More Trials And Errors: 14 New Trials 2 Tracks!

Previous RPS-love-item Trials 2 has just had another free update gone live. This time there’s three new sets of voice-overs from Brandon DiCamillo, Art Webb and Rake Yohn, multi-language support (So Jim can get his Witcher-esque thrills by playing it in Polish), team-chats, improved graphics (Triple-widescreen mode!) and – most importantly – 14 new downloadable tracks. It’s enough to make you say “Hurrah for Red Lynx!”. In fact, we will.

Hurrah for Red Lynx!


  1. espy says:

    Nice, Trials 2 was beginning to gather a l little dust in the past few months. I’ve done easy and medium, but can’t be bothered with the difficult tracks, they’re just too frustrating.

  2. Chris Evans says:

    I’m enjoying it :D

  3. Phil H says:

    I was checking it out last night, and working on ones I hadn’t gotten around to touching yet, ended up at #173 on the second of the dynamic tracks! With but one fault! My 4am brain was quite pleased with itself, but could not carry the success to other tracks. Hard is quite the accurate descriptor of the remaining challenges, which is good, gives reason to revisiting the game.

  4. marxeil says:

    Love Trials2. Wish they would release a track editor.

  5. Dan Milburn says:

    Hurrah for Red Lynx!

    Have given all the new tracks a try, good stuff. The new Hard ones look utterly impossible though.

  6. Anba says:

    QcHopper and one other guy finished Diablo with zero fauts… i tought it would take longer :D