Dragon Age: Origins ‘Dev Walkthrough’

The two sizable videos that lie beyond the cut contain a wide expanse of Dragon Age information, with tonnes of in-game footage. There’s plenty of time spent in the game world, looking at quests, conversations and so on – far more detail of the general RPG stuff than we’ve seen previously. It’s spoilerific, obviously, but the amount of detail covered in the two pieces certainly has me looking forward to this game even more than I had been previously. The GameVideos servers seem to be creaky slow at the moment, so this might take some time to load.

Dragon Age is due in Q1 2009, apparently.


  1. yns88 says:

    Seems like Gamevideos is perfectly fine with letting us view the crappy Korean MMO ads, but for some reason doesn’t want to show the actual videos.

  2. Mogs says:

    Do not want.

  3. Feet says:

    I can’t make the videos work at all. The advert plays, the video buffers but I click play and naff all happens. Gamevideos seem pretty crappy host for these things all their videos are slow to buffer anyway.

  4. Stick says:

    Somehow, there is always bandwidth enough for ads.

    I like the evolution of conversation scenes – talking while walking, not just standing around as usual.

    And someone should start a pool on how long that hilariously deluded king will survive. It’s like he’s still in the Forgotten Realms, while everyone else is playing the Witcher. :)

  5. Adam says:

    After playing Mass Effect I can’t really cope with the dialogs without player voice. It such a weird sound scape, a lot of disconnected lines.

  6. araczynski says:

    going to not watch, like the dead space stuff, they’re spoiling too much.

    but the dragon age team sure seems to be on the defensive, spitting stuff out as fast as they can after the backlash they’ve received from the ‘big release’. so far the general consumer consensus seems to be disappointing about this game, i think they’re realizing this and perhaps trying to overcompensate, by releasing “different angle screenshots of the same subject” and hoping people will see a different subject.

  7. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    The videos are also up on Shacknews for people having problems.

    It’s unsurprising to see Bioware’s trademark moral conundrums remain. That they’re no longer accompanied by ‘Congratulations, you are now 0.5% more evil!’ pop-ups is a good sign, likewise the hint of consequences down the line.

    @ Adam: Indeed, my last KotOR playthrough felt slightly off after playing Mass Effect. Not having a voiced lead is a reasonable trade-off if it means more dialogue elsewhere though.

  8. Carlton says:

    You can see some general improvements edge through, but some of the ridged nature of the conversations are still obvious. For instance there is that point where your mentor and your character are walking and talking for a second, like you’re actually walking while having a conversation and it seems incredibly natural and smooth, but then they stop walking all of a sudden so you can make a decision in the dialogue and it completely breaks things.

    And the silent protagonist is cute in a homage sort of way, but I would have much rather had a voice for him. Several voices I could choose at that. Mass Effect only got that half right, since when I made a grizzled old black guy the vanilla voice they had didn’t come out well at all.

    It looks pretty, though, if not a little jumpy and laggy in some areas. I hope they put up the third video soon, since they cut off right before combat.

  9. Stick says:

    I don’t mind being Gordon Freeman With Text, but yeah. I’d also like more voiced leads.

    Then again, tradeoffs. Boy Shepard / Girl Shepard equals two voice sets. Easy enough.

    Dragon Age protagonist? Genders * Races * Classes * Backgrounds = release date, 18th of Never, 2069.

    And then people would still complain that the voice doesn’t fit with how they envision their cheerful dwarven sorceress who grew up among the blue elves. And ask for toggles to make the game turn-based.

    @Carlton: The third vid is already available on the official Dragon Age site. (Not sure if you need to be registered to see it.)

  10. Fumarole says:

    Definitely an RPG I am looking forward to.

  11. ulix says:


    Part 3 (the continuation of these) is on the official Dragon Age webseite!


    I can’t wait to play this.

  12. CrashT says:

    Jedi, Spirit Monks, Spectres, Grey Wardens… I sense a disturbance in the cliché.

  13. Real Horrorshow says:

    I have to admit these videos kind of put me off. Ugly, muddy graphics, wooden voice acting, the world just seems boring. Seems like a significant step-down in quality from Mass Effect, and it doesn’t look like it’s on The Witcher’s level either.

    I hope it’s just these videos.

