Gordian Yes! Children Of Nile Add-On

It's not istanbul, it's constantinople. Actually, it isn't.

While we await Hinterland with interest, it’s not all Tilted Mill have been up to. We reported about the updated version of Children of the Nile – but they’ve now released a a mini-campaign add on pack based around ruling Alexandria. It’s available to buy from Stardock and you’ll get change from six dollars enough to buy something which costs one dollar. You’ll need the Enhanced Edition to play, but if you own an old copy of Children you can patch it in. And if you don’t, you can buy it from a load of Direct Download places, including Steam (Or just play the demo).

In other news: I walked up to Alexandra Palace last night, which was lovely.


  1. aldo says:

    It’s not free though, is it? I thought it was something like $6 (cheap, but not free)

  2. Punjab says:

    I remember this game from a while back, was pretty good.

    Ooh Alexandra Palace? I live really close to there. My bus ride to school means I get to see that great view twice a day. :D

  3. Heliocentric says:

    yunno. On the topic of $6 games the gog beta is open. If you have been offered access go use it. Looks good.

    I’m gonna get perimeter so i have a starforce free version. And maybe messiah so i have a version that runs on xp.

  4. Kieron Gillen says:

    Aldo: Completely right. Fixed!


  5. James G says:

    Further to what Heliocentric said, if you are on the GOG beta then they are currently doing buy one get one free on your first purchase. I’ve recently brought Sacrifice and am deciding what to get for free.

  6. Heliocentric says:

    i’d suggest giant: citizen kabuto for the mp but the net code was a mess. Had some lovely ideas mind you. But i’m assuming you already own the fallouts and a few others.

    Edit: just realised i hadn’t passed mention on cotn.

    The base game genuinely was good but i can’t help but feel like it wasn’t clear enough in expressing what was and wasn’t right with the design of your town. I’d have guys over stocked with goods but broke even with an apparent high demand. And i left my pc on for 2 days to build a priamid. It wasn’t finished.

  7. Therlun says:

    It costs $5.99… so only 1 cent change. :P.

    You can also buy the full version from Impulse for $20… so no need to switch to different online distributors.
    ** Especially important since the expansion pack ONLY works with the respective digital distributor version!**

    The Impulse version works with the brick&mortar boxed version, but the Steam and D2D versions of the game need their own Steam and D2D expansions (available soon).

  8. Therlun says:

    There is a timer counting seconds for the edit function?
    The uselessness baffles… we live in great times indeed.