Fighting In The WAR-Room: RPS Guild Decisions…

Bloody Elves

For a while we’ve been wanting to do some things with the splendid community of RPS folk, so… well, this is us trying. We’re excited by Warhammer and figure it’s one which people would find a ready-made mass of like minded people attractive to play alongside. One problem: we need to choose a “primary” side to be on. And since it’s a time of experimentation, rather than RPS’s tradition fairly-benevolent tyranny, we’re going to go with Diplomacy.

Those who wish to vote will find the digibooths below.

A few notes to think on: Firstly, you’ll see there’s two sets of polls. I suspect the RPS primary guild will be in the EU, but I wanted to allow a chance for the Americans to bond together too. Secondly, this is to choose the primary side. We’ll make a smaller RPS guild for the losing side on another server for playing alts, but the main – at least, initial – thrust will be in whatever wins.

Anyway – poll is go!





And feel free to argue the pros and cons of the various positions below. Equally, chip in with server-type preference, if you’ve got one, though I suspect that may be in a later poll.


  1. Stromko says:

    Destruction will be greatly overpopulated on all servers. Dark Elves have a monopoly on T&A, Orks got attitude out the ass, and Chaos has mutant freaks, psychos, and evil magi. I was seriously looking forward to getting my Orky on, but f*ck that.

    But if you like login queues and rarely having targets for RvR, let alone ever having enough to go around, by all means. If you like victory to be inevitable rather than something you have to form a strong group to get, go ahead.

    Destruction has style, definitely, but unfortunately that advantage in style is so clear that even the unwashed masses can feel it. Their assortment of classes is quite poor however. Note how each Destruction race has a melee DPS / debuffer class, that sure eliminates a few slots that could’ve been something different. Amongst Destruction there are also two different magical nuker classes. Only one pet class, also a nuker.

    Meanwhile amongst Order, the High Elves alone (the most boring race in the faction IMO) have a melee pet class the White Lions, a combination tank/DPS (their choice) class, a combination nuker / healer, and a stealthy rogue with a decent ranged component. Other highlights are the Dwarven engineer which as a pet class still fills a completely different role from the White Lion, the Iron Breakers who are tanks sure enough but switch to being brutal asskickers once the battle is truly joined, and and the human War Priest whom are healers yes but can also dish it out and take it.

    On the one hand I picked Order because I always pick the least populated side, on the other hand I picked Order because they actually have a broad array of classes I want to play, not just Black Orks. Miss the T&A? You can always go to the high elven lands and chase around dark elves all day if that catches your fancy.

  2. Bluto says:

    I hope they left room in the game engine for a Bloodbowl tournament at some point in the future…

  3. Krushchev says:

    As you yourself have mentioned previously, Destruction has all the fun.


  4. Beefeater1980 says:

    A quick note on guilds: being the kind of dull lawyer that I am and reading through the terms of service, I noticed that if a guild leader goes quiet for 3 weeks or more, GOA have the right to step in and promote up a replacement who is a bit more active.

    Interesting, no? Or did everyone else already know this?

  5. Nick says:

    I assume they can do it if requested. Which is actually fair enough as with no active guld leader all you can do in a lot of games is reform.

  6. Chris says:

    Thanks Stromko,

    Taking in mind this is a pvp game as it sounds.
    What measures do they have in place for the various imbalances that can arise in PvP?
    Such as a 3v1 ratio in a pvp scenario, afk’ers, lots of people giving up after 10 seconds and players becoming defeatist and saying ” were gonna lose, let them win” etc
    This sort of thing makes my blood boil.
    Can anyone tell me about things that are in place to sort this out?

    Basically i would love to play a deep story based mmo pvp game with real sustainable pvp. What in the game will want me to play PvP non stop everyday for 6 to 12 months? How does it progress in the latter, latter stages?

  7. Hmm-hmm. says:

    EU, Order (once I get me a decent gaming computer). Then again, it’d be neat to encounter RPS in the opposition.

  8. Dolphan says:

    Does WAR need UDP ports open? I can only tunnel TCP at uni, which so far has cut out anything but WOW.

  9. Aldran says:

    LATER EDIT: I was wrong. This is what warhammeralliance has to say:
    “Warhammer patcher uses http/tcp port 1380. In game: TCP: 8046”

  10. Ophois says:

    The list of headstart servers is up. Looks like about half of the full list?

