1. Optimaximal says:

    I laughed…

  2. Stupoider says:

    Haha! I remember this one. It doesn’t seem that long ago, to be honest.

  3. hydra9 says:

    Good ol’ Sparky.

  4. Pod says:

    Just be glad there wasn’t two arch viles in that box. What a nightmare.

  5. Max says:

    Anyone who can kill an archvile with an axe is pretty much totally hardcore.

  6. mike says:

    wow, for the first time in a very long time I feel like a total non-nerd. Would anyone care to explain the joke to me?

  7. Theory says:

    Google has the answers, non-nerd.

  8. MetalCircus says:

    it’s from doom i believe…

  9. mike says:

    google sez “Sparky the Fire Dog teaches about fire safety”. Ahh. Thanks, Theory.

  10. Frosty840 says:

    Strafe Left is genius. That is all.

  11. antonymous says:

    The bad british weather is expressionist symbolism for the lagging sales of PC games. “Arch-Vile” is the barely concealed sparking idea to promote a monopolized download&drm system, supposedly beating the rain. The gamers who came to party.. you see what happened to them.

  12. mike says:

    now we’re getting somewhere. so it’s a spore creature alright.

  13. Max says:

    I haven’t a clue what you’re all on about (Spore!?), but the Archvile is a Doom II enemy. A badass one.

  14. Tei says:

    the archivile was a really vile monster, with his ability to burn you withouth the need to actually shot, just have line of sight.

  15. Duoae says:

    Don’t forget resurrecting fallen enemies as well! His sound files and those of the spiders really used to scare me when playing!

  16. Nick says:

    link to users.skynet.be

    picture of Arch-Vile

  17. Will says:

    antonymous wins this one.

  18. Free Xbox 360 says:

    Haha. This was a good one.

  19. Alarik says:

    Awesome :) (at first I’ve missed that bubble with ‘bonfire’, so it was a bit confusing – but maybe even funnier).

  20. maxmcg says:

    Brilliant – never saw that one before.

  21. Optimaximal says:

    Look how down & depressed Pile looks… Is it because they killed Sparky? Or is it just the multiple life sentences he faces in the years ahead for mass manslaughter charges?


    Also: Hedgefund-on-Sea? Is that near Bagshot-on-the-Wirrel?

  22. ascagnel says:

    Looks like you guys got a bit of blog comment-spam from someone offering “free” “Xbox 360s”. On a PC gaming blog… *facepalm*

  23. ZeeKat says:

    Resurrecting bit was the worst. I remember some map, where after wading through hundreds of monsters and killing all of them four archies were released in most distant places. From this point whole thing turned into frantic run in search of the bastards and trying to kill them before they ressurect everything laying on the floor. This has to be one of the most pain-in-the-ass baddies in history of gaming.

  24. Free iPhone 3G says:

    Nice one, showing it to my friends now.