Is it just me, or are there are large number of these off-road sims appearing at the moment? Judging by the ones whose gearsticks I’ve fiddled with recently I’d say that MotorM4x seems fairly unexceptional, but then I enjoy staying on the road and driving my truck while listening to Creedence, so who am I to say? If on the other hand you prefer nu-metal and an SUV, then this might just be for you. Perhaps you won’t crash off the side of the road and get stuck on a rock, like I did. 466mb, here.


  1. Dan says:

    Perhaps because it is getting less and less socially acceptable to drive an off-road vehicle in real life, more outlets for the destructive urge to bosh about in a oil-sucking beast are required.

  2. Jay says:

    I don’t know if its me but I didn’t get any feeds from RPS today. The last one was about “Zombie Cow” yesterday.

  3. Shadowcat says:

    I remember being very pleasantly surprised by “Screamer 4×4” which, despite the Screamer moniker (previously attached only to arcade racers), turned out to be a really superb and challenging offroad driving sim. I can’t vouch for the level of realism, but it was certainly worlds away from the likes of Screamer 2 and Screamer Rally, and it was decidedly enjoyable.

  4. Daz says:

    Ya, Screamer 4×4 got me into these games aswell.

  5. Yhancik says:

    I spent hours in MS Monster Truck Madness
    link to