will actually play out.

  36. MacBeth says:

    @Jonas: Thanks, but I was thinking more of sniping them from a distance…

    As for Far Cry – quite a lot of it was lovely… zipping around the islands in the motorboat marvelling at the scenery… but then I mostly ignored the story. The trigens were just plain annoying.

    However the Far Cry 2 story concept – the guy you are hunting is out there somewhere, and it’s up to you to find your way to him – could be great provided that he really is there somewhere all along. Though then again it might spoil it if you can stumble into him accidentally in the first five minutes and kill him.

  37. Jonas says:

    and yeah, I will be able to “HIT” something, rather easily might I add

    Didn’t say you wouldn’t, just that I, personally, am pretty rubbish at first person aiming with a gamepad ;)

  38. 357SIG says:

    Funny as i dont see an uzi in the vid, although i did see a mac10.

    link to

    EDIT: Gah i’ve been beaten, Damn me for skimming

  39. nakke says:

    Yeah, well, in case somebody didn’t notice, this looks pretty awesome.

  40. Mike says:

    The sun rays were sexy.

  41. Kieron Gillen says:

    Dhex: Actually, Leigh is meant to be doing occasional Hentai reviews for us.


  42. Flubb says:

    Rainforests don’t have grass.

  43. dirksauce says:

    The ridiculously thick canopy of trees is what prevents rainforests from having grass, which is obliviously not present here.

  44. Optimaximal says:

    But it isn’t a rainforest, it’s a savannah

  45. Jonas says:

    link to
    It’s either grass or pretty damn close :)

  46. Eschatos says:

    Far Cry allowed four weapons, and this probably does too. I don’t really like how the player got noticed by an NPC 50 feet away while hiding near a tree, but maybe that was just random. Also it appears there are (probably unbreakable) fences to direct/restrict you in some encounters. That I don’t like but I don’t have enough info to come to a conclusion. This game is a must buy.

  47. Real Horrorshow says:

    All previous gushing aside, anyone else notice that this game has absolutely nothing in common with Far Cry 1 besides the name? Not one thing besides the fact it’s an FPS.

    Oh well what do I care, it’s just a name…text on a box, not something to flip out over *ahem*fallout goons*ahem*

  48. nabeel says:

    I’m almost finished with Crysis; it’s most definitely not what I expected. Far Cry 2 seems to be what I thought Crysis would be in my mind, so I’m definitely looking forward.


  49. spd from Russia says:

    btw clear sky is out in Russia. and its very buggy :(
    a huge dissapointment so far.

  50. dhex says:

    Dhex: Actually, Leigh is meant to be doing occasional Hentai reviews for us.

    if you’re serious, i’m sure they’ll be fascinating, car-crash style.

    horrorshow: i don’t know if anyone really knows why they went with far cry 2 as a named sequel rather than one of those fangled “spiritual successor” things. maybe the brass decided it was time to get this ip making money for them? maybe they all got drunk and made some powerpoints they regretted the next morning.