Shadow Harvest

German developers Black Lion studios have unveiled something of their moderately-futuristic (“guest starring ED-209, as Ed The Deathbot!”) new action title, Shadow Harvest, with the arrival of the official site. The game is a third-person action game with an espionage bent, in which you apparently overcome obstacles by switching from a stealthy sneaker type character, to a macho killer type character. Looks like those terrorists are in for some hard justice and possible back-stabbing. Check out the trailer after the jump.

Splinter Cell meets F.E.A.R.? The last shot of the characters seems to say: “These people are boring!” Maybe that’s just me.


  1. nihohit says:

    can’t say I got it. realistic settings – with giants Bot-o’-war? Also, when an army and an inteligence service unite – all you get is two operatives?

    whoever wrote that teaser is a moron.

  2. Eli says:

    “These people are boring!” indeed.

  3. Jonas says:

    It does seem a bit on the meh-ish side, but it has stealth in it, so I’ll keep an eye on it.

    Can’t help but snicker a bit at the scene with the lasers though – their setup didn’t look THAT complicated, was it really necessary to dance ballet through them?

  4. Michael Pearson says:

    I kept waiting for the punchline.

  5. MisterBritish says:

    She appears to be some sort of Borg ninja.

    May well suffer from ‘trying to hard to be cool’ syndrome.

  6. Bananaphone says:

    Is this a spoof? Cheesy movie trailer blurb, comical character design and that stupid laser acrobatics thing that’s been parodied in Charlie’s Angels, Jay & Silent Bob and probably many other films.

    Dumb name, too, and when will developers learn that characters running backwards or sideways in third person look utterly ridiculous.

  7. DrHam says:

    At least the music was first class….

  8. Phil says:

    Given the fairly complex movements, I have a horrid suspicion that the laser scene may turn out to be controlled by f#@%ing quick-time events.

  9. aldo says:

    Hmm, I remain unconvinced until I get to see an actual shadow being harvested.

  10. Jonas says:

    I do like the switching-between-characters idea, that tends to generally work out in games, but too few games let us actually switch at will (and the ones I’ve played that do this are rubbish).

  11. TreeFrog says:

    With a name like that it should have been a JRPG. Japanese fantasy jingoism would have been more palatable, too.

  12. Rudolf says:

    nothing says “I’m boring” more than standing around with a machinegun, right? Otherwise, it really can’t be from Germany, notice how they drive their humvees into parking cars? Germans are supposed to know how to drive. Or maybe the german developer’s try to make foreign people look bad, because they can’t drive…we’ll never know (unless someone asks them that exact question)

  13. bm says:

    metal gear flaccid

  14. 18Rabbit says:

    “Hey guys, lets make a game where we can try and get Angelina and Brad to star in the movie adaptation!”

  15. Noc says:

    Jonas: I thought Demon Stone did it pretty well. It’s probably one of the only character-swapping platformers I really liked.

    But also, yeah. I’m usually against naysaying games based on thirty seconds of trailer, but this is looking pretty . . . “consoley?” Not in the sense of “Ooh, it’s dumbed down for the silly console players and doesn’t look like a PC Game,” but in the sense of “Haven’t we seen dozens of very similar games with similar production values coming out for consoles in the last several years?”

    I’d even be excited about the big ‘ole stompy mech, but it’s inclusion looks less like “Mech Combat!” and more like “Vehicle Section!”

  16. Maximum Fish says:

    Fighting terrorists? Again? There was a time when i was totally numbed to the idea of gunning down green ichor-filled extraterrestrials with steaming hot plasma rifles (or red ichor-filled nazis for that matter), but now, in the onslaught of pseudo-topical games with a dash of “ripped from the headlines” cliche, i want that shit back.

  17. PleasingFungus says:

    Hm. Yes. That was pretty laughable. Especially the laser-wire bits.

    Also, what is that music? It showed up in Geometry Wars: Galaxies – why is it here?

  18. El Stevo says:

    Why don’t they just make a grid of lasers?

  19. Hobbes says:

    Hmmm, ‘Action’ Splinter Cell anyone?

    oh, and @PleasingFungus, I imagine its like film trailers, where they use Music from an existing film for the trailer because the actual music isn’t finished. I believe that the score from ‘Crimson Tide’ music is fairly popular for such purposes.

  20. Pantsman says:

    Oh my. Lone wolf super-agents? Middle-eastern warzone setting? Giant robots? Why didn’t they just call it Alloy Cog Hardened 4?

    Also, the beginning bit about the US army and intelligence services “maintaining global peace and freedom” made me throw up in my mouth a little.