    Axe Bite Pass
    Karag Dron
    Karag Orrud
    Karak Eight Peaks
    Karak Azgal
    Karak Hirn

    Core Roleplay

    Open RvR
    Dragonback Mountains
    Finuval Plain

    Open RvR Roleplay.

  11. okletsgo says:

    Whoever has the best tanking class. It seems like the Dwarf Ironbreakers are the class for me.

  12. jambamagamba says:

    Destruction all the way! I will of course be playing as a black orc, due to its uncanny resemblance to a demented transvestite at low levels.

    That is to say, a low level black orc, not a low level transvestite.

  13. Chalkster says:

    I will probably play a Squig Herder, White Lion, or Dwarven Engineer if I play, but I must know. Are there passive pet commands? Like neat out of combat stuff you can do?

    Oh, and I voted Order, since it’s more diverse.

  14. Redford says:

    If the NS WAR guild falls through this is by backup plan. Heck, if you are on a separate server from the NS guild I would love to join. Just remember: Don’t move like a dwarf.

  15. Esha says:


    If they ever include the Skaven, I might end up hooked for life. The Skaven are one of my all time favourite Warhammer races, and it’ll draw in the crowd that likes to play beastfolk too. Becasue, let’s face it, Skaven > Tauren any day of the given tricentennial period.


    Normally I’d be with you on that, because I like being a rebel too. There’s an interesting aspect to consider, though: In beta, the Horde vastly outnumbered the Alliance too. It’s only when the game was opened up to the vast everybody mass that the tables turned. In fact, when the game went live it was a complete turnaround.

  16. Alec Meer says:

    You do get to fight some Skaven, if it’s any consolation. But yeah, they seem like a shoe-in for an expansion pack race.

  17. Kieron Gillen says:

    The problem with Skaven is that they don’t have a “natural” enemy in the lore, so pairing them up is tricky. I mean, one of their biggest wars was against the Undead, historically speaking, which is completely out.

    I suppose if you wanted to go with geographically, Skavenblight and the Bretonnians would be a pairing – but it’s not as if they’re natural antagonists.

    Esha: Yeah, that’s my thought too.


  18. Esha says:

    I’m looking forward to encountering the Skaven, that should be interesting – I’m curious to see how they’ve envisioned them for the game and how they’re portrayed within the confines of the engine.

    Still though, if Mythic did indeed shove the Skaven in there for all to enjoy in a playable format, there would be hugs all around for them. Until then, I’ll continue to play my Orc because Orcs amuse me. They’re like big, green rabid puppies with in-built nuclear armaments.

  19. Riotpoll says:

    I’m rooting for a Skaven vs Lizardmen expansion in the jungle.

  20. edward blake says:

    Have you guys decided which server your going to play on yet?

  21. Kieron Gillen says:

    I’m going to do a proper post a bit later, but for those who are in today the (main) Destruction Guild will be on Karak Hirn. The secondary Order guild will be Karak Eight Peaks.


  22. edward blake says:

    Great stuff.

  23. Esha says:

    Looks like I’m rolling a greenie on that server, then. Though if the name Thrudd is taken, I’m going to cry – or I’ll just settle for Groo. Since I care not for imaginatively naming Orcs, dat takes finkin’!

    Note to self: You need to stop thinking, talking aloud, and writing in italics.

  24. Beefeater1980 says:

    For the secondary order guild, my character’s Penitent the Witchhunter on Karak Eight Peaks. Who to talk to about joining?

  25. Ophois says:

    Looks like they are being very strict on the numbers in each server. At time of posting they are only allowing 80 Destruction characters active on that server. I guess it’s to stop the start zone being swamped. Does that mean they’ll do the same at launch? Seems impossible if they don’t wat to piss off most of their paying customers.

    You can at least create a character so as to get the name you want. You may have to wait a while to actually get logged in though (mine said about 18h but has now come down to the much hopeful 15m)… :(

    Female destruction sorceress called Sekhmet. Yes I’m playing cross gender; but I may as well have a pretty avatar to look at for all those hours.

  26. Poe says:

    Wow, Karak Hirn is pretty packed on both sides. Theres a 25 minute queue to get into the Destruction side.

    Ps. Zealot on Hirn called Xanthor if anyone wants a healer.

  27. Kirian says:

    Kieron: traditionally the Skaven haven’t had a nemesis, but my feeling is that this has changed. It looks like, barring Ogres and Dogs of War, they’ve paired up each race now (Bretonnians get Undead/Tomb Kings). The storyline justification would be that the Skaven are building up masses of power, and the Slann have noticed. That said, geography is a good argument.