Fighting In The WAR-Room: RPS Guild Decisions…

Bloody Elves

For a while we’ve been wanting to do some things with the splendid community of RPS folk, so… well, this is us trying. We’re excited by Warhammer and figure it’s one which people would find a ready-made mass of like minded people attractive to play alongside. One problem: we need to choose a “primary” side to be on. And since it’s a time of experimentation, rather than RPS’s tradition fairly-benevolent tyranny, we’re going to go with Diplomacy.

Those who wish to vote will find the digibooths below.

A few notes to think on: Firstly, you’ll see there’s two sets of polls. I suspect the RPS primary guild will be in the EU, but I wanted to allow a chance for the Americans to bond together too. Secondly, this is to choose the primary side. We’ll make a smaller RPS guild for the losing side on another server for playing alts, but the main – at least, initial – thrust will be in whatever wins.

Anyway – poll is go!





And feel free to argue the pros and cons of the various positions below. Equally, chip in with server-type preference, if you’ve got one, though I suspect that may be in a later poll.


  1. garren says:

    Oh man destruction is so gonna win

  2. Kieron Gillen says:

    8 to 10 in the EU server at the time of writing. That’s not that far apart. But yes! this is interesting.

    I admit, I voted Destruction, but I’m highly enjoying playing an Empire Warrior Priest in the Open-Beta. They’re agreeably mental.


  3. spirit7 says:

    I’ve gone Dark Elf Sorcerer in the OB. Very enjoyable – you have to balance the high probability of suicide with increasingly more powerful magic.

  4. YaRisse says:

    Something to make the decision for me, yay.
    I’ve heard good things about the Archmage class on the Order side, but very much want to go with Destruction, so I’m torn between the two.

  5. SteveTheBlack says:

    Destruction for me too, thanks. I’m not going to pass on the opportunity to ride around on a magical disc of death, no siree!

  6. groovychainsaw says:

    If the order side had squig herders, I would vote for them, but they don’t, so….

  7. Okami says:

    Curiouser and curiouser.. I can’t seem to vote for the european servers, only for us servers… Which is kinda stupid, since I’m european.

  8. Citizen Parker says:

    Sigh… Destruction is always going to have that sex appeal. Pretty much every single one of their classes look amazing, whereas for Order, only the Empire seems to look “cool” to people.

    Keep in mind this is coming from a diehard Dwarf Ironbreaker. But what I hear over and over from all the Bright Wizards running around is “Who wants to be a dwarf?” High Elves don’t seem to have it much better, Shadow Warriors aside.

    Oh well. I’d go Destruction too if I could stomach playing for the “bad guys.”

  9. Aldran says:

    I love the Dwarf Ironbreaker, and I’ll be the first to admit I chose that class purely because it’s a dwarf tank. The fact that it’s fun to play comes as a bonus.
    So, yep, voted Order.
    On the other hand, the Black Orc doesn’t sound too bad, either…

  10. Kieron Gillen says:

    I kinda love the Dwarves. They’ve got ace beards.


  11. Beefeater says:

    Putting in an argument for Order here. Everyone and their dog will play Destruction and there are plenty of guilds – including one which I’m in – that are already doing destruction. I want another guild that I can play my Witch Hunter in!

    Edit: Servers – one of the Karaks would be good.

    Beefeater: Selfish but honest since 1980.

  12. Kieron Gillen says:

    We’re playing on Karak Norn right now.


  13. arbitrary says:

    If we didn’t already have a fabulous guild, I’d come join you guys. So go Destruction on a RP server so we can hit you or ally with you if you go Order

  14. Mystic Smeg says:

    Going by the OB server browser levels Destruction always looked FULL or HIGH while Order was mostly LOW.

    Always fun to play the underdog.

  15. Ian says:

    I really wish I wanted to play this. An RPS guild sounds fun. :(

  16. Koopa says:

    Destruction classes seem a bit more interesting to me, though I imagine most have their counterparts on Order side. Been playing Sorceress, Zealot and Shaman in the beta now, fun fun fun. Although, the Runepriest seems like a fun class too, but would prefer it as an alt maybe. Anyhow, I’m game either way.

    Edit: Agree with Smeg though, playing the underdog is a bit more fun.

  17. MacBeth says:

    If I was going to play an MMO (which I’m not), it would be WAR, and if I was going to join a guild once playing (which I’m, again, not), it would be an RPS one… carry on

  18. Kieron Gillen says:

    Ian: If this takes off, we’ll try and set up the core of guilds for most new games which appear.


  19. Deadcatt says:

    I always play dark elves. They just scream bad ass. Now add a half naked witch elf to the mix? Easy choice. Ya, I’m the guy who saved up for that really hot dress you could buy off the city vendor in EQ2, while my brig kicked the crap out of everyone looking like a million bucks.

  20. CogDissident says:

    I plan to play order, and specifically an elf archmage. Though I’m going to hunt in dwarven lands, because I honestly dislike Elves. Go figure.

  21. PanamaHatBoy says:

    Good guys, I always prefer playing good guys. Oh, and I’m having the same problem as Okami – EU gamer, US poll. Can someone please artificially add my Order vote to the EU poll?
    Or just not care. That works too.

  22. CheatingApe says:

    There is clearly no arguement for the winning side which is why I am rolling one on both. I don’t know how some of you make out that one side is better than the other when they are clearly template classes from order to destruction. Also, they are both evil sides when you think they are both doing an equal share of killing. Killing was still evil last time I looked.

