White Gold: Nonsense Gaming At Its Finest

I do like cars.
Here’s a new video for the sequel to the infamous Boiling Point. The video’s in Russian, but still does an excellent job of demonstrating the a) ambition and b) madness of Deep Shadows’ open-world FPS. Why does he shoot that fisherman? Why does that man on the roof explode? Why does he keep slicing people in the back of the neck rather than the front? White Gold will, I suspect, turn out to be comedy anecdote-central.



  1. Flubb says:

    Maybe they got tired of waiting for Duke?

  2. Ketch says:

    Hmm…I want to like it, but its too rediculous.

  3. Bananaphone says:

    This looks NUTS. Love it.

  4. nabeel says:

    That looks crazy fun. I’m getting vibes of Deus Ex, Just Cause, Morrowind (pearl collecting … ?).


  5. Yhancik says:

    and the music !

  6. phuzz says:

    It’s like Stalker, but less bloody drizzle, and as such might hold my attention for a bit longer.

  7. Alex McLarty says:

    What, because slicing people in the front of the neck is always the way to go?

    You’re hung up on conventions, Sir.

  8. Chis says:

    No Far Cry influence here at all, of course not. The girls look pretty hot though.

    *ahem* What?

    Seriously now, ANOTHER open-world FPS? After the disappointment that was Clear Sky, this looks like a welcome relief. And it’s encouraging to see more Russian games. Lets hope they translate it for an English release.

    Edit: I had NO IDEA about Boiling Point. I’m definitely trying that game now…

  9. yns88 says:

    It makes me think of some odd combination of GTA and Far Cry.

    Grand Theft Shotgun, anyone?

  10. Esha says:

    That was utterly hilarious, I loved the music. And it was almost entirely worth it for the fruit machine bit.

    I mean, really. The chap’s talking about the game and showing clips to it, then suddenly they switch to the player winning a fruit machine. Along with our good narrator breaking his monotonous tone to exuberantly state “YOU WIIIIN!” (or something similar), at which point he goes back to speaking about the game as if it had never happened.

    I expect that kind of thing from a PSone era Japanese trailer, but it was utterly too zany for those supposedly more serious and not so zany Russians and it caught me entirely off guard. In fact, this whole trailer looks a little zany and out there, so I might just have had my interest piqued here.

  11. faelnor says:

    contains drunk people !

  12. Jonas says:

    Please don’t be full of bugs, please don’t be full of bugs…

  13. Duoae says:

    Looks like i’ll be enjoying this game as well then :)

  14. MetalCircus says:

    Chris: Boiling Point is rubbish. Very rubbish.

  15. yns88 says:

    (it’s going to be full of bugs)

  16. Thaiyl says:

    Why does he shoot that fisherman?

    The fisherman didn’t appreciate his help.

    Why does that man on the roof explode?

    He was suicidal.

    Why does he keep slicing people in the back of the neck rather than the front?

    Stealth obviously! ;)

  17. Thaiyl says:

    btw, here is a player created vid from the beta:


  18. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    Bikini bloom. Hmm.

  19. Chis says:

    MetalCircus: So I take the 9/10 on Eurogamer with the usual grain of salt? *Whacks EG with a brick*

  20. phuzz says:

    Nice find Thaiyl :) That’s a pretty sunset.
    Ok, that’s harsh, but sometimes what you’re looking for in a game is surrealism.

  21. Korgan says:

    Well, it IS, after all, a game about coke.

  22. spd from Russia says:

    well, the announcers says he`s been enjoying life at the carribean doing various jobs… and killed whoever didnt like his work. then he got hired by mafia. then he was collecting pearls, but decided it was easier to backstab other divers and take theirs.
    yeah its pretty much a joke video

  23. neofit says:

    The guy in the video does not show a story or anything. What we see is not a gamer doing quests. The voice-over is saying how good it is to live on this Caribbean island, you can do this and that, and at the same time he is showing what the engine can do, the nade exploding below the fisherman, the suicidal guy on the roof, a very satisfying point-blank shotgun shot into the fisherman :), etc.

  24. Yhancik says:

    @spd & neofit : Russian hivemind ! ;)

  25. Jetsetlemming says:

    That looks a lot like Far Cry 1, graphically and setting-wise.

  26. Bananaphone says:

    Chis: that 9/10 for Boiling Point is actually one of three scores given to the game. I recommend reading the whole review.

  27. FP says:

    Boiling Point was brilliant, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I bought it on the strength of the EG review and don’t regret it in the slightest (take a look at who the reviewer was, that chap obviously knows what he’s talking about :) ).

  28. Jim Rossignol says:

    I’d heartily recommend Boiling Point to anybody. It was mad and great.

  29. dhex says:


    my favorite brief moment in boiling point was coming across a police station – in south america – where everyone had heavy russian accents.

  30. Cimex says:

    Looks interesting. Too bad it’s gonna be buggy as hell, just like Boiling Point.

  31. dhex says:

    yes but…there’s something about the open ended fps (or “fps+” as i like to call it when no one is looking) from these russian/ukranian/uzbekistani types that is a complete hot mess. like the sunday afternoon bonghit goodtime gals that are completely indispensible from ages 20 to 24 or so.

