NonScoop: The Force Unleashed Not Coming To PC

Luke: I am your father's chum

Edit – direct from LucasArts – “I can tell you definitively that there is no PC version of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed planned. I would assume Vik was talking about a PC version of Digital Molecular Matter.”

Vik Sohal has also been in touch to say this is all nonsense. Heavy sigh. Apologies for the false alarm. I can promise you our source was absolutely convinced by what he told us, and that we’ve got a recording of the exact quote below (and can provide it to terrifying lawyers if necessary), but guess Vik Sohal just expressed it badly and our source got the wrong end of the stick.

It’s crazy that this isn’t already in the wild, but turns out plans for a PC version of heavily-physicsed Star Wars Sith ’em up The Force Unleashed were quietly revealed at NVIDIA’s recent NVISION 08 conference. RPS’ super-secret spy at the event has sent us an audio recording of Pixelux Entertainment (the company behind The Force Unleashed’s physics tech) COO Vik Sohal saying this in the middle of his talk about game physics:

“It’s just been released last week on the internet, the Force Unleashed demo on both the PS3 and Xbox 360. We have a PC version as well.”

So there you have it. I’m pretty sure this is an exclusive, but it’s possible I’m just really bad at using Google. Big thanks to RPS’s super-secret spy for this.

He also goes on to detail that “we did rely heavily on GPU acceleration” for the game’s physics (possibly via NVIDIA’s CUDA tech, but as that would leave anyone with an ATI card hanging, it’s perhaps unlikely), making this most likely the first high profile game to implement this much-discussed concept.

Unfortunately, The Force Unleashed isn’t garnering great reviews. But hey, it’s nice that the PC isn’t left in the cold.


  1. Dogun says:

    CUDA is teh sexy.

  2. VIP0R says:

    Fingers crossed it comes with some form of Multiplayer! =]

  3. Optimaximal says:

    Better make sure everyone get your $4000 PCs ready!!!

    Seriously, why couldn’t the fucktards just say ‘Microsoft/Sony paid us to keep it a console exclusive’ or ‘we just wanted to make most of our money before everyone pirated it’.

  4. Acosta says:

    I will start saving my 4000$, if it needs all that money there is no doubt I will be blown away.

  5. Optimaximal says:

    I will start saving my 4000$, if it needs all that money there is no doubt I will be blown away.

    No doubt you missed this article.

  6. duel says:

    i thought that SW-TFU’s physics were ment to be by Natural Motion or am i wrong? was that changed?

  7. Kalain says:

    Phew!! I’m glad my $4000 system only cost me £500 and can run all games in Very high mode..

  8. derFeef says:

    LOL nvidia… again. It runs on the consoles WITHOUT CUDA so it should run on every PC. Regardless nvidia card or not. Its just moneymaking.

  9. Josh says:

    Wonderful! I’m glad LucasArts didn’t fall to the depths of complete idiocy that I thought they did.

  10. cliffski says:

    proper port? or quick hacky one complete with gamepad requirement and references to the ‘a’ button?

  11. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    I like the Official Xbox Mag quote on Metacritic:

    Official Xbox Magazine
    With its non-branching storyline and no multiplayer, Force Unleashed is certainly less ambitious than the classic “Jedi Knight” games – and ultimately, its design makes it feel more videogame-y and less of an all-engrossing Star Wars experience than Xbox entries like “Jedi Knight II” or “Jedi Academy.”

    It’s funny they’d be worried a videogame feels like a videogame, but at least they got it spot on – the Jedi Knight series and Jedi Academy were much better at being Star Wars experiences than any other Star Wars title in recent years.

  12. rocketman71 says:

    What?. I don’t want a “a watered down experience” and having “to turn all the settings down”. I can’t buy a $4000 PC!. You LucasArts bastards!!!

    On the other hands, every LucasArts [made] game in the last 10 years has been utter shit, so I don’t really care. I’m just tired of listening to bullshit.

  13. derFeef says:

    @ duel
    It runs with 3 physic techniques.
    Euphoria, DMM and HAVOC
    None of them requiers this CUDA shit – at least on consoles….

