Fighting In The WAR-Room: RPS Guild Decisions…

Bloody Elves

For a while we’ve been wanting to do some things with the splendid community of RPS folk, so… well, this is us trying. We’re excited by Warhammer and figure it’s one which people would find a ready-made mass of like minded people attractive to play alongside. One problem: we need to choose a “primary” side to be on. And since it’s a time of experimentation, rather than RPS’s tradition fairly-benevolent tyranny, we’re going to go with Diplomacy.

Those who wish to vote will find the digibooths below.

A few notes to think on: Firstly, you’ll see there’s two sets of polls. I suspect the RPS primary guild will be in the EU, but I wanted to allow a chance for the Americans to bond together too. Secondly, this is to choose the primary side. We’ll make a smaller RPS guild for the losing side on another server for playing alts, but the main – at least, initial – thrust will be in whatever wins.

Anyway – poll is go!





And feel free to argue the pros and cons of the various positions below. Equally, chip in with server-type preference, if you’ve got one, though I suspect that may be in a later poll.


  1. Edward Blake says:

    Yay, mutant arms for everyone!

  2. Plinglebob says:

    I voted EU Destruction as I enjoy healing and have a massive soft spot for Goblins so the Shaman sounds like a perfect match. However, if the Destruction side is vastly more populated then Order, go Order as its more fun playing a smaller side as more likely to see the same people.

  3. Freb says:

    Seems mightily close at the moment, perhaps two opposing guilds on the same server?

    *cue dramatic fight music*

  4. EyeMessiah says:

    I played Alliance for years in WoW. This is something I have always regretted as after playing Alliance for so long I could never really get into Horde, which was a shame because horde on my server were much better at PVP and I really wanted to enjoy the PVP.

    So destruction it is!

  5. Kieron Gillen says:

    Freb: While I like it, I’m not sure it’ll work in terms of populations and stuff. What *would* be ideal if we could find another site we get on with to set up their guild on the other side. AND WE COULD WAR.

    Re: RvR/RP/Core Server question. My gut feeling is that a pure RvR server is something I’d avoid. there’s so much of the game that’s in an RVR area – I’m told 90% at higher levels – that it’s kind of extraneous. And that just means it’s the people who want to be on a pure RvR server… which, my gut feeling is, will include more people who want to are going to go all l33t on us.

    Re: RP. On average, RP servers tend to have a more mature crowd. Not that you *do* RP, but being there and agreeing to play by an extra set of rules means that it’s a little more civilized.

    I suspect just going for a core one will be the way I’d like to go. But I’m happy to hear other opinions…


  6. Tei says:

    Guys…. I have voted Destruction.
    But order is a smarter option, because there will be less of order than destruction.

    Avoid “open rvr” servers. This game is designed for Core, the open servers are a afterthough

  7. Freb says:

    I say we challenge PC Zone UK, which incidentally the RPS Steam community now outnumber.
    link to

  8. Gorgeras says:

    Green is best.

    Though I already picked up a good guild that’s going to a roleplay server, so this doesn’t effect me. I declined to vote. It also means that I will try and suffer GOA for as long as I can. I’ll go US if this guild collapses, which I don’t think it will.

  9. Kieron Gillen says:

    Re: Order/Destruction. I honestly wonder about whether the final game will lean towards Destruction as much as people think. I can see why they’re thinking that, but… well, Beta isn’t Launch and the people who play Beta aren’t the people who play Launch.


  10. Janto says:

    It’s unlikely I’ll play, but I think two opposing guilds would be fantastic! Imagine the fun of seeing John’s scantily clad Elf pulling Keiron’s dwarf’s beard…

    On second thoughts, that’s kind of disturbing

  11. Butler` says:

    We’re hitting up some intitiative set up by a bunch of old school DAoC guilds. There’s about 20 order and 20 destruction pvp-minded guilds signed up, and we’re all going to hit the same server.

    It should help overcome the whole “everyone’s going to go destruction” problem, and mean there’s actually some non-retarded people to pvp against.

  12. Andrew F says:

    EyeMessiah: part of the Horde being better at PvP, of course, is that as they’re generally out numbered, they don’t have to worry about Arena queues…

  13. Thesper says:

    I voted Order, because a) the ironbreaker is awesome and b) while in WoW it was quite easy to sympathise with the Horde and there wasn’t really a clear cut good guy bad guy divide. Whereas Destruction are just a bunch of bastards. Also, something called the Inevitable City just has to be pounded into the ground.

  14. Meat Circus says:

    When’s this so-called guild going to be live? My pre-order activatises on Monday. Will you be ready for me to thrust my avatar into your guildhole?