  32. RiptoR says:

    Got myself Boiling Point today for 5 euro. Did I get ripped of?

  33. born2expire says:

    that was some fancy walking there.

    seems to run a bit choppy, but all in all looks decent.

  34. Chis says:

    Well, I didn’t realise the review continued after that 9/10 mark. The 3 was hilarious. But still, 8/10? The game is so cheap on Amazon, I might as well try it. (Open-ended FPS raises my interest level a LOT right now, after playing through Stalker with the Oblivion Lost mod and thoroughly enjoying it.)

  35. The Shed says:

    The guy swimming around like a dolphin almost made me rofl. Boiling Point was gaddamn nuts, I can’t believe I bought it when I could have bought PGR… The driving sounds in Boiling Point were torture;


    The pain… I had to turn off the sound whenever I got in a car, and because of that I never noticed when i was being shot at/ mauled by a tiger.

  36. Jonathan says:

    Reply to The Shed and Metal Circus Oh grow a heart you cynical sods. It was a budget game with insane aspirations that had decent combat and endless accidental anecdotes.

  37. manintheshack says:

    I’ll boil my own head if this turns out to be any good. I’ll put the kettle on then…

  38. RichPowers says:

    I’ve been meaning to try Boiling Point ever since Jim described it as “accidental surrealist masterpiece of outlandish bugs and terrible production.”

    That trailer was utterly ridiculous…especially the music. And awesome.

  39. Heliocentric says:

    Boiling point really was oblivion with guns. And old ladies with grenades. Also the npc drivers are realistic. Walk on the road and they will mow you down.

  40. Kinglog says:

    re: Deus Ex – the health screen looked like it was lifted from there

  41. Deuteronomy says:

    Did that dude use an artifact detector there? BTW Clear Sky is far from a disappointment. Bugs be damned wait for the next patch.

  42. Bhlaab says:

    To hell with anyone who says clear sky is a disappointment. It will be game of the year in 2009 (post-patches)

    I haven’t given boiling point a fair go. So far though, despite the fact that it it seems a bit like its held together with string, there is certainly more to get from it than ironically enjoying the bugs.

  43. Sapper Gopher says:

    I wish Rockstar or Volition would take a stab at the new ‘GTA in a tropical climate’ subgenre, since everyone else has botched it(Just Cause, Mercenaries 2, White Gold probably). Have a plot about cocaine smuggling or something to raise eyebrows, otherwise just implement what those games promised but didn’t deliver. Maybe Just Cause 2 will get it right, sigh.

  44. Bhlaab says:

    To be fair, white gold probably has more in common with stalker than GTA or mercenaries

  45. Pantsman says:

    @Bhlaab: Whether it will be GotY material at some point in the future has nothing to do with whether it’s a disappointment now.

  46. Kanakotka says:

    I still, after all these years, cannot properly run this game without restarting it every few minutes due to insane mem leaks.

    Also, it greatly reminds me of Just Cause, well, Just Cause was polished version of boiling point, with some ridiculous ninja moves in otherwise believeable game.

  47. whizzedoutwoz says:

    Aslong as Voslo is onboard for the voice then im sold, I love this game already, and all for the wrong reasons, Boiling Point was broken in so many ways, but also one of the best games in the last 5 years.

  48. roryok says:


    Just Cause was polished version of boiling point, with some ridiculous ninja moves in otherwise believeable game.

    I take great offence to this remark. NOTHING about just cause was believable. Not the steering the car while standing on the roof, not the parachuting from the ground into the air (i’m reliably informed it actually works the other way around), not the jumping onto passing jet fighters and climbing into the cockpit, not the standing in the middle of a circle of over 30 enemies shooting and throwing grenades at you while your health depletes at the speed it takes to install windows.

  49. Mr. President says:

    I am now playing Boiling Point for the first time thanks to the RPS article – and I’m seriously loving every minute of it. Bought the game for the laughs, stayed because it turned out genuinely good. As far as ukrainian games go, it is superior to Stalker in many ways (well I’m not a Stalker fan to be honest). The game world is so free, and there’s just so much.. stuff to do.. None of the various game mechanics are even implemented particularly well, but together they create something much better than just sum of its parts.
    Once you get used to this world’s rules, you can basically live in it, complete your goals in many different ways, including those not intended by the developers. Tired of driving across the entire country? Take a taxi! Can’t afford taxi fare? “Borrow” an AH-1 Cobra from the military… The chopper also has the ability to transform any sneaking or run-n-gun mission into a very satisfying B-movie mini-apocalypse… You’re clearly not even supposed to use the chopper outside of a few specific “chopper” missions, but who’s to stop you? There are just so many unscripted movie-like experiences in this game. If only it was less buggy and had some sort of decent story… Well, you can’t have everything, I guess..

    Sorry about this wall of text, I’m just really, really impressed. I’m buying the sequel immediately when it comes out. Then I’m putting it on a shelf and waiting until at least a couple of patches have been released.

  50. Steve says:


    This is going to make no sense at all!

    Hopefully I’ll be able to fly a car upside down and then get stuck in a swarm of killer bees in this too.

    Can’t wait.