All The X-COMs Are On Steam. Yes, Even Enforcer.

Hooray for olden games! The entire X-COM collection is now on Valve’s digidownloadwebtertainment store. Terror From The Deep’s been there for yonks, but we finally get the first game, Enemy Unknown/UFO Defence. Which is possibly my most beloved game of all time, and I proudly take personal responsibility for getting it into the top 10 of PC Gamer UK’s Top 100 list for the last two years running. If you’re a real retro fetishist, you might also want lesser third game Apocalypse (which I’ve never actually played. Now’s the chance, I guess). If you’re a crazy person, you’ll want rubbish FPS Enforcer and slightly less rubbish action flight sim Interceptor. It’s $5 per game or $15 for the lot.

If you run Vista, you won’t want any of them (I think – am double-checking). No doubt ways and means to get ’em running do/will exist, but right now it seems there’s no official support. [Sad face].

Update – got word back from Valve – all of ’em except Interceptor should run fine on Vista, apparently. Woo! I know what I’ll be spending the weekend doing, then.


  1. MetalCircus says:

    Good ol’ valve.

  2. terry says:

    The lack of Rebelstar Raiders distresses me.

  3. Someone says:

    Value is not bundle these with DOSBOX like they did with Doom? I am going to bet the first few dos based games have no problem running on vista (or OSX or Linux) under DOSBOX.

  4. malkav11 says:

    There were Windows versions of all of them (that are a lot less new-computer-friendly than the DOS versions, at least under DOSBox, sigh), so I imagine that’s what Valve put up. It’s what Gametap had, which meant I couldn’t play Ufo Defense even under XP, because it insisted on 640×480 fullscreen. Doesn’t work on my monitor.

  5. Harlequin says:

    Fantastic news :)

    Apocalypse actually, in my opinion, wasn’t *that* bad. While it totally loses the X-COM “feel”, the gameplay itself never bothered me. There was more equipment to choose from and some of the vehicles were fun.

    Still, I’ll be downloading the first in the series, as that’s where the magic was.

  6. lobsterjohnson says:


    In both nvidea AND ati’s control panels there is an option for “aspect-correct scaling” this will override screen scaling and instead scale with the card and output a native res, perfect for old games and funky monitors, give it a go!

  7. Nando says:

    Too bad, says it’s not avaiable in my region (Brazil).

  8. KP says:

    Apocalypse was my first and therefore my favorite.

  9. hoohoo says:

    from jason bergmans announcement in the shack forums:


    The whole series is now live on Steam!

    I posted this yesterday after a brief false alarm, but they’re live now.

    Some details on what versions we put up there:

    1) UFO Defense: This is the DOS-based version of 1.4. We use DOSBox
    2) Apocalypse: Retail version, also running DOSBox.
    3) Interceptor: version 1.2 for Windows
    4) Enforcer: 1.0 for Windows

    All have been tested and run fine in Vista.

    TFD is still the Windows version, but I do intend to update that to use DOSBox at some point so we get Vista compatibility.

    $4.99 each, whole series for $15, 10% off for the first week.

    link to

  10. beermaster says:

    the fact it’s on steam is reason enough not to buy them. i just can’t use a service with such terrible customer support. my account locked out as soon as it was opened. and 3-5 working days for an email response and only on american time. no thanks. where’s those floppy disks hiding?

  11. J. Prevost says:

    Do they run fine on Vista 64, though? I believe there’s a class of old Windows stuff that runs under “emulation mode” right on Vista 32, but not Vista 64.

    Ahh. Missed the above where dosbox was mentioned. Eeeeexcellent

  12. Saflo says:

    I tried playing the first one some time in the past and hadn’t the slightest idea what to do or how to do it. HALP.

  13. Rocktart says:

    I’ve had exactly the same problem with steam support, locked out and no response to multiple contacts using their support pages.
    I’ve just given up now, no TF2 anymore for me.

  14. hydra9 says:

    The X-COM series is awesome. Well, the first three games anyway. Interceptor was sadly crap, but Enforcer was actually an extremely fun, frantic Robotron-style blaster.

  15. Benjamin Barker says:

    Really this is a general Dosbox tip, but make sure you try one of those hq or other enhanced video filters in the config file. I think the original X-COM looks fabulous with the smoothed-out pixels. It’s an advantage resulting from “having to” use Dosbox that you can do this.

  16. sinister agent says:

    Apocalypse is lovely, and its flaws don’t even slightly break the game – they just make some parts of it pointless (road vehicles and alliances, for example), but all those parts are things that aren’t at all necessary anyway. It would be great if they had been done properly, but as you can essentially just ignore them, they don’t detract significantly from the experience. It’s a bloody great game.

  17. Nat says:

    I have one character that has been “alive” for more than ten years.

    I did have another, but she died. I cried. It was then I realized two things:

    1. I was playing too much.
    2. Thank goodness for saves.

  18. ggregg says:

    hasn’t it been available on hotu for a long time, anyway?

  19. catracertangorose says:

    Thanks, just logged into steam and bought these.

