Brothers In Arms Launch Trailer

Beneath the cut is the launch trailer for Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway, which shows some of the game’s Unreal 3.0 prettiness, although of course none of the solid level design and splendid tactical puzzle-solving that actually makes it so satisfying to play. I can say that with a level of certainty because I’ve had lots of time to play the preview version of the game, and I suspect it’s a better campaign that anything else so far. One thing that’s probably worth mentioning at this stage is that it doesn’t have co-op, as was reported earlier in the year. A little disappointing, perhaps, especially when the co-op skirmishes in Earned In Blood were so solid. The game is out on PC in North America on the 30th of September, and in Europe on the 3rd of October.

For a better look at how the game actually plays, head over to this collection of videos on Eurogamer.


  1. Gurrah says:

    Yet another WWII shooter… *yawn*, even if it is pretty.

  2. Jim Rossignol says:

    It’s so not “yet another” – what other WWII shooters have you controlling two other fireteams? That’s kind of my point about the trailer: the pretty doesn’t get across how it plays. In fact people can watch those trailers and assume it plays like a Call Of Duty game: it doesn’t.

    I understand people’s dislike of the WWII theme, but as an alternate direction for FPS games generally this is a superb option. I’ve love to see the same mechanics used for a modern warfare or sci-fi game.

  3. YaRisse says:

    I do wish they would fully embrace co-op play, the game will no doubt be fun, but I’m happy to sit and wait for the series to finish and buy the big box edition at the end.

  4. HumpingJack says:

    If it’s not a linear shooter on rails game (*cough* COD4) and actually requires tactics I’m all over it.

  5. Jim Rossignol says:

    It’s linear, but there’s just a lot more to do with actual working suppressing fire, flanking, etc.

  6. Turin Turambar says:

    The problem is that the first one wasn’t exactly non-linear.

  7. Jochen Scheisse says:

    I love to hate boring WW2 shooters, but I have hated this game for long enough. I hated it through its development, saw it grow from an obnoxious concept that hadn’t spawned enough cheap offspring to a full WW2 concept game complete with bad AI, terrible acting and storywriting, and not an iota originality.
    It has been a long time, and now it can fall into the bargain bin without my hate. It doesn’t need me anymore.

  8. Optimaximal says:

    The problem with the game is it tries to be hyper-realistic but doesn’t go far enough, constantly reminding the player that it’s a game at the same time.

    What use do realistic tactics have when a team mate can be cut down and magically brought back to life for the next level?

  9. Hogni Thor says:

    Would have been buying two copies of this game, as I do with many coop games, one for me, one for the wife.

    Guess I won’t be buying it at all now…

  10. Colej_uk says:

    No co-op is an instant deal breaker for me.

  11. rb_lestr says:

    It looks ugly.
    Why does it look so ugly?

    I don’t understand..

  12. MetalCircus says:

    “Guns”? Oh GOD that is SO cliché.

    *takes a drag on his cigarette and adjusts his poncey, pretentious beatnik hat”

  13. Thirith says:

    The game looks good and the previews sound genuinely excited (rather than “ho hum, big name, we have to give it a minimum score of 90” pseudo-excited). *But* the gore effects look dreadfully adolescent. I don’t mind gore in a WW2 game, but I mind if it’s presented as “Look, isn’t it cool how these limbs fly in slo-mo?” That’s not gritty or realistic – that’s fist-pumping testosterone asshattery.

  14. MetalCircus says:

    Thirith I think thats just American marketing piss. Notice how they all seemed suitably unenthusiastic at saying those lines. They were probably told to say that by their respective marketing overlords. By the way, real life war wounds are horrendous and more horrible than anything on show in that trailer.

    I do agree though. It’s a bit like “FUCK YEAH! Look at all those smouldering jew holocaust corpses! AWESOME DUDE!” i.e. not nice.

  15. FhnuZoag says:

    Does the game itself have that much slow motion, or is the trailer editor trying to bore us to death? Seriously, I have no idea what they were thinking – all the slow-mo does is show off the unrealistic nature of their death animations, and also break up the pacing of the game.

    EDIT: VVV Yeah, just saw the video. How irritating. Game designers need to realise that we aren’t all five year olds. I wouldn’t certainly not want to pop out of cover to take a shot and have the excitement of it be broken by five seconds of repetitive and gratuitous animation of someone flying through the air.

  16. Thirith says:

    Apparently the slow motion is in the game, although I don’t know whether it’s optional. They’ve taken it (and the rest of the gore) out in the German version, apparently, but that version is multilingual, so if the slo-mo gore isn’t optional I might go for the German version for once. I’m fairly sure I’d dislike the slowed-down kills for their “Boom, headshot!” factor more than I’d mind the lack of dismemberment.

  17. Stupoider says:

    Looks, and sounds, like a great game. My only problem is the faces. They look.. terrible?

  18. Ed says:

    GameTrailers is saying the movie is not available… :(