Action Doom 2: Urban Brawl

We don’t get many Doom total conversions round these parts, so I was pleased when TIGSource linked to Action Doom 2. Set before Mars, presumably in the Doomguy’s drunk Vietnam-vet period, it’s a street-based beat ’em up with a Max Payne monologue to kick things off. Whiskey, redemption, and fists are the main themes. I think it’s safe to say you’ll enjoy it. Get the trial version here.


  1. N says:

    The city design reminds me of Normality for some reason… really cool visuals, level design in particular…

    you’ll love the monkey wrench

  2. Esha says:

    I saw this a little while back on TIGs, and it got me thinking. I’m personally wondering what a group of developers devoted to the idea could do with a purely not-3D-at-all type shooter in the mold of Doom. Even high-res Doom would be interesting.

  3. Esha says:


    Normality! I’d completely forgotten about that one, that was a fairly funny game and based on interesting concepts, too. Bah, now I wish to play Normality again and I have no idea where to find it…

  4. Grey_Ghost says:

    The Aliens TC was for Doom 2 right? I have fond memories of that.

  5. Nakkila says:

    Quite fun, this thing is. Max “Comic strip storytelling” Payne in 2.5D, without bullet time.

  6. zeh says:

    Hint: don’t use the “mirror” downloads for download, they’re broken (one of the links is an empty file, the other isn’t found on the server). Use the “primary” link.

  7. hydra9 says:

    Just played this and it’s great! It’s a perfect tribute to oldskool brawlers like Streets Of Rage… in fact, it doesn’t really feel like Doom at all.

  8. CrowPath says:

    Seriously impressive stuff, loads of attention to detail, in-jokes and little bits that you pick up on as you play through it again. Never played Streets Of Rage, but it’s definitely Final Fight-esque (especially phoning up Haggar to help you out).

  9. Vash Aurion says:

    I can’t get the site’s download links to work. Anyone have a functioning mirror?

  10. hydra9 says:

    I was so happy when I got the turkey dinner :D

  11. hydra9 says:

    The primary download link on that site works fine for me. So does mirror 2. It’s only mirror 1 that fails.

  12. Smee says:

    I’m pretty sure I missed 70% of the secrets and jokes in this. I found the gun and the fire extinguisher right at the beginning…and that’s it, really.

    Anyway, who knows how to destroy the helicopter?

  13. malkav11 says:

    What perfect timing – a Doom TC to go along with uber-ultra-cheap Doom on Steam this weekend.

  14. ascagnel says:

    @Grey_Ghost: The Aliens TC that famously got FOX’d was for Quake, not Doom.

    @malkav11: It would be better if the TC didn’t cost money too.

  15. hydra9 says:

    I just completed it, and got a ‘bad’ ending (which was actually very cool). I have to say, this was AWESOME. I liked it more, the more I played, and now I’m going to play it again to check out the different paths/endings.

    The samurai sword kicks ass ;)

  16. THX-1138 says:

    The Aliens TC was for DOOM 2 if i recall, first ever total conversion.

    link to

  17. Nick says:

    Eh, even the wiki you linked to says it was for the original Doom.

    It was converted to work with Doom 2 though, I had that version of it (was a bit buggy though).

  18. ascagnel says:

    @THX-1138, Nick, malkav11: I didn’t realize that there were two TC’s. However, I was correct in that the Quake version got FOX’d.

    From the wiki:
    There was also an attempt to make a Aliens total conversion mod using the Quake engine, but 20th Century Fox owned the rights and sold them to Sierra Entertainment to make the Aliens versus Predator for the PC, finally released in 1999.

  19. caesarbear says:

    Aliens TC was definitely for the original Doom. That was a glorious thing back in the day.

  20. hydra9 says:

    Hehehe, and I’m up at 6am having spent many hours playing this game today, so I could find all(?) the secrets and get all(?) four endings. I honestly didn’t expect it to be this good.

  21. Nick says:

    Oh, yes, it was the Quake one that was foxed, I was replying to THX =)

  22. Scandalon says:

    I must remind everyone that doom originally (well, one of the things it originally was going to be) was going to *be* aliens…

  23. rei says:

    I’m finding this pretty tough even at the easiest difficulty. Have I really gotten so bad at these games? :(

    Really nice game, regardless, with possibly the most depressing world I’ve ever seen in my two decades of gaming :p

  24. dartmerc says:

    That link isn’t the trial version by the way, it’s available as a free download or a box copy can be purchased for $9.99

    link to

  25. athoh says:

    The beef I have with this is that it’s shareware using the DOOM source code under the older “use but not for profit” license (not the GPL, which would allow this but is not compatible with some of the code), and milks the DOOM franchise by basing its story around the game’s. Then the team hypocritically asks us not to distribute some of its content (voices, music and extras).

  26. dartmerc says:

    athoh, this is not correct.
    The code they are using is all GPL (or similar), any part of the doom source code that isn’t freely distributable has been removed and rewritten.
    And as for using the doom storyline – well the only real mention is UAC (would hardly call it based around dooms story), and there are probably a couple of trademark infringements in the graffiti in game, but apart from that it’s legal.
    After the whole kdizd thing asking for permission to use id art as a base for modification, and being refused, I think Scuba Steve would have been sure to do his homework.

  27. athoh says:

    Dartmerc, that is mistaken. They’d have to replace the sound code (it uses the FMOD sound system) at the very least, and they haven’t. See here for info an what they did replace (Manc35786507’s post):
    link to
    By the way, to the KDIZD team id said No to mixing art or levels from different games (DOOM and DOOM 2 in their case), but that it can be used as a base for modification if it is kept within the game it is for (so they modified art from DOOM only, making a new double-barreled shotgun, for example).

  28. sheveroone says:

    anyone knows if you actually can save the girl? and how?
    like the style.though. too much cursing.
    and WHERE do i get the samurai sword!?!?

  29. mike says:

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  30. hydra9 says:

    Those penis monsters are happy looking fellows.

  31. Alaric says:

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