RPS At WAR: Rock Paper Snotling Is Formed

And, at last, we have a Warhammer Online guild. Server – Karak-Hirn (EU), side – Destruction, name – Rock Paper Snotling. Yes. Yes!

In terms of joining, in the short term look out for one of these players:
Loaf (me), Misada (Kieron), Pop, Ugegob, Xanthor, Jeevaargh, Yarisse or Hansibo. Drop one of ’em a line (saying you want to be in the guild, rather than a vague ‘hello”) and we should be able to get you in. Please do it in-game rather than in comments below, as we won’t necessarily notice otherwise.

More details as we creep closer to having some kind of plan. Sorting out the order Guild is going to be trickier. Any volunteers to handle it?

EDIT: Our friend Schizoslayer is going to try and set up the Order guild at 9:30 or so on Karak Eight Peaks. That means starting to queue now. The contact is Edgald. Just message him whenever you get in. Ah, ended up a bust.

Additionally, we can’t access the US servers, but are more than happy for some of you to found the American branch of Rock Paper Snotling on our behalf.


  1. wahwah says:

    hmm 16 min queue now on Eight Peaks
    I’d still prefer the Order guild on that server, that’s where my main is at =

  2. Realsch says:

    I’ll bug the destro people again for an order guild, I’d like one on a server without queues so there’s a nice alternative to destro queues.

  3. wahwah says:

    09/22 21:30 Cloning on Wednesday

    We will be cloning some of our most populated servers on Wednesday. That is, we will create exact copies of these servers, allowing players, guilds and entire alliances not to start a new career, but to continue as if nothing has happened on the new server. Well, except server queues, that is… An hour ago, I announced that we’d be cloning the servers during tomorrow’s maintenance. This was originally the plan, as we felt that there was a sense of urgency in implementing this. However, in order to allow for our communities to get themselves organised, we opted to postpone the cloning until Wednesday.

    The servers which will be cloned are as follow:

    * Karak Eight Peaks > Tor Anroc
    * Karak Azgal > Zhufbar
    * Karak Hirn > Yvresse
    * Eltharion > Tiranoc

  4. H says:

    Getting REALLY annoyed now that I can’t join Karak-Hirn. Waiting time is almost always around half an hour when I try to get on.

  5. Matt P says:

    So which of the cloned servers will RPS be continuing on? Karak Hirn or Yvresse?

  6. toot toot says:

    give me your warrock account