White Gold: Nonsense Gaming At Its Finest

I do like cars.
Here’s a new video for the sequel to the infamous Boiling Point. The video’s in Russian, but still does an excellent job of demonstrating the a) ambition and b) madness of Deep Shadows’ open-world FPS. Why does he shoot that fisherman? Why does that man on the roof explode? Why does he keep slicing people in the back of the neck rather than the front? White Gold will, I suspect, turn out to be comedy anecdote-central.



  1. Mr. President says:

    Killer bees that eat through kevlar.

  2. roryok says:

    I want to see a cameo from the midget with the floating briefcase.

  3. Kadayi says:

    Heh I think it’s time to reinstall Boiling point and lose myself in it for a month before Far Cry 2 is out

  4. Ian says:

    This game looks too bad to be bad.

    If you catch my drift.

    The anecdotes will be hilarious and plentiful.