  14. Optimaximal says:

    I think that’s the point of this unveiling to be honest…
    The current big consoles have 3+ cores – only a small portion of PCs have more than 2, therefore they were waiting on CUDA to give them the magic ‘third’ processor, making a port of the Xbox360 nice and simple without any re-development.

  15. James G says:

    :: Insert yet another $4,000 joke here ::

    How silly though, why not just keep silent about the whole thing, rather than making up some ridiculous excuse that not only makes you sound like an idiot, but makes you sound like a lying idiot a few months down the line when you change your mind.

  16. shinygerbil says:

    I tried the demo for 360, and it was horrible. Just another third person game hampered by a poor camera, among other things.

    Just go back to online lightsaber dueling in JKII. ;)

  17. Dolphan says:

    The 360 demo was rubbish, unfortunately. It’ll probably sell no more than the automatic sales they get from having star wars on the box. And then they’ll blame piracy.

  18. Schadenfreude says:

    I thought the 360 demo was fun. It did however prompt me to cancel my pre-order add the game to my Rental list. I get the feeling it’s something I’ll breeze through in a weekend.

  19. Thiefsie says:

    hmmm feel like playing rogue trooper now.

  20. Heliocentric says:

    Eh? Shame about their perspective on the pc indicating they know naff all about the pc market. Meaning we’ll get a thirteenth hour port intended as no more than a cash in.

    Eh, lucas don’t know anything these days. Not movies, not games.

  21. Heliocentric says:

    wait? It gets bad reviews and then they port it?

    Are they just porting it to pc so they can blame piracy?

  22. Optimaximal says:

    More than likely… After all, they can’t use the ‘changing market demographics’ line because Sam N Max proved they know fuck all about any of their markets.

  23. Dorian Cornelius Jasper says:

    Remember to keep an eye on your keyboard’s analog stick, folks.

  24. Paul Moloney says:

    Lucasarts’ timing is simply amazing; they wait until everyone is disappointed with the game(*) before they announce the PC version. Way to go, guys.

    (*) Though as someone has pointed out, it’s been about 10 years since the last good Star Wars game anyway.


  25. Taxman says:

    The game is pretty mediocre having checked out the PS3 demo only the most ardent kool aid drinking Star Ward fan will probably enjoy it.

    I’m guessing they are doing a PC version to sell NVIDIA hardware or at least NVIDIA is paying something to Lucasarts, if the game tanks at retail like it seems its going to I guess they are going to need every dollar they can get.

  26. Radiant says:

    So; is this game any good?

  27. EyeMessiah says:

    I just checked and I can confirm that my keyboard actually comes with an “a” button, so I am apparently good to go.

  28. The Poisoned Sponge says:

    I’ve been watching TFU since it was announced, and I’ve gone from very excited due to Euphoria based force malarky to utterly meh after playing the demo. It couldn’t be less interesting and immersive if it tried. I mean, health orbs when you kill enemies? Now lightsaber dismemberment? Only two force powers? They do realise that Jedi Knight did all these things far far better what, 5 years ago?

  29. Cigol says:

    Wait a minute. Who are we kidding! Lucasarts revealed the PC isn’t powerful enough to run this game. THEY SAID THAT WAS THE REASON FOR NO PC RELEASE. Are we really going to get our hopes up over this? Have them severely dashed when we find it runs like a pig and resembles the PS2 version? Come on now, lets be realistic. It’s not going to happen; the PC just isn’t capable of such feats. Don’t torture yourself! Star Wars Unleashed is next-gen gaming to the max.

    BTW; based on the demo the game is ass.

  30. McKhan says:

    “the PC just isn’t capable of such feats” …… Eeerrr…A top PC is better than the PS3 … Just think about it: PS3 = static hardware. PC = Changes every 6 months. Of course if you try to run the game on a pentium 3 it won’t run…

  31. sigma83 says:

    I was going to come in and be snarky about Lucasarts but all these people have beaten me to it so I’ll leave the sadistic necrophiliac horse bestiality out of it for now.

    also, it saddens me to hear negative impressions of TFU. Blah imo.

