NCsoft Confirm Job Losses In UK

How long for this (or that) world?

The rumours have been floating for a couple of days, but it’s now confirmed that NCsoft Europe will axe 58 jobs from its Brighton office. According to reports by, the first round of sackings took place yesterday, with jobs going from a variety of departments.

This follows from yesterday’s announcement that NCsoft would be consolidating a number of its component parts into the new NC West (although this name might change). This move brings together NC Interactive, NC Europe, NC Austin, and ArenaNet, putting its headquarters in Seattle, WA by the end of the year.

The Brighton bods were involved in the deeply troubled Tabula Rasa, Richard Garriots none-to-popular shooter-focused MMO, but NCsoft deny that the game is due to close. Many reports this week have suggested the game would be allowed to fade away by the end of the year, but say NCsoft Europe has denied this to them. Has this not been the year of such denials, followed almost immediately by the games going titsup? We shall see.

With Aion: Tower Of Eternity on the way, we really want to see the Korean developer secure in the West. There’s also no mention of how this might affect the development of NC Europe’s first project, Soccer Fury.


  1. Bobsy says:

    Boo! That means practically zero local customer support when Champions Online is out, I guess? A dead shame, as the Brighton based NCSoft chaps were quite good in supporting the City of Heroes community.

  2. John Walker says:

    Fortunately Champions has nothing to do with NCsoft. It’s being published by 2K.

  3. Bobsy says:

    Well. Good.

    Now, what’s a dignified way for me to salvage this and stop me looking like a complete thicky?



  4. cullnean says:

    @bobsy – your second post cheered me up no end

    @john walker – crikey you’ve been busy today, also where have you been?

    just so i can keep tabs of your location for the map by my rps shrine

    ncsoft seem to be running out of steam latley also there most sucseful mmo round these parts is guild wars which is not a big money spinner(subless)

  5. Greyface says:

    Are you -kidding- me? I joined Tabula Rasa after HG:L died.

    I’m beginning to feel unlucky. Ah well, it’s not gone and if TPTB say it won’t be, I s’pose I shall just… continue hoping it stays that way.

  6. Greyface says:

    Pfft, if I say it now, the game will go down before I even subscribe.

    Besides, I plan on sticking with Tabula Rasa for a long time. A LONG TIME. It’s not going away, it’s not, it’s not, it’s not! >.>

    SO THERE! Also… it would make me cry, NCSoft. Do you really want that? To make a gamer girl cry?

    I didn’t think so.

    Edit: Aaand the person to whom this was a reply has deleted the post.

  7. M.P. says:

    @Greyface: What’s TR like these days?

  8. Konky Dong XIV: El Sexo mi Arriba! says:

    Most of NCSoft’s games have had a hard time finding an audience in the west. While one could cite a number of reasons for this, I think it mainly boils down to the fact that most of their games are shitty.

    But that’s just a wild guess.

  9. elmo says:

    If something bad happens to Guild Wars or Guild Wars 2 because of this i`m personally going to Korea to beat the shit out of the bastards. /PARANOIA

  10. Greyface says:

    Tabula Rasa is quite a lot of fun. It doesn’t feel at all grindy, there are tons of weapons from which to choose, and between -really- good quest XP and holding CPs (control points), it is quite easy to start playing in the morning and shortly notice that night has fallen. Not that I’ve ever done that… >.>

    My boyfriend and I play together, and it’s a rare occasion that we’ve needed to group up. However, when we have, we’ve had almost no trouble finding groups of people who have or are willing to embrace our non-zergy play style.

    The community is quite friendly. Though general chat can be, er, exasperating, once the arm-chair politicians are waded through, help and good conversation are easy to find.

    Also, the constant care to update and add new items to keep things fresh is nothing short of astounding. I didn’t want to like TR as much as I do, because as I mentioned, I came here after HG:L, and I didn’t think that hole in my heart ( ;.; ) could be filled. Killing the shit out of the Bane and holding forts during wave after wave of attacks is pretty boss, though.

    You may have heard of Operation Immortality, which is fun and kinda campy in a good way, but there are cool little side quests in game to get bottle rockets, space man helmets and the like, and they’re… er… addictive. >.>

    Long story short, I like it and reallllly enjoy the game.

    Short story long… anything by Dickens.

  11. Venkman says:

    Most of NCSoft’s games have had a hard time finding an audience in the west. While one could cite a number of reasons for this, I think it mainly boils down to the fact that most of their games are shitty.

    But that’s just a wild guess.

    I wouldn’t say the games are shitty, but they are definitely badly managed. The poor staffing and lack of bot control really hurts. The games themselves are all designed in Korea, so its really just the management here that sucks. We don’t really have any say on the games themselves.

  12. DSX says:

    Agreed venk, I found L2 and TR quite fun to play, but they suffered from poor support. Further reductions in western offices will only increase that divide. Still eagerly awaiting AION.

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