RPS Warhammer Guild Servers

This is us. Democracy has made it so.
Okay. The vote’s over and we had a little think. There were so many people who actually voted on the EU thing, it is a bit tempting to do – as people have suggested – a guild on each side, for instant war. However, since voting isn’t the same thing as actually playing, it’s probably best if we concentrate our manpower to make guilds that actually work. In which case, you’ll find servers to play on beneath the cut…

Destruction won by 280 votes to 222.

In which case, the main RPS EU guild will be Destruction on Karak Hirn.

The secondary Order guild will be on Karak Eight Peaks.

Both are Core rule set servers.

If you want to create alts on there do so and stick tight. When we have the actual guild set up – no-one on RPS has any access until tomorrow – we’ll do another post to organise everyone joining the thing and similar. Until then, feel free to say Alt names and similar in the comments thread.

Destruction won by 197 to 161.

It’s worth noting that none of the four main RPS writers are based in the US. This means that the American guild is going to have to be entirely player run from the start. So this is on your guy’s heads to form the guild and invite each other and stuff.

The primary RPS US Destruction will be on Volkmar.

The secondary RPS US Order guild will be on Ostermark.

(Which is an RP server. I’m suggesting this as it’s where Quarter To Three’s guild is going, so in case things don’t work out, you could try and befriend them. And there’s many of you who know read Qt3, so there’s some cross-over.)


I completely missed our people over there, didn’t I? Anyway: is there anyone interested in an RPS guild there? If so, let’s say that Lucan is the RPS server there in case anyone wants to pull together one.

More news as we get it (i.e. Make it up).

In other updates: I still have no idea about what class I want to be.


  1. Dan (WR) says:

    Rock, Paper, Sorcery
    Riposte! Parry! Slash!
    Rorschach Phallus Scenes
    Rampant Phonogram Salesmen
    Reprehensible Panty Sniffers
    Really Pointless Suggestions?

    I wanted to hold off buying Warhammer until after I’d finished my dissertation, but I don’t want to be 6 months behind everyone else. Argh.

  2. Aldran says:

    Depending on the queues on Eight Peaks, I’ll go Order there with my main (ironbreaker, hopefully same handle as this comment). If you guys will have something going on there later in the week, and will accept a new(ish) reader, I’m available.
    *Sorry, no guild name suggestion from me. Imagination is a rare commodity in my case.*

  3. Ophois says:

    So far I like “Rock, Paper, Snotling” and “Really Pointy Sticks” (obviously an Orcish guild that the refined Dark Elves would never be a part of, unless of course we had a plan for our frail minded green skinned allies).

    Another random suggestion: Red Painted Slaughterers

    Are you going to put together a poll of the best suggestions or just pick one, be it from those suggested or one from your own foul and degenerate minds (and I mean that in the nicest way)?

  4. Meat Circus says:

    Hoi, EA.

    Where’s my sodding HEAD START code?

    You said it was today. So?

  5. Jacques says:

    I’ll be playing a Chosen going by the name of Temper on Karak Hirn. Brownie points to whoever can tell me where that name is from.
    Hint: Series of books.

  6. Erlam says:

    “Rock, Paper, Snotling?”


  7. KingMob says:

    US RPS Destruction folks are welcome to hang with GWJ folks on Volkmar. Gamers With Jobs are teaming up with Control Point / WARP there.
    Contact me or have a look round GWJ’s forums for details.

  8. Thesper says:

    A winner is me!