  15. Kieron Gillen says:

    I’m going to close the votes on Saturday night and do the “this is the server details” on Sunday – as some people are early Starting on Sunday.

    (Not me, annoyingly)

    Of course, I have to work out how to actually form a guild, but we’ll work that out, eh?


  16. Meat Circus says:

    Oh, and I think you’re right about having the guild on an RP server. I think it will maximise the chances of fuckwit-avoidance.

    It certainly did on WoW. As long as you avoided the nekkid night elf dancing in Goldshire. Which I didn’t.

  17. Dexton says:

    Maybe the RPS guys that will play WAR should separate into two teams and create an Order and a Destruction guild on the same server. Rock and Paper vs Shotgun or something similar.

    Preferably in the style of playground football, although I would feel bad for Alec being picked last.

  18. Meat Circus says:

    Dexton, we probably won’t have the numbers. As was said upthread, we need to convince some other similarly-sized community to be our special enemy.

  19. Dexton says:

    I wonder which other EU gaming communities would be interested, I remember reading that the PA guys had considerable success with their WOW rivalry with another webcomic website. Could be great if it got organised.

    In other news, EU open beta servers still down, 6 hours and counting.

  20. Fiale says:

    Would be nice to see, if you can convince another site to roll on the same server as the opposite faction would lead to some great play and intense rivalry.

    I voted Order because I just think they will be vastly out numbered and need everyone man, woman and cat to defend their RvR turf.

  21. 357SIG says:

    American here, I voted destruction. I have to agree that the ability to mutate your arm is pretty damn cool.

  22. Jockie says:

    Still debating whether to get the game, im being emotionally blackmailed into it by friends it would seem and everyone and their mother has left AoC now and Wow doesnt appeal… decisions..

    On a side note, how many of the voters of this poll actually intend to buy the game and join the RPS guild? because over 300 votes is quite a big guild by any standards

  23. Kieron Gillen says:

    Jockie: Yeah. I did phrase the question as “if you plan to play” rather than “if you were playing”, but people do like voting. That said, we do get a lot of traffic and it’s not an entirely unlikely number. Will be interesting to see what happens either way.


  24. H says:

    I’m pretty open to playing anything, but I think you have to try the Dorf for a few hours to see their initial area. I think it really has to be seen to be believed.

  25. Eschatos says:

    I’m also playing with two other groups of friends separately, but I’ll try to find the time to join you guys.

  26. rei says:

    I live in Europe, but if I do get this game I’m definitely getting the US version (because of GOA, and because of a slightly higher chance that the people I play with can communicate in passable English).

  27. Beefeater1980 says:

    Barring a huge swing tomorrow, we Orderites lost already. Yet again destruction wins. This may or may not be because Order is dumb.

  28. Vaur says:

    I’ve plumped for EU Order. Although I have a hankering to play more of the Destruction classes, my gut feeling is that joining the (probable) minority is likely to offer a greater challenge and consequently might promote tighter cohesion.

  29. Marcin says:

    I went with Order (US) as it is increasingly looking like Destruction will be the more numerous faction.

  30. Ging says:

    I went with Order, but only because I suspect they’ll be the underdogs – I’d be happy with either, as you know, greenskins for the win!

  31. malkav11 says:

    I really don’t care which side are the underdogs. My two criteria are 1) although both sides are fun, I love Chaos and Dark Elves to death (and most all of their classes), and expect to feel similarly about Greenskins. And Order just doesn’t grab me as hard (High Elves really don’t appeal to me at all. Possibly because of the rather stupid looking armor they’re wearing in the creation screen, but also because none of the class concepts do that much for me. Yes, they’re mirrored in Destruction, but the Destruction versions have far more pizzazz.). 2) I want to play with a close friend of mine, who is in mad, total love with the Greenskins and won’t be playing anything else anytime soon.

    So Destruction. I suspect I’m more likely to hook up with the Quarter to Three folks that are leaning Destruction, but we’ll see.

  32. Great Uncle Baal says:

    I went with Destruction, but to be honest, I’m probably going to spend a very long time on the character selection bit, because from what I’ve seen so far most classes on each side look pretty fun. I’m a bit of an MMORPG novice – have played a bit of WoW and a bit more LotRO but never quite got dragged in. Every time I uninstall, I feel like I’m missing out on something, and I really want to like this game. I want to get a couple of mates who don’t normally do MMOs to get in as well, and the Greenskin angle is probably the best bet. If a load of people sign on as orcs it seems like it’s in keeping with the Warhammer universe anyway – dere’z fouzands ov ’em!

