And More Mirror’s Edge Footage…

Overkill, perhaps, but it’s a fairly intense piece of in game footage. Watching this one kind of suggests that you’re immune from bullets as long as you keep moving. I wonder how that will stand up to prolonged play, and whether the sense of flow/danger will be sustained. I hope so!


  1. Jochen Scheisse says:

    I won’t be able to play this on my comlink. This may make me Emo.

  2. Dinger says:

    Amateur – she keeps leading with her right leg. If the guys running the machine gun were any good at their job, they’d pick up on that.

    Oh, and I do hope there’s a scene where she beats the crap out of Charlie. She’s moving in the open while under fire from a door gunner on a Ma Deuce, and here’s Charlie yelling in her earpiece to “hurry up?”

  3. James G says:

    I really hope this works. Its one of those games that could either be bloody brilliant, or completely fail in the execution.

  4. Stupoider says:

    Looks awesome!

  5. Weylund says:

    What makes you think it’s an M2? Rate of fire seemed high. And why would you put an M2 in a Blackhawk? Just curious.

    I really like how the laws of physics don’t seem to apply to this lady. Great big fall == broken legs or turned ankles. She’s falling 20-30 feet… and standing back up.

    She also appears to be immune to “flying glass in face” while moving. Useful, that.

  6. Blake says:

    I have to say that this doesn’t look particularly engaging to me. Over the course of the trailer I found myself getting bored. This could just be the question of the recording being too “smooth.” There are never any points where it feels like the player is about to fail. Maybe missing a jump is easier than it looks, but so far I’ve seen little indication that this will be worth the money. Shame.

  7. shon says:

    Man, I wish my TF2 Scout could dodge bullets like she does.

  8. DSX says:

    Nice, love the new espionage / converting agents game play element they’re giving us a peek at. Did you notice? It’s clear the machine gunner has been turned to secretly assist the player by spraying that many rounds while consistently missing our protagonist by dozens of meters. Sometimes even at point blank range.

  9. Pidesco says:

    It looks awesome, but the risk of it being too easy and hands-off is enormous.

  10. Mike says:

    I think a blind man may be in control of that minigun.

  11. James G says:

    @ Blake

    Mirror’s edge has a fine line to tread. If you are constantly failing jumps, it destroys the flow and momentum which are supposed to characterise its gameplay. But it each jump seamlessly flows into the next, the game risks becoming little more than holding down w and occasionally tapping a few keys. For the game to work best, I think it will have to strive for a situation where you are always five seconds away from failure. When you launch into a jump or a turn then you pretty much know its going to work, but what you need to be doing is planning your next move, and the one after that to assure that your route remains open and you maintain your momentum. If I fail to do that, I don’t fail now, I fail in five seconds time, and as this time ticks away I know that without a last second miracle, I’m going to fail.

  12. Neb says:

    Obligatory helicopter gunship scene confirmed.

  13. Switchbreak says:

    Everyone that has played the game claims that you fail quite often until you get good at it.

  14. Jimmy says:

    omg, bad guys in video games are bad shots, world ending.

  15. Weylund says:

    When the bad guys being *good* shots is the only thing standing between the player and an easy ending, it becomes more of an issue.

  16. VFIG says:

    This may not end up being the Best Game Ever, but I do expect I’ll enjoy playing it through a few times at least.

  17. Weylund says:

    I dunno. I like games where the world and characters are moderately realistic.

    Notably, few games actually fall into this category. Doesn’t keep me from hating on games that don’t though.

  18. newt says:

    Great big fall == broken legs or turned ankles. She’s falling 20-30 feet… and standing back up.

  19. Nimdok says:

    Has it occured to anyone else that maybe, JUST MAYBE, they’re playing this with cheats on (godmode and no AI, so the machinegunner’s just running on a script) so they can just run through the level and show you some neat effects and impressive jumps?

    I’m just saying…

  20. Aubrey says:

    “For the game to work best, I think it will have to strive for a situation where you are always five seconds away from failure. When you launch into a jump or a turn then you pretty much know its going to work, but what you need to be doing is planning your next move, and the one after that to assure that your route remains open and you maintain your momentum. If I fail to do that, I don’t fail now, I fail in five seconds time, and as this time ticks away I know that without a last second miracle, I’m going to fail.”

    Or, it could be made to be easy to get around, but hard to get around fast and with style. I can absolutely still see the point in this game without harsh punishments for fluffing every jump. If there’s skill to be eked out of every move, I’ll love it loads, I think.

  21. Weylund says:

    @newt: Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

    Okay, I’m sold. Cheers.


    Err? If they were doing that, they wouldn’t be showing us gameplay would they? And we’d probably be pretty disappointed if we bought the game and then discovered that they were mocking up 100% of the awesomeness, yeah?