  20. Dan Forever says:

    Lesser third game? Fo’ shame Alec, fo’ shame. Apocalypse is my most favouritist game ever

  21. jtotoro says:

    @Nando i understand your pain (fellow brazilian)

  22. JonFitt says:

    I liked Apocalypse too. It was my third XCom game, and I agree that it had a different feel, but I liked the new features and real-time control (I always played it one iota at a time with the pause button so it was semi-real-time for me. Plus poppers were a complete sh1tstorm in turn-based).

    I didn’t like the fact that you couldn’t ever completely wipe out a faction, and I never completed it (I got to the alien side of the portal and did a few stages, but the thought of slogging through all of them put me off).

    Generally a good sequel and the last good XCom game.

  23. JonFitt says:

    Ok, this has been a question in my mind for years, maybe someone here has the inside track and can solve a great mystery:

    Enforcer and Interceptor are the biggest WTFs in gaming for me.
    Maybe they were trying to “grow the brand”, but why in god’s name did that kill the franchise in the publisher’s eyes?

    The mod community shows that people want franchises in other genres, so I guess trying it made some small sense, and they made two crap games that were in the X-Com universe.
    But after they flopped, where the hell was the real X-Com 4?

    Just because I didn’t want a bad Wing Co knock off, doesn’t mean I didn’t want another real X-Com.

    It’s a niche that has ever since been filled with remakes and imitators that is dying for a real sequel.

    Does anyone know what happened?

  24. Pod says:

    I bought enforcer for 99p from gamestation. I had a lot of fun, thankyou.

    and it’s thirdperson. SO THERE.

    ps, how well “ported” is this? Have any new, fun bugs been introdcued like with Jagged Alliance?

  25. CrashT says:

    Apocalypse was actually the first X-Com title I played, and I adored it. But maybe that’s because I didn’t know any better.

    Who else things this is a precursor to the final announcement of the new X-Com game everybody pretends to not know is coming?

  26. JonFitt says:

    For the record Cenega’s UFO: Afterblah games are a good if flawed distraction.

    They’re a bit like the slightly rough Eastern-European girl who looks conveniently just enough like your ex who abandoned you.

  27. malkav11 says:

    “Aspect-correct scaling” is not an option that I can find anywhere in my nVidia control panel, I’m afraid. But fortunately, they are in fact using DOSBox.

  28. EyeMessiah says:

    Praise be!

    I have never played Apoc. Fingers crossed it runs on V64!

    I got addicted to playing UFO with one of those hacked exes that fixes a load of bugs and also makes it so you can autosell certain items that you are just producing for profit and a load of other neat tweaks so I don’t think I can go back to vanilla now but who cares I’ll just buy the lot again anyway.

  29. thesombrerokid says:

    i quite liked interceptor :( obv. not as much as the xcom games but they are different games and shouldn’t be compared

  30. ORYLY says:

    To all the Apocalypse lovers: it was my first, and I’ve always loved pausable slow-motion strategy ever since. The only problem is the lack of any games with it. Bioware RPGs kinda had it, but do you guys know any other games with it?

  31. JonFitt says:

    Cenega’s UFO:Afterblahs are basically UFO sort of remade with Apocalypse’s pausable realtime style.

    Also, I play most RTS’s like this. Total War games and Company of Heroes for example I play in tiny 1 second increments.
    It’s really hampered my attempts to play online, and now I realise it all stems from Apocalypse :)

  32. C0nt1nu1ty says:

    After playing all three of the “true” x-com games i must say that Apocalypse was the best of the bunch, it was indeed the shiz
    I’ve spent years trying to get the damn thing to work on dosbox (its cool with XP but it throws a hissy fit about modern graphics archetetures or something) and now i can fianally play it again, with sound an all (such luxury)

    oh yeah and inteceptor was terrible, ufos did a rise of the robots like ubermove by banking upwards forever meaning you just ended up spinning in mid air to catch the bastards

  33. musasino says:

    Terror From the Deep was my first and forever fave.

    (Spoilers!) I loved the challenging Lobster Men, with their deadly claws and their hard hitting Sonic weapons… nothing like Laserswords! Plus, the Tentaculate scared the crap outta me, every time it brain sucked one of my precious soldiers. Mmmm, the joy of fighting the Cthulhu mythos in the deep seas of Earth!

  34. splotki says:

    yeah, but where’s my Master of Orion and Ultima 7?

  35. milieu says:

    I’ve never gotten the hatred for Apocalypse. I played the first three games, in order, and I really like it. You could choose real-time or paused, and I found that the real time was fantastic. The only time I used paused was when I was trying to capture one of those horrible exploding dogs for research.

    I loved the city scape, I loved the air battles overhead, and I loved the variety of the levels.

    Terror from the Deep was the worst of the games. I liked the idea of under water battles, but it really didn’t do anything special. It was XCOM except with a darker blue palette.

  36. Jochen Scheisse says:

    UFO Enemy Unknown was the first retail game I played on my new PC. And it being the best game I have played up to now probably helped to build the undieing love for the PC as a gaming machine.

