RPS WAR Super-Friends: The Formening: 5pm!

Will anyone be our friend?

Edit – and…no. People – including us – are being thrown back to the login screen whenever we try to fly to the Inevitable City. Impossible City, more like. So we’ll try again tomorrow. Sorry!

To form the previously discussed guild, you need a party of six people in The Inevitable City. Alec, Me and Ollie Eurogamer aren’t six people, no matter how hard we try. So we invite anyone who fancies helping out to turn up at the Guild Registar in the Inevitable City at 5pm UK Time. Remember – you’ll need to take a little trot from the starting zone and they’ll probably be queues to get on the server (of up to 30 minutes, unhappily), so best to start considerably earlier. Clearly, the more people who turn up, the more people we can invite to the guild immediately. The more the merrier. Or rather, the destructionier, as we’re bastards, so not too merry. Look out for the Chaos Chosen ViolentTrevor, who’ll be yours truly, and Loaf, who is Alec, and will probably be grumpy.

And no, we still haven’t decided on the guild name yet. Isn’t it exciting!


  1. Koopa says:

    I vote for “Super Friends”!

  2. YaRisse says:

    Must download client FASTER!!

  3. Tei says:

    500 = 3 != 6

  4. Realsch says:

    Wish I could be there but due to a certain cluster—-osaurus from Dutch stores I don’t have a headstart…
    Have fun though, all those who are already bashing heads!

  5. Jacques says:

    Bloody queu! Doesn’t help that my idiot flatmates just turned the router off as I hit level 2 because they’d spilled some sort of liquid all over the plug socket it’s connected to.

    I’ll be there if I can make it.

  6. Cataclysmyk says:

    I finish work at 5pm and it takes me 25mins to get home, I’ll be on as soon as possible.

    I’m rather excited!

  7. Plum says:

    Rock, Paper, Squig! Although I’ll be fighting for the forces of light, over on team goody-goody.

  8. Edward Blake says:

    Arse I don’t finish until 6

  9. Adam says:

    Bah, mine’s still downloading, with no conceivable end in sight. Probably won’t even get to use my head-start pass, or whatever it’s called.
    I hopefully should see you guys on it in a couple of days, and I will definately be joining the RPS destruction guild.

  10. Meat Circus says:


    Pretty please?

    I still haven’t received my head start code despite a nice lady at EA lying to me that it was imminent.

    You people make me sick with your ‘access’. Still, that means that you should have put up some nice wallpaper and emptied the bins by the time I arrive.

  11. Gladman says:

    What’s wrong with Rock Paper Shotgun as a name?

    Pretty good name if you ask me.

  12. The Hammer says:


    If they’re rolling on an RP (roleplaying) server, it’s gonna be taken as OOC. Or not. I’m not sure if Shotguns exist in Warhammer, so I might be wrong. :)

  13. Poe says:

    I’d love to come to the Inevitable City but unfortunately i get kicked every time I try to fly there. Oh well. Pm Xanthor if you still need a 6th person. (Not that there’ll be a shortage of people.)

  14. Jaxtrasi says:

    Wow, that’s rubbish. When you log out to the character select screen, it drops you out of the server and you have to re-queue.

  15. Plum says:

    The dwarven Engineer gets a blunderbuss, so kinda…

  16. The D-Man says:

    I believe ‘The Inevitable Wrath of the Cyclops’ Spectacle’ to be quite a solid name

  17. Thomas Lawrence says:

    Rock, Paper, Skaven?
    Rock, Paper, Jezzail? (Do the Skaven still have those?)

  18. MacBeth says:

    Ruck, Parchment, Snotling

    A bit of everything (violence, medievalism and Warhammer reference), and still scans the same as Rock, Paper, Shotgun

  19. Kismet says:

    Now I’m tempted to buy the game just because of the presence of a place called “The Inevitable City” (yes, my knowledge of the Warhammer world doesn’t go beyond painting a few lead miniatures ages ago).

    Anyway, good luck for your guild start!
    (by the way, I think the name ‘S.P.A.’ suggested by Jim didn’t get the attention it deserved, in my humble opinion)

  20. schizoslayer says:

    I suspect that in Warhammer lore hunting shotguns probably do in fact exist.

