RPS At WAR: Rock Paper Snotling Is Formed

And, at last, we have a Warhammer Online guild. Server – Karak-Hirn (EU), side – Destruction, name – Rock Paper Snotling. Yes. Yes!

In terms of joining, in the short term look out for one of these players:
Loaf (me), Misada (Kieron), Pop, Ugegob, Xanthor, Jeevaargh, Yarisse or Hansibo. Drop one of ’em a line (saying you want to be in the guild, rather than a vague ‘hello”) and we should be able to get you in. Please do it in-game rather than in comments below, as we won’t necessarily notice otherwise.

More details as we creep closer to having some kind of plan. Sorting out the order Guild is going to be trickier. Any volunteers to handle it?

EDIT: Our friend Schizoslayer is going to try and set up the Order guild at 9:30 or so on Karak Eight Peaks. That means starting to queue now. The contact is Edgald. Just message him whenever you get in. Ah, ended up a bust.

Additionally, we can’t access the US servers, but are more than happy for some of you to found the American branch of Rock Paper Snotling on our behalf.


  1. Noc says:

    All I know is that we need a dispenser here.

  2. Morningoil says:

    Okay. I’m in. I’m Frejya. I thought I’d try playing a healer (disciple of khaine but maybe i’ll try rolling a shaman later this week) for a change! We’ll see how it goes. Looking forward to chatting to you all :)

  3. Wurzel says:

    Wanting to get in on this action, but am being failed by the difficulty of getting my copy of the game. I ordered from EA Store, and got my Product Key, but I can’t see any way of actually getting the game: the WAR website says my key is invalid and the EA Downloader app thing isn’t letting me download the game.

    Anyone got any suggestions that can help?

  4. Butler` says:

    You should be able to download the game from the website. If it isn’t working it’s probably a port issue.

  5. Wurzel says:

    I’ve got the game in the download manager, but it’s not downloading, the “Start download” button is grey and unresponsive, and there’s no error messages. Pretty annoying.

    EDIT: Also for some reason alongside the WAR download in the download manager there’s two downloads for a “Mercenaries Costume Pack Unlock Code”, which are also unresponsive. Ah well, using Steam in the future.

  6. Riotpoll says:

    I’ll see how full the server is in a few weeks, as my character will be an alt. No internet for a couple of weeks starting Saturday though. *sad face*

    Also, those with nvidia cards wanting to make the game prettier you can go on the nvidia control panel advanced settings and force the game to use AF and AA, huzzah!

  7. mpk says:

    Wurzel, you’ll probably have to validate your product key on the War Europe website before it’ll allow your account to patch your install and play.

  8. Cataclysmyk (Durtnap) says:

    How come the Order guild creation ended up a bust?

    I’ll create an Order alt to help create one tonight if you want.

  9. Kieron Gillen says:

    Enough people didn’t turn up and the guy organising it kept on crashing. We’ll arrange a proper time and place more in advance and do it that way.


  10. Raquel says:

    Unfortunately, that’s where my Order characters are.

    I guess I’ll see you guys in the battlefield sometime in the future (am mainly playing Destruction on another server at the moment). :)

  11. Meat Circus says:

    Can somebody please invite Pokeylope?

  12. TentSalesman says:

    Oooh, I’m well up for this. See you on the server :)

  13. Okami says:

    YAY!!! My copy of WAR just arrived!

  14. Ging says:

    hmm, I appear to have forgotten the password to my account, which is odd in itself…

    This is a situation made worse by goa closing account management for today, so I can’t even do something as sensible as password recovery… *sigh* I don’t really feel the need to have 2 separate WAR accounts, but I suppose I might have to.

  15. Katsumoto (jvgp100) says:

    GOA have closed account management on the day of release? Ach. I get my copy tomorrow, hopefully I will actually be able to play tomorrow!

  16. Ging says:

    They’re opening it again tomorrow – I just gave up waiting for the customer support to get back to me about password retrieval and made a new account…

    Now I’m in the queue to get on the server with my shaman.

  17. Alec Meer says:

    The Guild is awesome. We have taxes!

  18. Shanucore says:

    Urgh, sweet zombie jesus. It took 90 minutes to install – I thought it had hung several times – and I had to register a new war-europe.com account. But I appear to be on my way, now, and I’m patching up… :D

  19. Jacques says:

    How dare the guild steal my 3 coppers!

  20. Acosta says:

    GOA closing account management today is hilarious. I had to create another account because I forgot the password. And now I’m waiting for the final validation so I can start downloading patches. Wait for me!

  21. Ging says:

    I timed out, so am back in the queue… I tried poking a couple of people to get into the guild, but I failed at getting people who are online :D

  22. Razerious says:

    Well, I bought the game. Too bad I can’t play it because the European community site is a worthless piece of doggy poo. Here’s my problem:

    I registered myself on that site over a year ago. My password either contained one or zero digits. Apparently they now require TWO digits.