  37. Tom says:

    Asking that kind of money for those kind of games (good games, but very old) is just utter bullcrap. I mean, they should really be releasing them for free, using them to push their distribution platform, not try and make money with them.
    I mean, seriously how many gaming hours will anyone get out of this type of game these days. Sure, theres the good old nostalgia, but that wears off, and after that? If you played it as it was hot, you’ve played it then (and probably payed for it back then also), most other folks don’t (and shouldn’t) care.
    Projects like abandonia should be able to make ALL old games available for free, but putting things like this up for cash just spoils the fun. Shame on Valve for this one! ImO

  38. Dogun says:

    I loved Apocalypse in realtime mode. I still remember this awesome character I had, Kenji Sato, who had unbelievable luck. The only unit I ever had that would leap on command, consistently got away with fleeing grenades and dodging bullets.
    Wish it were a bit more stable, though. That game crashed like it was going out of style.

  39. Novack says:

    This product doesn’t appear to be available in your region.


    Fuck them! If I use a proxy (like I can access the games.

    Are they supossed to sue/rape/abduct me or something if I actually buy the games through a proxy to avoid this idiotic non-sense?

  40. habibi says:

    ORYLY, have you tried Silent Storm Sentinels? Great great game. Turn based also.

  41. P7uen says:

    @ Tom

    I mean, seriously how many gaming hours will anyone get out of this type of game these days.

    Good heavens, I don’t know how to begin answering that.

  42. zeh says:

    More information from shacknews:

    Yes, it uses DOSBox. It’s not Valve who’s doing the packing, it’s 2kgames. They have been tested and work under Vista.

    “Terror from the deep” has been there since last year. It’s the windows version and it doesn’t run under Vista. Eventually they plan to replace it with a DOSBox version.

    And like Nando said, it’s not available for Brazil. Why 2k Games hates Brazil so much I’ll never understand (they also pulled Brazil from the list of countries you could purchase BioShock from).

    Novack: I can’t say for sure. However, I’d say that once you successfully purchase a game, it still remains active on your account whenever you are. I actually bought BioShock on release day (when it was still available for my region). I later emailed Valve support to ask whether my game would cease working, but they said that as long as I purchased it, it would still work even if the game wasn’t available on my region anymore (I wasn’t able to actually test it, because the game was crashing on my machine upon launch, but for now I trust that answer).

    I don’t think anything like would work though. You need a real proxy, not just an http proxy.

  43. Novack says:

    @Zeh. Yes you are right, a proper proxy should be used, and still, I dont know if it would work, but with a web proxy I at least can visualize the offer… :'(

    I found this an incredible non sense. What would happend if I just use a remote computer to login with my account, and buy the game? I would lost the support and/or the game if I login from my own country? Good info on your part, as it seems that once purchased it have to work.
    However what would happend with the updates?

    BTW, im from Argentina, maybe they are leaving out all Latinamerica…?

    For the record, I cant neither access Bioshock, which is also from the same publisher 2K Games, so much probably is a publishing deal. The question remains almost the same though, as why Valve/Steam accepts this kind of deals.

    Edit: I opened a support ticket, asking for an explanation; I encourage you guys to do so. Lets make at least a bit of noise.

  44. James says:

    Hooray! Purchasing this one as soon as I can, because A) The games are awesome (Well, one and two are) and B) It’d make me feel better about nicking them from the Underdogs when I couldn’t find it anywhere else. Sound reason enough for a cheap buy, I think.

    And, to note, it’s one of the few awesome games off of Steam that are available in my region. Still waiting on the GTA games and Stalker, Valve! Pretty please?

  45. LEEDER KRENON says:


  46. Dorian Cornelius Jasper says:

    These’re the DOSBox versions, working in Vista you say?


  47. John P (Katsumoto) says:

    “I mean, seriously how many gaming hours will anyone get out of this type of game these days. Sure, theres the good old nostalgia, but that wears off, and after that?”

    Some games never age. I still play these to completion very frequently – nothing has actually beaten them when it comes to turn based strategy in my opinion. THat probably has to do with the fact so few games have even tried to imitate them. We need a modern successor! Until that moment however, Enemy Unknown will still be played with great frequency.

  48. Mike Cann says:

    Apoc was definitely the best. Its certainly my favourite game of all time, and is the only game that i consistently go back to to play time and time again.

    I played interceptor through once and enjoyed it, but not enough to return to it years later unlike apoc.

    I also had a bash at those UFO knock-offs that have been bandered about lately but i cant say i could get into them, they were certainly lacking something i cant put my finger on.

  49. megaman says:

    I just finished the good old XCOM Enemy Unkown like 4 weeks ago. Took me much less time to play through than when I was a kid :D
    Still tempted to buy the set at Steam and give TFTD a try, because I miserably failed at it when I was younger. It was horribly difficult, and I was too proud to play it on easy.

  50. Iain says:

    This is the best news I’ve heard all week. Now if we can just persuade the Gollop Brothers to do a DS version of UFO: Enemy Unknown, my life will be complete.