Dead Space: “20% of game is Zero-G”

Today’s second snazzily-produced developer-diary trailer comes from Electronic Arts, with the lead designer and executive producer of Dead Space talking about an element of their game that they’re particularly proud of: zero gravity. It’s a fun concept – allowing a game set in space to actually take advantage of the particularly properties of space to make up some of the game feature set. It’s not something we often see, but it looks like the Dead Space team have made some creative use of it. Incidentally, the release date of Dead Space has been brought forward to October 14th. Looks like that’s going to be a busy month…


  1. Ian says:

    Hopefully the zero gravity sections are fun and not a “they almost had it” kinda thing.

  2. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    In space no one can hear you scream at those QTEs.

  3. Aftershock says:

    Hopefully it won’t just be annoying, or used as a puzzle device. Zero-G combat hasnt ever been used really well.. (AFAIK)

  4. Heliocentric says:

    i have yet to find a good game with qte’s where you can’t get a cheat or crack to autowin them.

    As for finding a good game with qte’s? No such luck

  5. Seniath says:

    The more I read about/see of this game, the more I look forward to it. Which is unfortunate, as it runs the risk of not being all that.

  6. Jonas says:

    Makes me wish I had the stomach for horror. I made an exception for Bioshock because it wasn’t really that scary (at least not all the time, plus I had a friend hold my hand while I played), but this? No. Sadly.

  7. Ginger Yellow says:

    Am I the only person who has absolutely no interest in this game? It looks totally ordinary to me. Maybe it’s because I’m not a huge fan of survival horror, but that didn’t stop me loving RE 4 or Eternal Darkness. The whole thing has a massive Doom 3 vibe about it to me – huge hype but very little going on underneath the surface and everyone will just pretend it never happened after six months.

  8. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    I just noticed. The above post should have been on the BIA news. Apologies :(

  9. Tensai says:

    “Oh yeah, we did all the research and looked at NASA and JPL websites, we looked to see how much a hand WEIGHS, how much a head WEIGHS, in ZERO GRAVITY…” (paraphrased a bit, emphasis mine)

    Because, y’know, that’s stunning research.

  10. phuzz says:

    In english mass and weight are basically interchangeable, I’d not expect anyone except a really pedantic physics geek (like me) to always use them in the right context.
    This might be fun, or, it might be a flipping disaster. Any news on a demo? (hopefully including a bit of the microgravity stuff)

  11. Vivian says:

    Regardless, from people in charge of simulating zero-g physics its not very encouraging.

  12. MultiVaC says:

    I also learned that sounds are muffled in a vacuum.

  13. Optimaximal says:

    It would be great if DS actually upped the shock ante by removing all sound in the zero-g sections – Leaping around, minding your own business then suddenly finding yourself cut to pieces because you didn’t hear the Necromorph creeping up on you… that would really shit me up :)

  14. Ed says:

    Good game with QTEs? Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy.

  15. Jonas says:

    That’s debatable. It was an interesting game though, for sure.

  16. Ed says:

    I’m sure some people didn’t like it. One of the few games I actually finished though! I thought the QTEs were frustrating, but probably added something to the game. Without them it’d have been a very different game and would probably have lost a lot of it’s feel and style…

  17. hydra9 says:

    This game looks awesome. And it’s being developed by the slightly younger brothers of Gary Busey and Michael Madsen!

  18. MacBeth says:

    As long as the desperately clunky moving and aiming seen in all the videos is because they were recorded on a console, and it’s smooth and fluid on a PC, then yes please. If not, then… no thanks. Horror gaming is not improved by not being able to see, shoot or run away from things purely because it’s hard to control your character… and to me it looks like there would be frequent, extensive cursing when something eviscerates you because you couldn’t dodge it or shoot it accurately.

  19. Aubrey says:

    I’m no fan of QTEs, but I have been realizing that there are bad QTEs, and there are WORSE QTEs. If you think about it, Guitar Hero/Frequency/Amplitude are just one long QTE, but because of the consistency and telegraphing of button presses, and the fact that that IS the game, rather than an interruption to core gameplay, they’re good. When QTEs mangle the consistency of your actions with special case intricacies, and render moot your normal controls, then you get to rage.

    The earlier QTEs they showed for Dead Space (tentacle monster dragging you around) are no-where near as hateful as Fahrenheit ones. You were at least using consistent aim rules and weapon controls, even if your movement was stolen from you. Fahrenheit’s were almost the epitome of what I hate about QTEs, but I’m pretty sure Heavy Rain (which doesn’t even have a consistent locus for button glyphs) will trump it for that title.

  20. Ian says:

    What’s odd about Fahrenheit is that many of the QTEs were bloody awful as I remember it, and yet I loved the game despite QTEs being a big part of it.

  21. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    @ phuzz: What the devs are saying makes even less sense if they’ve confused mass with weight. Still, the micorgravity sections look like a nice change of pace and I can live with a bit of physics bending if it’s to service better gameplay.

  22. Let's Dance says:

    Cliche Quote #8,936,782:

    “That was the moment where we knew we had something special.”

  23. Fumarole says:

    Like said above, it’s all in the context of the game – Dragon’s Lair was quite an excellent QTE game.

  24. EyeMessiah says:

    Seriously I will, right now, preorder any game that Gary Busey would like to make. Gary if you are listening then please email me your pitches and I will send you money. No Joke.

    Some of the QTEs in Fahrenheit were abominable. I had a drummer friend do many of them for me. He did very well until it came to the SEX QTE, which he struggled with much embarrassment.

  25. n3utr0n says:

    “I also learned that sounds are muffled in a vacuum.”

    Didn’t the guy say something about only hearing the inside of your suit when you’re in vacuum?

  26. ColSanders says:

    Yeah, the implementation of zero-g gravity is pretty weak. Jumping from wall to wall? Really? That’s zero-g? The boxes floating around in the video is how zero-g should treat objects, not this bouncing around that the characters and enemies seem to do. Come on. At least show some consistency.

    And yeah, researching how much hands and heads weigh in zero gravity is just hilarious.

  27. hydra9 says:

    The most important point is that their research on how much hands and heads weigh came from LOOKING AT A WEBSITE. “That was very important to the project.”

  28. PJ says:

    there are almost no QTEs in Dead Space, except from shaking lil dudes from your back when they jump on you, and sometimes necromorphs get into A button mashing duel.

    And you gonna freak out when you get to see the interface. I have never seen one like that in a computer game ^^

  29. suibhne says:

    Not trying to borrow the controversy du jour, but nobody seems to be pointing out that Dead Space and Mirror’s Edge will probably sport the same DRM as Mass Effect and Spore.

  30. The Shed says:

    @Optimaximal: Painfully good call there- although it could only be on the Vaccum sections, seeing as some of the Zero-G areas do have atmosphere (so sound works).

    Heliocentric says:
    As for finding a good game with qte’s? No such luck

    Yeah right man- Shenmue (invented QTE, coined the term QTE, is a great game), God of War (inserted QTE to make cutscenes where you tear things apart more engaging, is a great game), Resi 4 (the worst example here, although the QTE fight with krauser was sweet as hell, also a great game).

    A lot of games will just use QTE to try and add depth to empty gameplay, but if used right QTE is a fair addition to games. Imho the adddition of “cover-systems” is a far more action-killing concept than QTE ever could be. Well, the fact that they’re being used everywhere nowadays.

    Not to mention… where’s the QTE in Dead Space?

    Also everybody seems to really be ripping the game. Ah, maybe it’s just the idiot PR guys they’re ripping. I hate those guys. The game looks good though, plot, game design, gampley… It all looks very solid, not to mention tied together.