    So I type in my CD key on the registration page. Type in my regular password and hope for the best. Oops. It just tells me my password isn’t adhering to their ridiculous standard password formatting. Ah well, maybe I did sign up with two digits in my password after all. I’ll just try a few of my regular variations.

    The problem now is that I don’t get immediate feedback telling me the password is wrong. I have to wait 3-4 minutes for an e-mail with a link. When I click that link I get to see what went wrong 3-4 minutes ago. Now that’s what I call intuitive.

    That wouldn’t normally be a problem if their site worked like, oh, every other fucking site with user accounts I’ve been to. I’d just have to use the login fields and then get the site to reset or send me my password. Except. Except there is no login field. Well, there seems to be one, but it’s not active (not in any of my browsers, anyway). I’m not able to type anything in the fields.

    So I tried making a new account. Nope. Couldn’t do that either. My e-mail address is already associated with another account. WAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!

    Whoever made that website (GOA?) is clueless.

    Sorry for the (badly written) rant. Just had to vent a bit.

    Now the question is, do I wait for customer service to fix this, or do I register myself on yahoo mail or something just for this game?

  23. Ging says:

    Razerious – as I said earlier, they’ve closed account management for today. They’re re-opening it tomorrow at some point.

  24. Razerious says:

    Yeah, I saw that after my rage-induced rant was posted ;)

    Made myself a yahoo mail account and registered a new account. Been waiting 5+ minutes now for the account activation email to arrive so I can register my key.

    Have they said why they closed account management temporarily? What a mess…

  25. Razerious says:

    Ouch. Quite the queue Karak-Hirn has built up

  26. Shanucore says:

    That was fun. I just did a bunch of stuff in the gobbo area (I’m Snottoes) including the PQ. So are any RPS events planned, e.g. some RvR?

  27. Erlam says:

    “Follow the main road down past the southern border of the starter zone. It will eventually lead you to the first chaos “warcamp”, and there’s a flight master there that will let you fly to the other race’s zones.

    More info: link to warhammeralliance.com
    Cheers! I’ll check that out.

    I’m going to roll a Sorcerer to go alongside my best friends Black Orc, and my girlfriends Disciple of Khaine.

  28. Arnulf says:

    So. Is WAR a sounding success? I remember back in 2004/2005 WOW had queue lines too. I guess those will be gone in some time.

    The launch smooth sailing so far?

  29. Jim Rossignol says:

    The launch seems to be fairly messy. As of last night/this morning new EU players can’t sign up/log in at all.

  30. Plinglebob says:

    I’m hopefully getting this for my Birthday later today or tomorrow so I’m just hoping its al sorted by then.

  31. Cataclysm says:

    As far as WAR goes – its an awesome game. Great fun in PVP and has a very social/groupplay feeling about it. It lags a bit on my CPU and I’m still lovin’ it which is something.

    The beta launch was a bit of a mess, but that was GOA’s fault and not really Mythics and the account management system being down on the day of the launch is also a ridiculous problem for anyone who didn’t have headstarts “Grace period”.

    I’m not sure where the blame lies on that part.

  32. Okami says:

    I wish I had problems logging on or getting the client to run. Instead, I can’t even install the frigging game. My shitty old DVD drive can’t handle 90 minutes of installing files and just stops working at some point during installation.

    At least there was a step by step guide on the support page (on the US support page, mind you. GOA can’t seem to be bothered to compile a good help system) on how to install the game from your hard disk by creating new folders and copying the DVD contents in these folders.

    Only problem is: It doesn’t work. At some point the installer asks for the second DVD (without giving you the opportunity to specify a path – great job on the installer guys!) and there the whole thing just stops. You can click “Retry” as much as you want, the installer can’t seem to find the second disk.

    Ah well.. I just downloaded the beta client during the night. Maybe I’ll be able to play tonight. Though I wouldn’t count on it…

  33. Plum says:

    I’ve been able to log in, but only during the early evening. If, god forbid, I try to change server after about 8pm then my client can no longer see the main server list and keeps bombing out with an “Unable to authorise” error.

    The moral of the story – try to get in straight after work and then stay in!

    I also find that I can’t play melee toons in PvP because the lag makes it impossible to hit anything – I don’t know if this is a general problem or is specific to my connection. Playing ranged or healers is doable though. Shame, I really wanted to be a Witch Hunter or Iron Breaker!

  34. Jockie says:

    All the servers are down for maintenance today :(

    I experienced a few hiccups with the game yesterday, random CTD’s and lock-ups but not the authentication/installation nightmares of some of you had, but when did an mmo ever launch that didn’t have a few first day issues.