  22. Dinger says:

    Weyland, of course it’s probably an M60. Didn’t you guys see the screen blur when she got hit at the front? That’s clearly the effect of a 7.62x51mm NATO round hitting her leg. Slight blur, drive on.

    I’m sure the .50 cal bullets send shockwaves through the air that you can see and make her scream “ow! that stings!”

  23. Nimdok says:


    Dude, the impressiveness of this game is the acrobatics and open-ended manner of reaching your goal, not “Hey look bullets don’t hurt”.

    If I were doing the demo Hells yes I’d be using cheats because I’d want to show off the engine and the effects without having to worry about getting killed.

  24. Jochen Scheisse says:

    However, I bet if you crank up the hardness to maximum, you will die a lot and it will be very challenging.

  25. Weylund says:

    @Dinger: Yep, more than likely. I was actually curious, though, thought maybe you had some reason for what you said. Is it my fault that you didn’t?

    @Nimdok: I was talking about the flipping around without getting hurt at all. If they were using cheats to counteract that eventuality it would make for a crappy demo.

    So — we’re actually talking about different things.

    As for “open-ended” what about that video looked open-ended? At any time did you see a place where some different type of jump would have allowed you to complete your journey? I saw implied “jump here or die” signs all over the place.

  26. Iain says:

    The rate of fire of an M60 and an M2 are pretty comparable, as it happens. But the sound of the machine gun in the video is clearly not a 50 cal – the pitch is too high and doesn’t clunk enough. And a proper minigun would had turned her into dust the second she stepped out onto the balcony. At 4000 rounds per minute, you don’t even need to aim those buggers. Just point it in the right general direction and watch your target turn into smoked Emmental.

  27. Dinger says:

    yeah, sorry. Tone shift there. The “of course” is concessive, since I had an attack of flatus cerebri. Then the tone switches to derision of much-abused videogame conventions. Healthbars and the ability to take several bullets are the cars-bursting-into-flames-on-contact and fuel-oil-grenade-explosions of the videogame worlds.

    Problem is, I never seem to hit the right tone in wordpress fields. I aim for conciliatory, and I get pompous. I try to be confident, and I end up self-deprecating.

    I dunno, I guess I just suck.

    Oh, right, the game. Yeah, could be fun. Tap into that prey drive and everything. One day, someone in video games is going to figure out what we learned in passive media a long time ago, and what good diplomats swear by: the threat of violence achieves far more than actual violence. A helo shooting BBs isn’t scary. The thought that around any corner could lurk certain death is. The riddle of the “immortal challenge” isn’t that nobody’s made a game where the player’s invincible, but that everyone’s made that game: make the player fear death, and not merely the onus of repeating a level, and the running game will come alive.

    No, just pretentious tonight. I think I’ll go ahead and pretend to sleep.

  28. Weylund says:

    @Digger: No worries. The magic of the internets!

    Honestly, the helo shooting BBs would be MUCH scarier if you thought it could actually kill you. Kind of like the VC in SEAL Team. In a normal FPS, a couple guys behind a tree with an SKS and a half can’t do much to you. In SEAL Team they’d kill you if you weren’t extra lucky. And when you died, you didn’t restart the level — your career ended and you got to go to your funeral.

    (Okay, so I love SEAL Team a little too much. Is that a crime? Well, maybe in some states.)

    @ Iain: Huh. I would have pegged the M2 as having a lower ROF. Maybe it’s the lower effective ROF that comes from needing half as many rounds to entirely annihilate something. Next time I play Combat Mission: Strike Force, I’ll turn the sound on and pay attention. Thanks.

  29. Nimdok says:


    You love to hear yourself argue, don’t you? ‘Tard…

    Yes, it’s open ended, because all through the video I saw “Oh, he could’ve done THIS, instead, or used that board over there, or sidled along that wall…”

    If you can’t see it, then I think you’re not the person they’re selling this game too.

  30. Weylund says:

    @Nimdok: I guess I’m not. You’ve certainly proven your point; ad hominem attacks work really well, don’t they? You could have left off the entire first line of your post and your argument would have been much stronger.

    Much more importantly, it’s really, really not cool to use the word “tard” or any of its close relations when speaking about people, and I want you to know that before you go and crush somebody who didn’t deserve it. Show some respect for your fellow humans.

  31. qrter says:

    I’m surprised anyone still uses the word “tard”, not so much because of its meaning but because the ’80s ended 18 years ago.

    That said, extra points for being a bit anal and including the apostrophe!

  32. Gpig says:

    The game can’t be any worse than this comments thread.