    However the inevitable mental image provoked by “Shotgun” is almost always some kind of pump action jobby as opposed to the more traditional double barrelled hunting rifle wielded by Farmers and the Aristocracy.

  21. Note says:

    I’m in the same boat as Meat Circus, waiting on the EAStore kerfuffle to sort itself out :(

    At one point EA support staff were redirecting disgruntled customers to GOA, who were in no position to pick up their slack. GOA made a statement to this effect on the warhammer alliance forums.

    An EA staff member recently left a post on their UK forums saying “EA Store will continue to send out codes to those who have not received them. They should be with you at some stage today.” And so we wait..

    “Random Phrase Suggestion”

  22. schizoslayer says:

    “Republican Politicians Society”

    The ultimate evil.

  23. Heinrad says:

    Rock Parchment Blunderbuss?
    Regal Pariahs of Blasphemy?

  24. Nick says:

    I think the Horace Hersay was a brilliant name.

  25. Jaxtrasi says:

    For Order it should clearly be “Rock! Parchment! Sigmar!”

  26. EyeMessiah says:

    Recklessly Pretty Sailor

  27. joejameson says:

    Wrong article yes! But i beat pandemic 2!!! Went with a parasite in cuba on realistic, was a very non lethal disease laughably so as it said on its infopage. I did get to tier 4 before all the hospitals closed. That took everyone down!!! So happy phew.

  28. Myros says:

    Just read over the article on ‘the 11 best things about war’ over at massively link to massively.com

    It just left me thinking that war is just another step on the ladder to ‘easy mode’ in gaming. Almost every point on that list left me saying “Really? these are steps forward?” I guess I must be in a minorty of gamers that actualy appreciate a little realism in my fantasy, who think consequences enhance immersion.

  29. Nny says:

    Those queues are a bit discouraging. Surely those servers must be able to accomodate more than 300 people on each side…?

  30. Butler` says:

    1h20 queue, 8 seconds online, crash to desktop, 1hr queue.

  31. Durtnap says:

    Hey, its Cataclysmyk here, this is my Characters name on Karak Hirn. Waiting in the 45min queue.

    @Nny, there are over 1000 slots on the server, the 300 person queue means theres 300 people wanting to join the server on top of the server cap.

    They are slowly upping the cap.

  32. Noc says:

    I think, Myros, that it’s just a different type of game. Less Roguelike and more TF2.

    Because, you know, the greatest enemy of immersion in MMOs is all the other people who aren’t really worrying about your gaming experience. (Read: L3g0l4s_HnTr) It sounds to me like they’re trying to put the emphasis on the actual game you’re playing with the other people instead of the big old immersive world that gets tossed out the window as soon as the meta-game comes into play.

    Which I think is something of a leap of intuition. It’s not a big one, but it’s exactly what you said: these things seem, to the conventional wisdom of a better game having more of this kind of “stuff,” (read: features) to be steps backwards. Yeah, it seems like “easy mode,” until you realize that it doesn’t get rid of any of the actual challenges in the game . . . and, especially if there’s a lot of PvP, those challenges (i.e. the other people) certainly aren’t getting any easier.

    And the things like leveling and looting from PvP just mean that you can spend more time playing with those people, instead of a) hunting in a field by yourself, or b) waiting around for a healer to be interested in your little group.

    Of course, waiting a few hours for your turn to log in isn’t any more interesting than any of that. I’m curious about whether this clears up once Launch Day is done and over with or not.

  33. Andrew says:

    I personally like Rock Paper Skaven rather a lot.

    And I will see about getting on this in the future perhaps. It looks pretty intriguing.

  34. Esha says:

    I find it so hard right now to not point out the irony in this.

    Over dere is da place wot day call Da Inev–Inavv–Inor … Da City. Dat’s da place wot we’ll all get t’gether at fer our belchin’ contest. Well, we wud… but Da Poxy City won’ let us in! Inev–Ina–Dat word my shiny green behind!

    Looking forward to tomorrow, then!

  35. Esha says:

    Addendum: If this keeps up, I wonder if the community will collectively rename it to The Ineffable City?

  36. Stromko says:

    I’m sorry about your troubles, that must be really frustrating, and bear in mind I myself can’t play at all for am I a stinking groveling little regular pre-order person and not a collector’s edition owner.

