Demaking The Rope Burning

Guess what you have to do.

Heavens to Betsy, someone’s demade You Have To Burn The Rope!

As part of TigSource’s Bootleg Demakes compo (now closed), entrant Blueberry has created Advanced Set The Rope On Fire Cartridge. And a mighty feat it is too. Not only rolling back the sophisticated 2D graphics of the original, they’ve also adhered to the specific rule that it must in some way change the way the original game plays. Twist ending! (Via IndieGames)


  1. Mike says:

    Man. It really was harder back in those days.

  2. Andrew says:

    Tried it for a bit. Got stuck. The original was a perfect parody of tough old school (and sometimes new school) platformer boss battles. What on earth does this add to it all?

    I watched the walkthrough. No, didn’t change my opinion of this game at all. Not my cup of tea, not a good take on a brilliant parody, it in fact makes it a lot worse. Oh well.

    Also, no music, -1000 points :(

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  3. Gnarf says:

    That competition isn’t actually closed yet, by the by. Deadline’s been extended till sept. 7th. Oh my.

  4. No Picnic says:

    Andrew’s right on. The best thing about it was it inspired me to play to original for the first time. The original was superb. The remake added nothing of any tangible value. Not being a programmer myself, I admire the work behind the game, but the creativity just wasn’t there.

  5. caesarbear says:

    They really lost the soul of the first game with this sequel. Even though it might have been better in a technical sense, and had more options, I just kept thinking how much better the first game was. I’m not surprised that a big company like this would grind out a sequel to such a hit game and only pay attention to the superficial aspects, while missing out on what made the original so great. I’ll play it anyway since I’m such a fan of the series, but I doubt I’ll be interested in a YHTBTR III unless maybe the original team returns to make it.

  6. Esha says:

    I’ve been following this competition as I do with every TigerSauce competition, as usually I get a gem of a game out of the following, sometimes even five (as was the case with the progressive compo — Rescue: The Beagles, Minus, MMORPG Tycoon, Dyson, et cetera).


    Add to it? That’s a bit of an ironic statement. Consider that both the terms Demake and Bootleg mean that something’s been taken away from the game (quality, stability, a recent gaming platform, effort), it actually achieves what it’s supposed to.

    I admit, it’s just an excuse for some of the entrants to be incredibly lazy, but that doesn’t actually technically go against the spirit of the competition. Regardless though, Large Scale Vehicular Stealing and Soundless Mountain are my favourites.

  7. John Walker says:

    I think people are missing the gag here a bit.

  8. nihohit says:

    john, I think they think the gag ain’t funny.

  9. A-Scale says:

    The fact that the game must be downloaded to be played takes away a big part of the magic for me. Being able to show my friends and family the most stripped down gaming experience possible (aside from pong and bejeweled) made my day.

  10. Andrew says:

    Esha; It shouldn’t have been a game to Demake in the first place I think is a major point. It’s not ironic my comment, the game took away from the point and added nothing in return, despite the fact it was in fact a much more complicated, expansive game right? Get my point now? I didn’t make a comment on the fact the graphics/sound/music are downgraded as being bad (since they basically didn’t change anything, the original had limited graphics for a reason. Apart from entire absence of music, which is bizarre more then anything), but the design was changed/added to not very well…

    nihohit; yes, if there is a gag, it’s not funny anyway. The epilogue is basically a copy of the song from the original in design, and the “humour” of a fire snake and bomb is…just no, no laughs, just frustration in figuring out how to do it. The additions take away from the game’s point/humour/enjoyability, not add to it.

    Sorry, if this sounds rather “angry” I’m only trying to explain. I might have “missed the gag”, if so, then fine, explain it to me, I’ll reanalyse if I got it wrong.

    I liked caesarbear’s comments, nice style ;)

    If there are better entrants in these kind of competitions, I see no reason why RPS can’t cover them (or do an article on them) to get my interest piqued, but this example hasn’t made me want to investigate any others. Sorry Esha, in this case: not my cup of tea.

  11. Mman says:

    Wasn’t this game allready “demade” into a text adventure by somebody on this site? Seems to me that was at least more ammusing than this.

  12. Esha says:


    Taking away from the game and adding nothing to it was the point, if you’d read the competition description and understood the meaning behind the words involved (something I tried to stress before). Have you seen bootleg stuff? Here’s an example: The Vii. That took a hell of a lot away from the idea of the Wii, but what did it add? Err… nothing. Nothing at all.

    And there’s another problem with your perceptions, you’re mixing up the concept of complexity with that of awkwardness, something can be amazingly awkward through poor design but not necessarily more complex, it may just simply feel that way. I don’t think that the demake adds any complexity to the original game, just a new barrier of accessibility that makes the game less easy to approach than before, but that’s actually a part of the point of the competition too.

    Personally, I think it’s a funny gag and one that’s flying high over a head or four. And I still find it ironic because for me, at least, this is an easy thing to accept but it’s being over-examined and I think some are being far too annal (s/nn/n/) about it all. It’s a TIGs competition, that usually results in fun, free games for all! Why have pedantic and semantic fits over that?