RPS WAR Super-Friends: The Formening: 5pm!

Will anyone be our friend?

Edit – and…no. People – including us – are being thrown back to the login screen whenever we try to fly to the Inevitable City. Impossible City, more like. So we’ll try again tomorrow. Sorry!

To form the previously discussed guild, you need a party of six people in The Inevitable City. Alec, Me and Ollie Eurogamer aren’t six people, no matter how hard we try. So we invite anyone who fancies helping out to turn up at the Guild Registar in the Inevitable City at 5pm UK Time. Remember – you’ll need to take a little trot from the starting zone and they’ll probably be queues to get on the server (of up to 30 minutes, unhappily), so best to start considerably earlier. Clearly, the more people who turn up, the more people we can invite to the guild immediately. The more the merrier. Or rather, the destructionier, as we’re bastards, so not too merry. Look out for the Chaos Chosen ViolentTrevor, who’ll be yours truly, and Loaf, who is Alec, and will probably be grumpy.

And no, we still haven’t decided on the guild name yet. Isn’t it exciting!


  1. Cataclysmyk (Durtnap) says:

    I’m on XP. I suspect its my Processor, but the minimum specs for WAR state 2.5ghz Single core. Theres no way it would work on the system the minimum specs state.

    I’m going to have to upgrade, not that I can really afford it, but WAR seems too good to pass up on.

    Its playable, so I can play in the meantime, but in Scenarios when several people attack me, my computer jerks so much I’m a sitting duck, literally; Also running through the Dwarf vs Orc bit near the Greenskins starting place makes my computer stop-start-stop-start.

    It feels like a learner driver who doesn’t know how to use a clutch (no offence learner drivers – I was once one).

  2. Woges says:

    I have an 3800+ and a 8800GTS and it doesn’t run so well.

    I’m sitting it out till I hear something about it.

  3. Meat Circus says:

    Day Two.

    Phone EA again about my Head Start code. Am startled discover that I don’t exist and any order I may have thought I had placed to be a fiction of my own psyche.

    Since I don’t exist, I’ve been referred ‘as a matter of urgency’ to GOA.

    Who, as a matter of urgency, promise to look into my order within, er, 48 hours.

    Don’t ever order anything from the EA Store, because they’re a bunch of useless twats. Twatty twatty TWATS.

    And relax.

  4. LukeE says:

    Playing a squig herder called Squeal atm on Karak-Hirn, although I’ll probably try something a bit more busty later on… er, I mean some sort of sorceress… dammit.

  5. Ophois says:

    If it’s related to the number of characters on screen is there an option in the advanced graphics to turn down avatar complexity or maybe the type of shadows they cast (real time accurate shadows eat a lot of processing time) that’s why WoW uses the little circular ones (if I remember correctly).

    Alternatively I always found on my laptop that dropping the resolution 1 level bellow whatever is native for your LCD often looks fine and reduces the pixel count substantially (1680×1050 has ~3/4 the pixels of 1920×1200)

  6. Cataclysmyk (Durtnap) says:

    I have turned down all the Advanced Graphics options down. I will knock my resolution down tonight and probably update my graphics drivers.

    At the moment my ingame resolution is at 1024×768.

    I am mostly certain it is my CPU as my GPU is relatively good. My CPU however is single core and most games made now are tested on multicore processors.

  7. Cataclysmyk (Durtnap) says:

    @Meat Circus

    Its awful when a companies incompetance wastes your time, but hang in there mate, its worth it in the end.

    This game really does deliver.

  8. Poe says:

    link to warhammeralliance.com

    The Impossibly Shitty problem is apparently a coding issue so it could be a while before it gets fixed.

  9. Jeeva says:

    …I was just about to say the same thing, but about a city.

    =( Guess I’ll continue leveling my shaman, “Jeevaargh”. If anyone wants a group, give me a shout.

  10. Erlam says:

    My friends and work mates will be on Chaos Wastes as Destruction. Let me know if any of you happen to have a character there, or want to join us in.. sigh.. ”OpenRP’ fun.

  11. Ophois says:

    That’s not good news on the Intractable City issues. Oh well, I guess It gives time to pick a good name for the guild :)

  12. Plum says:

    Given that Evil has clearly sown the seeds of its own demise, has anyone started the Order guild on 8-peaks?

  13. Plum says:

    And here’s a thought – at the moment the queues on Hirn cycle fairly quickly. Is that because people are still trying to visit the IC and getting kicked? Once it’s fixed, maybe it’ll take even longer to get in :(

  14. Beefeater1980 says:

    If there’s any interest and there are no other plans in this regard, I’d be happy to try to kickstart the Order guild on 8 peaks late tonight or during the course of tomorrow.

  15. ph0tik says:

    Just a quick note to Cataclysmyk

    I ran the open beta in 1280×1040 and ‘balanced’ graphics with just a piddly 3.2 ghz P4 and a Geforce 6800 GT. I think you need to play around with settings some more. It didn’t look as good as I would like but I can’t afford a new PC right now.

  16. Cataclysmyk (Durtnap) says:

    Very odd… I’ve ran some tests and it definately seems to be my CPU thats overworking. I can knock graphics settings right up and it makes a very slight difference – if any.

  17. Poe says:

    You can now visit the Inevitible City, its all working thankfully.

  18. Kieron Gillen says:

    Okay – we’re going to try and get a crowd and do this now – we only need 3 people to turn up, so hopefully saying here will do it. See Loaf or MissAda near the guild registar hopefully shortly. I need to log in and stuff.