    I’ve had to forgo the RPS guild also due to the massive queues on that server, perhaps ill make an alt there when/if the queues calm down a little.

  35. Cataclysm says:

    I’m loving my Marauder at the moment and the only lag I get is from my CPU only being a 3700+ Single core.

    Their minimum specs are pretty incorrect, I must say, but other than CPU lag, my game runs perfectly fine. (No internet lag is what I’m trying to say).

  36. ShaunCG says:

    Looks like I got off easy, then – 90 minutes to install, 30 mins to give up on my old website account, make a new one and register the code, 30 minutes to patch, and 30 minutes to get through the Karak Hirn server queue. 3 hours isn’t so bad in retrospect! The game was fine once I was in, bar a hang at the end of the night when I was alt-tabbing in and out of the front end.

  37. Acosta says:

    Well, everything up and running, I am going to test classes a little before sending my wave to you. With only a rank 2 character I have little to say except that levelling a tank the first levels is still as boring as in any other game and that I would like to have a gamma level option because everything is fairly dark for me. On the thumb up side, I love the writing and the Tome looks really, really interesing for lore nerds like me.

  38. Koopa says:

    Valkyria, my foxy sorceress just entered the realm. Trying to get hold of someone to get an invite.

  39. Plum says:

    Hm, maybe I’m underspecced then. The melee is fine in PvE even when the FPS drops low – if it looks like I’m standing next to someone then I am. But in PvP, I’m constantly being told I’m out of range, even when it appears I’m standing right next to someone.

    I’ll get it installed on my housemates ninja rig to test it for sure – same connection, kick ass hardware. I don’t need much excuse to upgrade my machine – it’s been a couple of years now!

  40. Adam says:

    Woo! I’m now in the guild. My initial char is a squig herder called Giblob, or something similar. See you on the battlefields!

  41. Razerious says:

    My Warhammer gaming is sadly being ruined by audiodg.exe chewing up my CPU usage. There’s some problem with something. That’s about as specific as I can get.

    I’ve tried disabling my Creative X-fi card and using the Realtek onboard soundcard instead, but that didn’t work. I’ve uninstalling everything that remotely resembles a sound driver, but it still chews up my system resources every two minutes.

    Oh yeah, I’m on Vista. I’m considering installing Windows XP tomorrow…

  42. Jeeva says:

    Link to amusing CurseDB Thing: link to wardb.com

    We need somewhere better to post stuff while waiting in the queue. =)

    @Razerious- Unsure what your problem could be, my audiodg.exe is running fine, as far as I’ve seen, and I’m on Vista with an X-fi with a… well, it’s a SoundMAX onboard card, but still. =( Sorry!

    Edit: I fail at tags.

  43. wahwah says:

    So, any news on the Order guild?

  44. Ergates says:

    I think Mythic/GOA should be congratulated on inventing what must be the most frustrating registration process ever conceived.

  45. Dan Milburn says:

    Is it too late to suggest that the Order guild be on a different server? Eight Peaks is the most overpopulated server, and the only one as far as I can see that has long queues on the Order side. I’ve started a character there but would prefer restarting to having to queue for all the servers I want to play on..

  46. wahwah says:

    Eight Peaks is not so bad for the order side, I rarely have to wait longer than 8 minutes (Destruction is far more overpopulated)
    Besides, sooner or later these queues have to get better… I hope
    Now we just have to get the second guild started!

  47. Dan Milburn says:

    The queue on Eight Peaks right now is about half an hour. It is one of only two English realms that have any queues whatsoever on the Order side. We have no idea if or when the queues might improve. Starting a new guild there seems crazy to me when there are 10 other realms we could be playing on without having to queue to get on.

  48. EyeMessiah says:

    I’m Seba btw. Level 10 DoK. Liking it so far. Also I should mention I have levelled purely on PVP & PQs which is making me very happy.

  49. Dan (WR) says:

    Are there any further plans for a RPS Order Guild somewhere? I would have loved to have joined the RPS guild on Karak-Hirn, but I don’t fancy joining a server with 30+ minute queue times. ;_;

    Also, aren’t Mythic/GOA missing a trick by not setting up more obvious and accessible forums for the game? I always thought the WoW forums were important in helping people to set up guilds and socialise. Well… that and whine endlessly.

  50. Dan Milburn says:

    Yeah, the lack of official forums is weird. The nearest thing I’ve found is http://www.warhammeralliance.com, where the whine level a few days after the game’s release is impressive even to someone who used to follow the official WoW forums. Oh, and they get the occasional post from a developer.

    Also, since this hasn’t been mentioned here yet, there are now RPS guild forums at link to rps.justpowerdown.com. I may have to make a post about the Order guild there.