  32. TheLordHimself says:

    To all the fools saying its been ten years since a decent Star Wars game, like some people have already said, I thought 2002’s Jedi Knight II was awesome. Particularly towards the end when your powers grew. It did have some really dodgy cut scenes though, like that lovey dovey bit..!

  33. Thiefsie says:

    People, people… you’re also forgetting Republic Commando… much better than Jedi Knight 2, and much more recent.

  34. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    I mean, health orbs when you kill enemies?

    Corridor FPS turned corridor slasher with zombie gameplay.

  35. soviet_ says:

    I thought the 360 demo was awesome fun, looks great too.

    Oh and no lightsaber dismemberment because they probably want to keep it rated at Teen, which is a shame

  36. Diogo Ribeiro says:


    Kinda different in terms of offering what some call a SW experience, but both very good. RC was terribly underrated, though. Would replay it if my gaming PC hadn’t died couple a days ago.

  37. Maximum Fish says:

    I enjoyed the demo alright. It was a standard God of War-style generic 3d beat-em-up, but one in which you can pick up a dude with the force and hold him in the path of an oncoming tie fighter. I mean, that’s gotta count for something.

  38. Optimaximal says:

    People, people… you’re also forgetting Republic Commando… much better than Jedi Knight 2, and much more recent.

    Get out… NOW!!!

    Seriously, Republic Commando was a pants FPS that exacerbated all the things that were wrong with the Jedi Knight FPS games (largely the gunplay, which was both lame and ineffectual) and then went one step further by using Clones by Ash for the credits music.


  39. Bobsy says:

    Republic Commando was fun. Not Star-Warsy fun, but fun nevertheless.

    TIE Fighter, lest we forget, was a 1994 game. X-Wing: Alliance was released in 1999. Just saying.

  40. Dave says:

    Well, at NVision Epic showed us some Gears of War 2 levels on the PC… and the following week came the announcement that it wouldn’t be released for PC. (Guess which platform UnrealEd works on? Hint: not a console, not Mac and not Linux.)

    Honestly I don’t think the existence of consoles does gamers any good at all.

  41. Duoae says:

    Thiefsie says:

    People, people… you’re also forgetting Republic Commando… much better than Jedi Knight 2, and much more recent.

    What heresy is this?!! I played the demo of RC and found it solid but nothing special… How is it better than JK2?

  42. Optimaximal says:

    Well, at NVision Epic showed us some Gears of War 2 levels on the PC… and the following week came the announcement that it wouldn’t be released for PC.

    Yeah, but GoW1 wasn’t ever likely to come out on PC either… Go figure :)

    That said, it’s almost pathetic reception on the PC might mean they won’t bother with a PC version, not that it will be missed.

  43. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    RC and JK2 are somewhat on polar opposites. JK is pretty much the only game in my mind to ever “feel” SW for its handling of Force power dynamics and the only combat that’s portrayed lightsaber slice’em up action right (none of that sedated, nilly willy KotOR stuff).

    On the other hand, I think RC excels in the shooter aspects.

  44. flash says:

    I’d buy Gears 2 on PC – I have Gears 1 and definitely prefer it to the console version for single player (mouse control+extra bits), lacking split-screen co-op utterly sucks but I have mates with the console version so for me personally that’s not a big loss.
    This I wouldn’t buy on PC. Mostly because the guy holds his lightsaber like he wants to cut his own legs off. I wouldn’t buy it console either.

  45. RichPowers says:

    An armored car is from the bank is delivering the bags of money I’ll need to purchase a PC that can run Force Unleashed

    (continue these jokes for 345 more comments)

  46. Trousers says:


    Sarcasm may be hard to read on the internet, but Cigol’s post was obviously reeking of it.

  47. Alex says:

    (continue these jokes for 345 more comments)

    Right! Better get to work, people.

    The Force Unleashed..? The Bank Loan Unleashed, more like!

    EDIT: SHIT! Stop the jokes!! STOP THE JOKES!!! It’s all OFF!!

  48. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    Card Wars: The Hog Unleashed.

    Well, that was bad.

  49. Radiant says:

    oooh this uses that molecular pixel malarky.
    *downloads xbox demo*

  50. Optimaximal says:

    Right, it’s been denied by LEC. Move along, nothing to see here… No need to give them any more attention.