  33. Tom says:

    lol – oh dear…

    Regarding the game: My god it’s looking awesome.
    The lighting engine is beautiful.

  34. Tenorek says:

    Maybe this is just me, but it seems like a more apt way to avoid machine gun fire from a helicopter is to enter a building, not running as fast as you can across the top of them. Just saying. At that point you might be able to sneak out the bottom, catch a cab, and lose your tormentors.

  35. SenatorPalpatine says:

    @ Tenorek, yes people have thought of that. The whole premise of the game is that in this future the cities are heavily policed, and the way to get information from place to place was to have runners carry it over the tops of the buildings, which the government tolerated for the most part. (I think)

    Its one of those games that could either be bloody brilliant, or completely fail in the execution.” I agree, James.

    The horrible aim and bullets that phase through her was a little annoying while watching that.

  36. Radiant says:

    That walk through looked like it was the 10th time that person had played through that level.
    How does it play when you have to stop and get your bearings?

  37. Radiant says:

    oh and I’m with Tenorek; get inside you silly bint.

  38. Captain Crunch says:

    Nice cameltoe shoes.

  39. Strelok says:

    We get the speed and fluidity from the trailers, but will it be the same in RL (that is, while playing). The guy doing the demonstration obviously knows the level, but players need to stop, look around and think where and how to go, no?

  40. tartopome says:

    Can someone please tell me what the “game” consists off? How does this work? In all the footage I’ve seen, the path she follows is so flawless and jitter-free it’s gotta be pre-programmed — no way a human is controlling that character. So how does it work? Do you plan/map out your trajectory through the map BEFORE the level starts (and then watch her attempt to run through following your directions)? Are the FPS sequences truly interactive, is the player in full control of her movements? Or is the game just a series of quicktime events, i.e. hit x / square / triangle / etc. to jump / slide / fall / whatever? Anyone know EXACTLY what the gameplay element is in this game? I would love to know, because as gorgeous as this footage is, it looks spectacularly not-fun to play to me.

  41. tmp says:

    Are the FPS sequences truly interactive, is the player in full control of her movements?

    Yes. There’s some older footage available, where the person playing is not as experienced with the game, and there’s lot of mistakes, pauses and looking around to see where to go next in them.

  42. Half Broken Glass says:

    Immune to bullets as long as you’re moving? Sorry, but this is retarded.

  43. EyeMessiah says:

    Personally I’m not worried about bullet immunity provided the challenge lies elsewhere. There are plenty of other games out there where bullets kill you at least some of the time, its a fairly well catered-for theme in PC gaming.

    The helicopter is just part of the environment, I suspect it probably kills you if you pause for more than a moment or two. I’m guessing its not there to make the game be about dodging bullets, its there to put some pressure on you so you have to do the platforming fast – ala the Dhaka in POP:WW.

  44. R. says:

    One of the great mysteries of the 21st Century – why is trying to watch a video from Game Videos always an invariably stuttery and shit experience? Christ, I wish that site would just die and fade out of existence once and for all, it’s utterly hopeless.

    Once the video did finally load, though, it looked fabulous, though is Faith superhuman or something? That slowmo jump-fall looked obscenely high.

  45. Tims says:

    Looks great

  46. Kavika says:

    That’s unfortunate. Is it really that bad a site for you? I find it to be plenty-fast, plenty-smooth. Course, I live in the States, where everything is handed to us on a silver platter, cause otherwise we bitch and moan =)

  47. Little Green Man says:

    I’m just annoyed about the fact that she can fall huge distances and land without doing a roll. That would break your legs, whereas with a roll you wouldn’t. When she does roll, it’s ok.

  48. Ryan says:

    So who’s leaving all these big red diving boards on the egdes of roofs, anyway?

  49. PJ says:

    when she lands from great hights she dies.

    i’m playing preview build for 4 days now, and its awesome. storytelling is good (tho acting is a tad cheesy), pacing is perfect, and game looks and plays like a treat.

    whole motion system is really thing of beauty – its very difficult to get into if u are not used to joypad), but afterwhile it allows you to make some really cool stunts.

    btw- they blew the jump after wallrun (slomo sequence). notice the cut :D this one is very very tricky.

    and another thing – besides story mode, other one is race mode. basically that makes mirrors edge “tirals 2 on foot”. my preview build is limited but ive spent like 3 hours doing story missions, and good 10 hours just trying to get “perfect lap” on unlocked time challenges. racing the ghost looks friggin awesome, and it will add a nice multiplayer element to the experience.

  50. Greg Wild says:

    I like think game mechanics show some genuine flair for innovation, but I can’t help but feel that the aesthetic direction is going to prove underwhelming and repetitive.

    Definitely waiting on reviews and hopefully a demo before I even think about buying it really.