RPS Warhammer Guild Servers

This is us. Democracy has made it so.
Okay. The vote’s over and we had a little think. There were so many people who actually voted on the EU thing, it is a bit tempting to do – as people have suggested – a guild on each side, for instant war. However, since voting isn’t the same thing as actually playing, it’s probably best if we concentrate our manpower to make guilds that actually work. In which case, you’ll find servers to play on beneath the cut…

Destruction won by 280 votes to 222.

In which case, the main RPS EU guild will be Destruction on Karak Hirn.

The secondary Order guild will be on Karak Eight Peaks.

Both are Core rule set servers.

If you want to create alts on there do so and stick tight. When we have the actual guild set up – no-one on RPS has any access until tomorrow – we’ll do another post to organise everyone joining the thing and similar. Until then, feel free to say Alt names and similar in the comments thread.

Destruction won by 197 to 161.

It’s worth noting that none of the four main RPS writers are based in the US. This means that the American guild is going to have to be entirely player run from the start. So this is on your guy’s heads to form the guild and invite each other and stuff.

The primary RPS US Destruction will be on Volkmar.

The secondary RPS US Order guild will be on Ostermark.

(Which is an RP server. I’m suggesting this as it’s where Quarter To Three’s guild is going, so in case things don’t work out, you could try and befriend them. And there’s many of you who know read Qt3, so there’s some cross-over.)


I completely missed our people over there, didn’t I? Anyway: is there anyone interested in an RPS guild there? If so, let’s say that Lucan is the RPS server there in case anyone wants to pull together one.

More news as we get it (i.e. Make it up).

In other updates: I still have no idea about what class I want to be.


  1. SteveTheBlack says:

    I’m not sure what my characters will be called until I actually get to make them, but what I DO know is that my primary fella will probably be a Magus. I’ll probably try and keep my name from the beta too (Krant), but we’ll see how that pans out I guess.

    As for the alt… hmmm, I’m leaning towards a Witch Hunter, mainly for the hats.

  2. Eschatos says:

    Too bad, I’ve been looking for some people to play order with.

  3. Kieron Gillen says:

    Eschatos: Well, I honestly dunno how many people will be playing on the secondary server. It’s still worth going there, I think. With 500 people who claim they want to play, I suspect they’ll be an order hardcore well worth hoooking up with.


  4. edward blake says:

    There are some pretty severe queues already, est 25 mins.

    Just so you know.

  5. Gladman says:

    I didn’t get access to the open beta so I don’t know how likley it is that there will still be space for me by the time I get the game on release date…

  6. Krushchev says:

    I got in Open Beta, but the client is 10 gigs. I’d roll a goblin on the US RPS destruction guild.

  7. Note says:

    Great! Like I said in the other thread I’ll be starting characters for both guilds.

    Sounds like we’ve picked 2 of the servers with the longest queues though. Hopefully they’ll be less severe as the allowed population on each server is ramped up for launch.

    In other news, did anyone read about the 7 days free playtime for Euros as compensation for the open beta mess?

    link to warhammeralliance.com

  8. Mystic Smeg says:

    Any ideas on the total number of people allowed on each server?

  9. Razerious says:

    Tempted to get this game. Maybe I’ll see you all in-game later this week. Just have to promise myself I’ll only be a casual player first

  10. Nimic says:

    How does this work, then? I hadn’t really ever considered playing Warhammer, having just quit AoC (and quit WoW well before that), but I’ve heard some good stuff about it, and being in an RPS guild sounds excellent. But is there some selection process? There’s got to be a lot of people who’d want to be in the RPS guild.

    Don’t know how fun it would be to be in a guild with 400 players.

  11. Meat Circus says:

    Mmmm, WARHAM.

    I think I’m leaning towards playing a Marauder. I’ll probably call her Chlamydia Sitchblap, unless I decide it’s not a good idea.

  12. Cataclysmyk says:

    What kinda guild is it going to be and what will be the guild name?

    Rock Paper Shotgun sounds a little modern.

  13. Jim Rossignol says:

    Stone, Parchment, Arquebus?