  23. Gladman says:

    Yeahhh I so wanna get in on an RPS guild.
    For me both sides look good , but which hunters could be particularly cool? So ill vote them but don’t really mind.

  24. The Hammer says:

    Nice nod to Dr. Strangelove!

  25. Alec Meer says:

    Kieron, you’ve posted a Warcraft screenshot again.

    Oh, waiiiiiit…

  26. JM says:

    Dwarf Engineer for me – I’ve finally decided on a class after nearly a year!

    Unless I want to be a tank.

    Or a shadow warrior.

  27. Kieron Gillen says:

    Alec Meer, stop being Alec Meer.


  28. Rosti says:

    /Keeps eyes peeled for possibility of Alec disappearing in a puff of logic.

  29. Jamie says:

    Dwarf Engineer here, definately a regular ruleset server, have a Witch Hunter aswell and they are pretty damn fun too.

    I’m from Europe.

  30. Kestrel says:

    So I was kinda bummed reading through this as I won’t be playing WAR, but I perked right up when K said RPS might have core clans for upcoming games. Put Demigod in the hat, won’t you? Beta 1.0 engine test and already alot of potential


  31. Whiskey Jack says:

    Order has Dwarves. ‘nough said.

  32. NeonWraith says:

    See, I’m tempted to say play Order just ’cause everybody is gonna play Destruction. Although, if you guys do go Destruction I may well make a Black Orc & join you. An RPS guild sounds fun

  33. Kieron Gillen says:

    Kestrel: All requests gratefully received.


  34. Woges says:

    EU Destruction, I’d be happy to join either though as there’s decent choice of classes on both sides.

  35. Acosta says:

    I like to go to MMO with a self service mentality, so I like to take everything to try it. I picked destruction, but in order to create a stable character for a RPS guild I don’t mind if is order or destruction, I have classes I’m interested in each side.

  36. Esha says:

    I feel like a PFY whenever I play anything that could either be considered as “cool” or “the good guys”, this sends shivers up my spine and leaves me feeling icky in ways I cannot describe.

    Therefore, I play the greenskins. They’re too dumb to really be construed as cool (that’ll go more to the Dark Elves and Chaos) and they’re certainly not good guys by any stretch of the imagination. Well, they’re not thouroughly evil either, per say, they’re actually more like a force of nature. They’re the tornados and the volcanoes, and that appeals to me.

    Plus, I get to talk in a really idiotic parody of Ye Olde Englande, this I revel in. It opens the door to some absolutely bloody fantastic roleplaying – if done right. And it’s oddly therapeutic, too. I got a choppa, a gud plan, and some stunties to smash in. No philosophy, spiritual inclination, enlightenment, or introverted observation need apply to an Orc.

    So… Greenskins – and by that decision, Destruction. I’ll mostly be playing my Orc, with a side order of WAAAAGH! provided by a Shaman. I’ll try out the whole herder thing soon too, but that’s so popular that almost everyone I see running around is a herder, hence why I’ve generally avoided that. But I’ll get to that class too.

  37. mpk says:

    Plant seed, add soil, wait…

    Add water, wait…

    Add nutrient, wait…


    I’m on whatever side gets to kill the guy that designed Cultivation.

  38. Dexton says:

    I predict queues on whichever side and server the RPS Guild ends up on!

  39. cyrenic says:

    Just to note, Order population was higher on almost every server last night in the US beta (instant queues for destruction ftw). First time I’ve seen that. I don’t expect Destruction to continue to outnumber Order as it has thus far in beta once release hits. We’ll see.

  40. The Poisoned Sponge says:

    Gotta go Destruction purely because I get to HAVE A MUTANT ARM. I’ve been playing on the OB and switching out my arm in the middle of a fight to adapt to it is rather fucking awesome.

  41. Beefeater says:

    “You know what Poisoned Sponge got that they don’t got? An Evil hand!”

  42. Spludge says:

    No Australian guild? That makes me sad :(

  43. Riotpoll says:

    Since my main guild will not be the RPS one, I’m not too fussed, but I’d join whatever the opposite of my guild will be with my main alt, which we’re still deciding at the moment! (Too many commas in that sentence too). I’ll be on the EU servers.

    I’ve been playing a Witch Elf in the open beta, and they seem to be a lot more fun than the other melee dps on Destruction (maurauder), and have a superior starting area to chaos too. Also, Pvp at level 1 <3.

    This new edit thing is funky!

  44. schizoslayer says:

    Witchhunters ftw! I’ll set fire to you all and twiddle my moustache in a slightly psychotic manner!

  45. iamseb says:

    I went for EU destruction, mostly because of the visual appeal of the destruction classes over the slightly boring order classes.

    More importantly, will the RPS guild be on an open RvR server?

  46. Realsch says:

    I admit I was all set on playing a Shaman…but then I fell in love with the warrior priest! Something about bashing heads in and then heal your party to boot (sweet sweet Divine Assault)…
    So I voted EU Order! be honest I just want to run around shouting ‘FOR THE EMPEROR!’

  47. Ketch says:

    I had my heart set on playing Greenskin on the EU Roleplay realms, but if RPS goes order elsewhere, I go with thee.

  48. Gladman says:


    I bloody hope so!

  49. phuzz says:

    The only MMO I’ve ever tried playing was Eve, and now I still have problems getting my head round the idea that not everyone can fit in the same game world?!
    Come on people, it’s 2008 already, surely someone can design a server side system that can support more than just one continent at a time?
    (apart from eve obv. or second life.)

  50. Noc says:

    Re: Dwarf Engineers:

    Makes me wish I was playing this. I’ll probably get in on it eventually.