  33. Paul S says:

    Order here – but really, I’m happy either way. This is all rather exciting. I’ve never been in a guild before. Well, I have, but I always quit as they were terrifying, terrifying people.

    @Kieron – you seem the most enthusiastic about (hnngh) WAR than I’d expected. Of the RPS overlords, I mean. I thought MMOs failed to push your buttons. Is it because it reminds you of the heady days of spray primer and stepping on plastic goblin spears in bare feet?

  34. Dorian Cornelius Jasper says:

    Voted Order. Because I’m a rebel.

    By all appearances, they’re looking to be to WAR what the Horde is to WoW. That means more bragging rights in the long term, because everyone knows the Alliance is for kids who like to gang up on their betters. (And I don’t even play WoW.)

    Thanks to the Destruction side’s popularity, the Order side is probably gonna be constantly under siege, as it should be. But hey, there’s something to be said about the underdog.

  35. deadbob says:


    if only for the inevitable SKAVEN expansion.

  36. Nullh says:

    It does look look like the split is going to favour the destruction side. I mean the website has an Orc translator. Still, I have to admit that the Orcs have the best missions, mud flinging, living catapult ammo and broken English are really too much fun to pass up.

  37. Konky Dong XX: Manjunk McPhallus and the Rectal Knights of Menstruation says:

    Order ftw. You Destro nukkas need to bugger off and what forth.

  38. Kirian says:

    Well, I want to play as a Dwarf, so Order. That and the potential to at some point play as a large iguana with an even bigger mace riding a dinosaur.

    Although I just know it will be the Bretonnians/Undead pairing as the first addition. Slayers making it in would be enough, but that’s hope against hope.

  39. Ben Abraham says:

    Does anyone know what servers there are for Australian players? Do we get lumped in with the Yanks, a la WoW, or what?

  40. spinks says:

    Will be mostly playing with friends but would love to hang out with you guys on an EU server. I voted destruction out of selfishness because my guild is going order but I’d like to try out the dark side.

  41. Kommissar Nicko says:

    RP servers do tend to have a more mature batch of people. However, in my experience, RP servers also have a lot of rules-lawyers types who will do a lot of bitching if the overlords aren’t as steadfast about the rules as they are. (Here’s looking at you, Age of Conan.)

  42. fanciestofpants says:

    @Ben Abraham:

    There will be aussie servers at launch and they *gasp* ARE ACTUALLY IN AUSTRALIA.

    /Votes for australian RPS guild.

    “Order of the Endless Bear”?

  43. Raskolnikov says:

    Order are the new Horde.

  44. Kieron Gillen says:

    Paul S: Probably a little of that. That I like the IP helps. God knows how long I’ll play, but WAR does deal with a lot of stuff which annoyed me in many other games.


  45. Punjab says:

    I voted Destruction because I used to play Orcs back in the day.

    Honestly though, I’ll go wherever the guild does. Playing with a regular group of people is more important to me than what race I play.

  46. Bluto says:

    I’ll be signing up in a month or two when I have regular internet access from home (just moved to a new flat, sitting in the uni library reading RPS) – but I am deeply attracted to the simple but effective head bashing philosophy of the Orcs. No faffing about with magics for me – all I want is a dull cleaver and lots of enemies! Destruction for me! Deeeeeesssssssssttruuuuctionnnn for me!

    Having said that, I’ll probably employ a Runesmith alt…

  47. Asskicker says:

    I can’t vote for the EU :S

  48. Ophois says:

    /me delurk

    Either type is good for me. Both sides have their purty people and their scarey people and a nice set of class types. I recon I could find a mage to fit my style on either side.

    The EU head start begins tomorrow afternoon (for collectors edition folk) so I hope you manage to get the server/side info out by then. I guess the actual guild doesn’t have to be formed until later (?), just as long as we’re all in the right place, lurking in the corners like some kind of online flash mob in the making.

  49. Note says:

    I’ll be playing through a class for each race before I settle down for the long haul, so I’ll join up on both sides of the war if there are 2 guilds. My vote went to destruction though, as that’s where my group-oriented class choices are.

    Just a note on server choice.. Perhaps we should let the Collectors Edition players seek out the lowest population server on sunday? I imagine the headstart servers will be the most populous and RPS folk will compound any “full server” problems by flooding the destruction side with another 253 players (at time of writing).

    Edit: I really like the idea of finding a nemesis guild!

  50. Chris says:

    Why not have a rival guild in Order on the same server?
    It would lead to some very interesting encounters and a nice bit of banter. And i would think you guys need to get a guild website up and running.