  14. Butler` says:

    Eight Peaks is full to hell. There’s an entire initative of PvP guilds invading it. :p

  15. Noc says:

    Hmm. I think the acronym’s more recognizable; you could go with the Ravening Pugilists’ Society, or something. Or on the Order side, the Righteous Punks of the Seminary.

    [Edit: Rat Punching Shepherds? Really Pissed Soldiers? Right Pointy Sticks? Red Painted Simpletons?)

  16. Kieron Gillen says:

    The problem with server queues being that we can’t see any of ’em as we’re not in yet. Pah!

    It’ll calm down eventually, and in the long run, probably better be on a busy server than a quieter one.

    EDIT: Raveners Praising Slanesh?


  17. Butler` says:

    Definately. Especially one with a beefy Order side, which will no doubt be in a minority.

    *Tries desperately to think of a decent RPS guild name*

  18. The Poisoned Sponge says:

    I’m sure all of the servers are going to be rather full for the next few weeks… we just gotta ride it out. Also Kieron, are you going to stop Walker being a healer? Or does he get a second chance?

  19. Olli says:

    By all accounts Destruction still has more players, Full vs Medium on the server list.

    Of course the CE people are just as hardcore as the Beta crowd so I guess this could still change tomorrow.

  20. EyeMessiah says:

    I promised myself I would skip this generation of mmos, but for some reason I caved in an ordered WAR off play a couple of nights ago. Ah well. I’m thinking Witch Elf, or Zealot. Hrmmm…

  21. born2expire says:


    Our guild plans were to roll Order on Volkmar, and we’ll be bringing a lot of Elitist Jerks (Benefactors) with us. looking forward to killing the lot of you. Looks like Volkmar with have some RVR competition.

    Edit: The Combie from BG 9 is also rolling Order on Volkmar

  22. Barky says:

    Yeah, I’ll be joining the Destruction EU guild.

  23. Stromko says:

    Rock, Paper, Shotgun actually wouldn’t be that bad a guild name for someone playing on Order, but I like Noc’s suggestions for the Order guilds, particularly Right Pointy Sticks and Red Painted Simpletons. Red is intimidating and such! Right Pissed Soldiers would be an awfully good name for an Order guild though, gives them a sense of ‘hutzpah’ that they would typically be seen to lack, and I’m taking that to be the British definition of Pissed. No one wants to PvP with angry people, but drunkards and the buzzed? You can be sure they’ll never play a round the same way twice and so that’s good.

    Funnily enough Ostermark isn’t on the pre-order server list, but is on the actual server list. I think I’ll go Volkmar or Ostermark, depending on which is overpopulated — it probably doesn’t matter since Destruction is vastly overpopulated and the log-in queue is per side, but not a bad idea to leave room for growth since I’m playing Order.

    Order’s classes are just crazy fun, I know they don’t got the awesome Waaaaaagh! but still. I’m glad that style trumps substance, either that or my sense of substance is utterly warped, because I’ve been utterly underwhelmed by the entire concept of the Destruction play mechanics and absolutely loving my time with Iron Breakers and Warrior Priests. The White Lions might even convince me to play an Elf ffs. Then again I’m someone who regularly hates playing MMORPGs past the first 48 hours, but there I was still cackling like a demon in RvR with my Iron Breaker after a week.

  24. Jamie says:

    ‘Right Pissed Soldiers’, I want this as the name.

  25. Note says:

    Ravage, Pillage, Siege.

    It’s a statement of intent, but would need the punctuation to read properly.

    Failing that… “Raaarrrrr PWN Stunties!”

  26. malkav11 says:

    @Meat Circus – Er, Marauder is one of two male-only classes, so “her” is a bit worrying.

  27. Stromko says:

    @malkav11 – Through Tzeentch all things are possible.

  28. Quine says:

    I’d be up for some order-based sword-to-head recreation.

  29. Nimic says:

    Rape, Plunder, Scones?

  30. geraint says:

    tempted by this game but I’m a bit tight on HD space and wondering if the quoted 15GB install is accurate or more of a “this is how big it might get in a year or so after a few big content patches”?

  31. Kieron Gillen says:

    Geraint: My Beta install is 10Gig. I believe the final version has several gigs more textures or something, so it doesn’t sound innacurate.