  14. Pidesco says:

    Like previous Bioware games, the dialogue still seems to range from drab to incompetent, the dialogue options will probably be as meaningful as previous Bioware games, and the dialogue animations are as awful as they seemed in the previous videos. Also, the faces are a real step down from Mass Effect.

    Hopefully, the combat will make me forget the combat systems in Bioware’s console games or else it will be hard to find something to interest me in Dragon Age.

  15. ulix says:

    I’d have to whole-heartedly disagree with you, Mr. Horrorshow.
    While the graphics aren’t breath-taking, they aren’t horrible either, they are okayish, but more important is the artistic design, which looks very promising in my humble opinion.
    Voice-acting is top-notch. Funny how many said the voice of the king-guy was rubbish the last time a video on mass effect was posted, and that he didn’t sound like a king at all, etc. etc.
    Some said maybe it was supposed to sound like that, that he was supposed to sound like a bloody amateur who’s full of himself. Turns out they were right.
    The world seems interesting enough, from the very very few informations one could gather yet in the few videos released.
    Different human factions and realms with detailed histories and conflicts, an evil force threatening everything (maybe?), what else can you expect? Its gritty setting is definitely (or seems to be) a step up from the often cheesy space-opera setting of Mass Effect (I loved Mass Effect for what it was – a cheesy space-opera).

    My 2 shillings…

  16. kuddles says:

    @Adam: You have to remember that in order to accomplish that task in Mass Effect, you only had the choice of a male human or a female human and you couldn’t choose the voice. Dragon Age gives you the ability of character classes/races similar to DND games, so the cost of doing every single dialogue line choice from everything from a half-elf evil Rogue to a grizzled warrior would be too prohibitive.

  17. CheatingApe says:

    They should stop trying to compete with film makers and do what they do best – make good games. It’s so patronising to be guided through this role-play nonsense. It makes squat all difference to game content whatever choice you make so why pretend it is anything other than a space filler? It isn’t so don’t. Maybe in another ten or so years they will have a good dialogue system together that doesn’t seem so intellectually dull. Pleease!

  18. Velleity says:

    @kuddles Bloodlines managed to have different dialogue for each of the clans (though admittedly most were pretty damn similar) and Fallout changed based on stats. If older games, from smaller companies, can manage to put at least that much effort into it, why not Bioware?

    Personally I’ll follow this just ’cause I’m hungry for a RPG, but it’d take something special to get me to not whine about the plot in any given fantasy game. But that’s just me and my personal biases I guess~

  19. Carlton says:

    Yeah, that’s been bothering me since Mass Effect. They seem to have these all powerful moral centers to every game…

    Also, I think the big thing that rubs people the wrong way is the fantasy angle. God knows that the fantasy RPG (both MMO and single player) has been done as much if not more so than the WWII shooter.

  20. Lord_Mordja says:

    Oh god…

    That guy in the second video is hilariously evil. He might as well have been cackling maniacally the entire time.

  21. JulianP says:

    BioWare just can’t seem to function properly without Black Isle’s help. Baldur’s Gate is still, sadly, the best BioWare has to offer.

  22. Quirk says:

    @Velleity: Writing dialogue is on a whole different level of difficulty and input to recording it. It’s kind of like the difference between writing a play (a task requiring just one person), and producing one (many more people needed, and huge bags of cash). Fallout simply didn’t have recorded voice acting for the dialogue. Most games back in the day didn’t. Dialogue-heavy games that do record every line of dialogue are putting vastly more effort into the game than their predecessors did, because games are now big-budget productions. Asking them to produce n versions of their play’s lead character instead of one simply is not going to be feasible at any reasonable quality.

  23. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    Final part is up on the Dragon Age website for anyone interested, shows a bit more combat and the Ogre fight again.

  24. kuddles says:

    I think you misinterpreted my point, Velleity. BioWare is putting in the effort, but that’s exactly why every line can’t be voiced. Your character didn’t voice their lines in Bloodlines either, for the same reason: having a different voice recording for every line of dialogue for every potential race and gender would be too expensive.

  25. FreezerBag says:

    Gah! They’ve done it again.

    I swore off Bioware games after BG2, never play them again I said. And I own every thing they’ve realised since.

    And now, somehow, they’ve actually made me want Dragon Age: Pointless Subtitle. These walkthroughs look really good, I can’t wait to play it now.