1. Ketch says:

    That really did genuinely make me chuckle!

  2. Little Green Man says:

    oh I remember this one. Ahh…

  3. Trezoristo says:

    Nice one :). Doesn’t show up in the taglist though..

  4. The Hammer says:

    Hahaha. That’s gotta be one of the best Strafe Lefts. The horde one in particular made me laugh.

  5. duel says:

    i beleive the only thing that MoH had running for it was the ability to ‘drop in’ :P

  6. Turin Turambar says:

    Great WW2 shooter, btw. Just awfully short.

  7. Tomlin says:

    Emm…this is actually funny to someone ?

  8. zeh says:

    No, Tomlin, everybody who posted before you is just faking it.

  9. The Shed says:

    Very good. As always it took me a few seconds of pondering, then chuckles ensue.

    That’s right- break the Nazi Jenga!

  10. Garreth says:

    Very nice strip. I hated that warehouse level with about 200 snipers, each one able to draw a bead on your forehead the moment you stepped out from cover.

  11. A-Scale says:


  12. Nick says:

    Tomlin – believe it or not, not everyone has the same sense of humour, or taste in music or anything.

    Some people even found Will & Grace funny.

    ( <3 Strafe Left – any chance of new ones being made for RPS since the great censorship scandal of PCG?)

  13. onkellou says:

    Excellent, one of the best ones yet. :D

  14. Larington says:

    This one always makes me laugh a lot when I see it.

  15. spd from Russia says:

    airborn eh? horrible game

  16. Paul B says:

    Another vote for a new Strafe Left strip for RPS. +1

    Also, would like to see the Strafe Left MUD dungeon one where there were funny comments for the different ASCII characters encountered in such a dungeon.

  17. Heliocentric says:

    that one has been on rps check the backlog. Airborne had a lovely demo, but i played it twice and saw through it.

  18. changeling says:

    Great strip.

    I am a pcgamer subscriber, and was just wondering why exactly Strafe Left was stopped (at least withing the mag). They are genuinely funny, and it was a shame when then ended.

  19. Kast says:

    Scandal? I used to subscribe to PCG (stopped cause of money and cause I could get most of the information I needed from RPS and other sites) but never went on the forum, so I guessed I missed something.

  20. Paul B says:

    Thanks Heliocentric. Found it – No 30 was the ZASCII one. Haven’t been a RPS reader for that long – only about two months – so I’m off to check the Strafe Left backlog.

    As to why Strafe Left stopped in PCGamer check out this RPS link:

    link to tinyurl.com

    Tim Stone quote taken from link:

    “To cut a long story short, last month’s cartoon (the TF2 history of the Twentieth Century one) had a run-in with the PC Gamer censor. A number of elements deemed potentially offensive to a “significant number of readers” were removed. I strongly disagreed with the action, and pulled the plug on SL partly in protest and partly because I realised I couldn’t put my heart and soul into future cartoons knowing they might be mutilitated by a ridiculously timid censor.

  21. changeling says:

    ah. okay, thanks for the insight

  22. The Shed says:

    I vouch for another Sleft. Great idea Nick.

  23. 357SIG says:

    Honestly I wish MoHA had never included online support from the beginning. Online play was terrible (on the pc at least, not sure about the console crowd) lacking in every way. In sharp contrast i found the single player to be a superb experience, it wasn’t perfect, nor the best game I’ve ever played but I was having a good enough time not to care. Too bad it wasn’t longer.

  24. Nick says:

    First and last MoH game I played was Allied Assault. Truely terrible game.

  25. Chris R says:

    So where’s the TF2 history of the Twentieth Century that PC gamer censored?

    Yahtzee “reviews” MOH: Airborne
    link to escapistmagazine.com

    Oh yeah, and I actually didn’t mind MOH:A… I had quite a bit of fun dropping into new areas each time I played. But it was criminally short, glad I borrowed it from a friend…

  26. Fumarole says:

    You can find the censored Strafe Left here:

    link to bay01.imagebay.com

    It’s quite good, and hardly offensive… until one sees that the suicide messages are backwards.

  27. Chris R says:

    Thanks Fumarole,

    I really liked the TF2 Guide to History!! Someone thought that would be offensive? Lame-sauce.

    It actually reminds me of the WW2 as an RTS chat transcript:
    link to strategypage.com

  28. Pod says:

    I think Timmy Stone should make more Strafe Lefts and get them up on here.

  29. Dinger says:

    Dang. I’d bail too if they blocked that one, not for any high-sounding principles, but because the people making the calls were clearly idiots.

  30. emil says:

    lol SL is retarded and totally unfunny. I think the worst aspect (as seen in the unapproved edition) is that the British authors perpective is so incredibly potato.

  31. Crane says:

    Incredibly potato? What?

  32. spd from Russia says:

    TF2 Guide to History is indeed controversal. joking about stuff like Hiroshima and other horrible events? I dont know …

  33. marilena says:

    I remember having a very low opinion on Strafe Left when it first started in PCG, many of them were duds back then (or maybe I just didn’t get them).

    Some of the ones I’ve seen on here were excellent, though, and, after looking at it, I would say that the TF2 Guide to History is the best. It’s genuinely brilliant, it gives so much food for thought in just one image.

    And no, it’s not mocking Hiroshima. If that’s what you think, you missed the point.