    But, I told you so. Destruction is horribly overpopulated on every server. It’s even worse on that silly marketing web ‘game’, where they comprise 90% of the total population.

    On the other hand it might not be so bad once they up the population cap, and it is possible that many people are getting sick of the queues and switching, thus this population snafu may eventually smooth out. Personally come tuesday I’ll just be cackling like a demon and slicing dark elves in two with my pretty pretty axe while forgetting that WAR even has a population cap.

  37. Kieron Gillen says:

    Inevitable City? Impossibly Shitty, more like.


  38. Razerious says:

    “Rock, Paper, Snotling” was suggested in the previous article. I like it

    Is the game available as a digital download? If so, does anyone here have any experience with EA’s digital distribution?

  39. Erlam says:

    “Really? these are steps forward?” I guess I must be in a minorty of gamers that actualy appreciate a little realism in my fantasy, who think consequences enhance immersion.”

    What (and we’re doing a suspension of disbelief here I’m assuming) lack of realism are you referring to? is XP in PvP realistic, or not? Is being able to loot a PvP corpse realistic, or not? Customizable UI, realistic or not?

  40. Quine says:

    Are we there yet?

    I shall be flaunting my evil missus Icepop after a brief repast.

    Too late to vote for “Tea and Masturbation” as a censor-challenging name I suppose…

  41. Jochen Scheisse says:

    Can’t stand MMORPGs, but I know names!

    Rage, Pain, Slaneesh!
    Revolting Pantheon Sinners!
    Really Pretty Sick!

    (Rock, Parchment, Blunderbuss would be a brilliant name for an Order guild)

  42. Thesper says:

    I’m Thesper in game (surprisingly!), a level 7 Chosen. With an EPIC BELT. When people say public quests give good loot they aren’t lying.

    I also saw violenttrevor on my travels, but he vanished into oblivion (and probably a scenario) as I was about to say hello.
    Then a bit later I crashed, which is why I’m posting here to pass the time in the queue.

  43. Eschatos says:

    The Inevitable City worked just fine in OB. It was quite pretty actually. Was a bit of a bummer when I found that one of the NPCs took the name one of my friend wants.

  44. mpk says:

    18 hour login queue? Fuck right off tbh. I’ll give it another go later :)

    I will be Difficultderek, probably Marauder on this server as I’m fulfilling my Orky fantasy on another.

  45. wahwah says:

    I only had to wait 6 minutes to get in on the Order side on Eight Peaks :)

    And Rock, Parchment, Blunderbuss gets my vote for the Order guild name
    (…or Rock, Parchment, Swivel gun to keep the same acronym)

  46. morningoi says:

    Client downloading sloooooowly … will logon as soon as it’s done by which time hopefully all these teething problems will be over. Ha.

    I’ll be xxxxxxxx – well, wouldn’t want any o ye lily livered land lubbers stealing my awesome names now, ho ho ho

  47. Sajael says:

    Playing a Disciple called Sajael. Public quests were definitely the highlight of the evening right next to spinning your toon on the char select screen & making them heave.

  48. malkav11 says:

    I suspect Myros is referring to the yet further toning down of death-related consequences, and possibly to being able to craft anywhere. Personally, I’ve always been of the school of thought that the time you lose getting back into position after you die was more than enough penalty, and I’m glad to see that Mythic agrees (especially in a PvP-centric game. My early PvP-scarring occurred in significant part because the game in question had a hideously harsh death penalty. It’s a bad idea to give players the ability to deliberately screw you out of weeks worth of play, as this game did.).

    For those who don’t, hey, there’s always Vanguard. ;P

  49. Cataclysmyk (Durtnap) says:

    This game is extremely awesome.

    The only issue for me is anymore than 5 people on my screen (Ok, exaggeration – maybe 10) and it lags.

    I play on a
    AMD Athlon 64 3700+
    XFX Geforce 8800 GT Alpha Dog Edition 512mb
    2GB RAM

    Surely it cannot be low FPS? Maybe my processor? Any suggestions?

  50. Ophois says:

    Are you on vista? Vista is a memory hog. 2GB was plenty on the XP days. My new(ish) machine came infected with vista and 2GB ram. I bumped it up to 4GB and it really helped with games like Conan, I know/suspect WAR is a substantially less CPU/Memory heavy but 2GB is pretty cheap these days and may help.