Capcom: Multi-Format Future

As many have reported, Capcom have released their 2008 Annual Report. It’s an enormous document, but the quote that’s got everyone’s eye…

Completing implementation of multi-platform development on major titles’ means that all major titles launched during the next fiscal year or thereafter will be developed as multi-platform games.

Point being, that it kind of confirms their current direction, which has seen welcome – if unexpected – PC versions of things like Street Fighter IV, Bionic Commando Re-Armed and Jumpy Man In Trenchcoat With Guns IV. As RPS-reader João Melo said to me earlier, if only they made the decision before Dead Rising came out, eh?


  1. Ian says:

    They’re making a version of Dead Rising for Wii, so perhaps they might still do a PC version eventually.

  2. Ian says:

    I’m not much interested in Street Fighter either, but it could/should be good news that Capcom are releasing Big Games on PC.

  3. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    Yeah, there was also this guy who told you about Shinji Mikami partnering with Suda 51 and Electronic Arts for a multiplatform project including the PC, but he isn’t cool :(

    In unrelated news, I’m hoping this signals a bright future for Capcom on the PC. Not “crash and burn” bright, though.

  4. phil says:

    Frankly they can port all the Phoenix Wright games across to PC right now, with a free microphone attachment for the finger printing bit, or they can go to hell.

    Street Fighter games feel dirty and wrong when you play them on anything other than Japanese designed plastic.

  5. Daz says:

    As the Wii port of Dead Rising is an entirely new take on the IP, it’s plausible that it may make it to PC at some point.

    On the other hand, I already have a 360, so ho-hum.

  6. AbyssUK says:

    @The Guy

    Simply Streetfighter is the best arcade game ever made, hands down easy. I hope in 2047 they are still outputting streetfighters.

  7. antonymous says:

    Long live Capcom. Some of the most playable games of all time!

  8. rocketman71 says:

    Still waiting for Dead Rising, Capcom.

    No cookie for you until we get it.

  9. Esha says:

    It’s good that they’re doing this, but really it just seems as though they’ve seen which way the wind is blowing and they’re following suit. Wasn’t it Capcom that recently admitted that Japanese games companies are falling behind the times and into obscurity? If they fear that, then this is a sensible choice to make.

    It could mean more interesting releases for the PC, but since they’ve been releasing a lot for the PC recently anyway (Devil May Cry 4, Bionic Commando: Rearmed, et al), I don’t know if I’ll be able to see much of a difference.



    I always did love the Phoenix Wright series though, that was one thing worth getting a DS for. The other thing worth getting a DS for was Hotel Dusk, which often finds itself within the blandly white clutches of my DS. Past those though, I haven’t found much of a reason for owning a DS.

  10. Jahkaivah says:

    Dead Rising: Biggest waste of a potential mod-community ever.

  11. Pidesco says:

    While I’m playing through the wonderful DMC4, my love of Capcom just keeps on rising.

    Considering all console games are developed on the PC, I don’t see why there aren’t more devs doing this. The only reason I can see is full on exclusivity paid upfront by console makers.

  12. Taxman says:

    Your unlikely to see Dead Rising on the PC it was built with Capcoms first generation MT framework (it’s in house multi-platform middleware). Framework really only matured for PS3/360/PC with DMC4, Lost Planet was good for 360/PC.

    The Wii version is quite different to the Xbox 360 version only borrowing some of the graphical assets & its not even the same game engine, if there is a Dead Rising 2 (possibly dependant on the success of Wii version) then the odds for a PC version are much higher.

    On the other hand if they decide to do a PS3 version of Dead Rising that could see a PC version.

  13. Switch625 says:

    Dead Rising was responsible for one of my Seminal Gaming Moments (finding the lawnmower and realising you could use it to RUN OVER zombies) on a friends 360, but apart from that it was pretty annoying with the console-style checkpoint saves and such. Hope they do away with that if they do Dead Rising 2 on the PC.

    Nobody asked, but other such gaming moments for me include:
    * Playing Vicious Delicious by Infected Mushroom on Audiosurf
    * The end of Half-Life Ep2 (I was nearly weeping like a big girl)
    * My first foray into Old Ascalon in Guild Wars
    * Using a Jarrasul Evacuator’s “Consume planet” ability in Sins of a Solar Empire after reading about it in a Brad Wardell interview
    * The end of Portal (of course!)
    * Doing the “assassinate the columbian drug lord” mission in Hitman 2

    So there.