Civilization: Colonization: Pre-Renderization

Clipping problems in your released screenshots? Um.

Civilization IV: Colonization (prop. Sid Meier) is due out all sorts of soon, but we’ve yet to see a teaser or trailer. UNTIL NOW! See how I surprised you? Of course, showing me an RTS or TBS is the equivalent of showing a 12th century peasant an iPhone. I react with fear, suspicion, and ultimately setting things on fire. Fortunately, three other people in the RPS Orbital Station know all about the things, meaning I’m usually safe from them. But suddenly I find myself alone, frightened, and hiding in a corner from the conquesty complications of a Sid Meier game.

Thank goodness it’s all pre-rendered poppycock, and not the game running at all. Come along now Firaxis, the game’s out in two weeks. Give the people who understand this sort of thing the sort of thing they understand.


  1. Tyjenks says:

    Is there anything that could get me less excited about a game? Why yes, yes there is….a pre-rendered trailer.

    That said, I am glad we will be able to simulate fair dealings with the Native Americans as they love some beaded necklaces.

  2. Smileyfax says:

    Colonization is an RTS now? I hadn’t heard that before…I’d just assumed it was turn-based since it uses the same engine as Civ4.

  3. ZeroFive1 says:


    I dunno, starcraft 2 got me pretty fucking excited…

  4. LukeE says:

    You’re gonna want to change that VI at the top into an IV, lest people (i.e. people like me) get all confused and start wondering what happened to Civ V.

  5. Bema says:

    Was just about to say the same LukeE :)

    @Smileyfax – it’s going to be turn based as far as I know (and the video & pics on the site show). Probably just an oversight on behalf of the OP.

    Regarding the video – disapointing to say the least.

  6. Noc says:

    I’m looking forward to this. Hopefully the Blanket Rush will be a viable strategy.

  7. John Walker says:

    See, I told you I shouldn’t be let near these things.

  8. unclebulgaria says:

    LukE : ditto

    another suggestion might be: don’t read rps after a few pints …

  9. Blue says:

    FYI, that clip was released about a month ago… Our story at the time also links to a couple of gameplay clips.

    link to

  10. John Walker says:

    I got literally nothing right in this post. I shall leave it in this form as a testament to my all-round uselessness.

  11. Konky Dong XIV: El Sexo mi Arriba! says:

    It’s okay, we’ll forgive you….this time.

  12. Nimic says:

    Try to think of it as in ways you can improve, instead of ways you failed miserably.

    Makes it all seem much better.

  13. Nick says:

    Fear not, the John Walker fanclub endures!

  14. No Picnic says:

    That was one of the funniest write-ups I’ve seen on RPS for a while. Especially the line “See how I surprised you?” and the line about setting things on fire. First is cool. Well, not literally.

    By the way, I still have trouble getting RTS and RPS confused. :(

  15. Pidesco says:

    Don’t worry. Remember that your uselessness makes everyone around you feel better about themselves.

  16. Heliocentric says:

    @ no picnic
    In a rts you’ll find dirt mines.
    In a rps you’ll find dirty minds.

  17. Tei says:

    Theres also a free clone.
    link to

  18. Esha says:

    I admit, I stink at these kinds of games too but I can’t help but find the Civ series inherently fun. This is mostly because it all goes beyond just being a mundane strategy game.

    The Russians have founded Buddhism and ushered in a new era of peace and prosperity, now let us all go to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon to enjoy tea and little biscuits.

    I can pervert history to my whims. How could I not love that? I may be less interested in Colonisation though, because the focus will probably be less historic there. Having horrible, terrible, and unforgivable things done to human history is the only reason I play Civ, after all. It’s the only reason I played the first one (or was it II?) and every one thereafter.

    Anyway, really… I’d just like to see more peoples added to the base Civ rather than getting new gameplay styles.

    And the Native Americans under the watchful eye of Sitting Bull, along with the aid of Ghandi and his people have managed to put together the first non-terrestrial structure, a station in space dedicated to chasing knowledge and practicing Sciences for the good of all.

    Ah, memories.

    Now I want to play Civ again.

  19. Jochen Scheisse says:

    Hopefully the Blanket Rush will be a viable strategy.

    Noc wins the snarky comment race!

  20. Schadenfreude says:

    I do love me some Colonization. I fire it up on WinUAE every now and then (’cause the Amiga version is the best obviously) and send my settlers into the great unknown to die of malnutrition and Indians whilst jaunty music plays.

  21. Adam Hepton says:

    In a rps you’ll find dirty minds.

    Just don’t know what you’re gonna find.

  22. KindredPhantom says:

    Who broke the page?

  23. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    So it’s about colons, then?

  24. KindredPhantom says:

    Hmm it seems to have been fixed (the page).
    Could have been on my end.

  25. MetalCircus says:

    Yes I too would like to play this, pretty much because i’d like to make friends with the natives rather than dropping cannon balls on them. Makes me think of that Eugene McDaniels song all over again. Anyway I trust Sid Meier, he’s a good’un.

  26. jamscones says:

    This is either going to be a pleasantly nostalgia-fuelled surprise, or a sickly disappointment like SM Railroads, which was awful. My money is actually on the latter given the complete lack of visibility T2/Firaxis have given to this.

  27. groovychainsaw says:

    i hope this is good – I still run a colonisation game on my pc (thankyou dosbox!) and have been playing it consistently since… ’94 i think? It would have to be pretty good to displace the original in my affections. Until alpha centauri, this was about the best thing i thought Sid Meier had done…

  28. myname says:

    music is still horrible – i had hoped they’d improve on that civ 4 music so i wouldn’t have to shut music off completely off around year 1500. OH NO – that’s when the ENTIRE colonization game takes place… which means no music at all for me!?

    oh bummer. ;-(

  29. Pijama says:

    Bummer for you. Civilization has one of the best soundtracks ever made in gaming.

    Not to mention that there will be a different soundtrack. :)

  30. Pidesco says:

    music is still horrible – i had hoped they’d improve on that civ 4 music so i wouldn’t have to shut music off completely off around year 1500. OH NO – that’s when the ENTIRE colonization game takes place… which means no music at all for me!?

    oh bummer. ;-(

    Yeah, that Bach guy was a total hack.

  31. Heliocentric says:

    i demand 3 extra endings to this game

    Good: supreme vassal, you are loyal on your mother state, but powerful enough to deserve loyalty in return, you are simply a new land in an empire, not a vassal.

    Best: new capitol, your wealth and prestiege earned the eyre of your your homeland, but you kept the people moderate, over time the happiness and health of your people caused a mass exodus to the new found lands, the homeland now a serf to yours, dependant on the riches of your exports.

    awesomest: You met the homelands millitary in the sea and sunk it, and kept sailing killing every member of the homelands ruling body, those who didnt see fit to go into hiding at least.


  32. Tei says:

    3 extra endings? do you want your version to end with Code Geass or albion/The authority?

  33. calgary painters says:

    Wow, this is a game that I’ve literally been waiting over a decade for a remake or sequel. Come to think of it, I don’t think I even finished the first one because I always made it up to a point where i lost interest. But the name of Sid Meier pretty much sells a game for me.