    That 15gig strikes me as relatively sleight even compared to a lot of MMOs and even SP games recently.


  32. MeesterCat says:

    My pre-order went in today, so hopefully will see you all soon.

    No idea what class yet, but I am a disciple of the John Walker School of MMO Misgenderfication, so I will have a female character.

    I’m actually quite excited – its the first time ill be joining an MMO from the off (having been a latecomer to Eve, WoW & GW).

  33. Gnarl says:

    Hmmm, I’m torn in two over this game. I have an absolute loathing of the Games Workshop worlds from their figures and pen & paper games. But this game sounds wonderful otherwise, especially with the incentive of RPS guild thrown in. What to do, what to do.

    On another note I’d vote for “Rape, Plunder, Scones” if I wasn’t sure the word ‘Rape’ would have the guild dissolved or renamed in about 7 seconds flat.

  34. Ophois says:

    Ravening Pernicious Sociopaths?

  35. Thesper says:

    Rock, Paper, Snotling?

  36. Cigol says:

    I’m lost in all the jargon.

  37. Hmm-hmm. says:

    Seeing as I’ll go Order.. Righteous Peas-loving Sirs?

    Um. The Red Pauldron Sovereigns? Something with Sons?

  38. Adam says:

    Started downloading my pre-order copy off D2D today, so I may have it fully downloaded and installed in a few days….if I’m lucky. No idea what class I will play yet, or even what race. Most of them look pretty awesome, a more interesting spin on the myriads of MMOs with the usual DnD inspired stuff.
    Actually I’ll just go for the squig herder. I don’t care how popular this class will be, it just looks way too fun not to play.

  39. SteveTheBlack says:

    Order – Rather Perplexed Squires
    Destruction – Rampantly Proud Soliloquisers

    Those are my suggestions :)

  40. Meat Circus says:

    For me, “Really Pointy Sticks” is winning by an order of magnitude.

    Make it so.

  41. FUGLY says:

    This game looks so fugly, I can’t deal with it.

  42. Kirian says:

    Reap[ers of] Pure Souls? Ravage Pristine Scenery? Rock, Piece of tri wot dem scribblz on, Stuntie explodin’ stikk?
    Righteous Praise Sigmar? Revenge Practical Services?

  43. Noc says:

    Or, for anyone who speaks italics: “Rockeri Papyrus Shotgainium”

  44. Esha says:

    It’s been very entertaining reading all the guild name ideas, I have to say. I’ve had many a chuckle from this.

    I also apologise for not having produced a character name yet either, after showing such enthusiasm. Apparently, those who got the standard pre-order head start have one less day’s head start than those who have the collector’s edition head start. So I have to wait until some time past the dawn before I can create my Orc.

    As for names…

    Order: The Rustic Pantheon of the Stupourous
    Destruction: Rout’n Punt Stunties

  45. Fiale says:

    Shame you have not chosen the other way

    8 Peaks has lots of large Order guilds already rolling on it, so will be one of the few servers where order are all ready ok

    Hirn is heavily Destruction with lots of destruction guilds lined up for it. Descturction already have to wait to log in / order is instant and I imagine they could do with the numbers.

    RPS could have balance those 2 servers nicely, but it maybe you tip an already overpopulated faction into a super zerg rollercoaster :-)

  46. Esha says:

    “super zerg rollercoaster”

    Now I want to see a comic featuring all of the Destruction races riding a rollercoaster. If I had enough confidence in my art skills anymore, I’d do it myself. But I’m having some of a self-confidence crisis at the moment, so I’ll leave that to someone more talented.

    But it should be done.

    Complete with Gobbo upchucking on a passing stunty after eating a bad ratburger.

  47. Razerious says:

    Rock, Paper, Slingshot?

    Going for EU Destruction myself

  48. Jody Macgregor says:

    Rock, Paper, Blunderbuss.

  49. Cataclysmyk says:

    Ravenous Poo Slingers

    Raging Plastic Swords

  50. Esha says:

    Well that’s that sorted, then. I’m in the not-so-special standard pre-order head start, and I’m on Karak Hirn! Hooray! Sadly Thrudd was half-inched (I saw that coming) so I settled for Groo. I doubt I shall be able to resist the line “Did I err?”.