RPS Warhammer Guilds Update

This was the Warhammer PQ conclusion I was talking about on the podcast earlier.
About time for a general update on all things Guild Based and has generally been pillaging for over a week now. It’s still on the ever-busy Karak Hirn. There’s been a server cloning thing, which means that we could move the Guild, but general feeling is to stay at Karak – and discussed on the new Warhammer Guild Forums. Equally, Poisoned Sponge has actually got into gear and sorted out the Order side of this endeavour, which rather than actually being at Karak Eight Peaks is off at Tor Arnoc instead. Details on the actual forum and the latest details on how to join the guilds beneath the cut.

Firstly, Rock Paper Sigmar. As I said, this is the Order Guid on Tor Arnoc. If you want to join, create a character and message one of its officers – namely, Gorthan, Brianna, Etoaktagamat, Gofiton or Piquet.

Secondly, Rock Paper Snotling. This is the larger guild, based around Destruction and based on Karak Hirn. If you want to join, message one of the following gentlefolk: Loaf, Misada, Pop, Ugegob, Xanthor, Jeevaargh, Yarisse or Hansibo.

Obviously, be polite, as they may be in the middle or something or another. Or may just not notice.

Finally, the forum, for organising whatever Guild based activities you wish is here. The Destruction chat is well under way, but Order is a bit quiet. Because it’s only just formed, of course (And the forum is still listing the official server as Karak Eight Peaks. DUE TO INTERNAL CONFUSIONS).

Anyway – that’s the state of Play in all things WAR. Is everyone still enjoying it?


  1. Zsinj says:

    Impeccable timing, I just saw the patch notes and was wondering if the guild would stay…

  2. cyrenic says:

    I’m still enjoying the game immensely. I’ve mostly stuck around tier 1 rolling new characters and playing scenarios with friends. Tier 1 is so much fun I’ve had little motivation to level up much until I figure out which class I want to take to the level cap. I love how WAR gives you right at level 1 what most MMO’s consider to be the “endgame”.

    I’m assuming a US RPS guild never got going?

  3. KingMob says:

    Playing on the US servers and enjoying it, yes.
    We still have 30 min – 15 min queues when I usually log in, but we’ve accepted that as the price to pay for rapid queues when you want to play a scenario.

    I was having a little trouble at rank 13 trying to play tier 2 scenarios, but ranked up to 15 the other night and it was fine. I think the really awesome guilds that were beating us up just leveled from tier 2 to tier 3, so we’ll see them again when we get to tier 3, I suppose. Only then we’ll ALL have mounts, rather than just some of us…

    It’s a little tough in my guild trying to find a PvE group sometime, especially for an actual instance like Scaellum, but we’re all having a lot of fun playing scenarios, so that probably explains it.

  4. Acosta says:

    I have made my mind of what character I want to play (Disciple) and will try to get into the guild next time I log, I have tried different characters and I’m having a fantastic experience with the game. It just feel right.

  5. Jeeva says:

    Order server thing on t’forums, Fixed!
    My internals are fine, I’ll have you know.
    And for no real reason, rps.justpowerdown.com works fine as a link, but redirects (badly) to /forum.

  6. Gladman says:

    I’d love to read this post, but my uni is blocking some ports or somethign something and some online games don’t work (basically everything but valve games)

  7. mathew says:

    I’m playing on the US servers that were mentioned before – a Chosen on Volkmar and a Witch Hunter on Ostermark. If there’s a Rock Paper Snotling/Sigmar running I’ll join it – I’ve been having plenty of fun just bobbling about on my own right now though.

    (More fun with the Witch Hunter, though.)

  8. Jacques says:

    Got a bit bored of my chosen on the PvE side of things, magus is going much better, even if there’s much grumbling about them on the official unnofical forums over at WHA.

  9. Him says:

    Having fun? Well, yes. Aside from needing to go through three painful reinstalls due to the excitement of ‘When PCs Go Wrong!’. Thankfully, I get to pretend to be the ‘Uge Black Orc, Bogrog, and smash my way through my computing worries.

  10. Wurzel says:

    Having great fun as a Witch Elf (after an abortive 7 ranks as a marauder). Server queues are fine too at about 15 min (hey, I’m a student). Guild is very nice too :)

  11. Meat Circus says:

    Oi, Wurzel.

    I’m loving my marauder, so I am. Don’t you be saying bad things about him.

    I really need to show some lovin’ to my engineer too, bless ‘er. But Tor Anroc’s just so… quiet at the moment.

    Perhaps I’ll give her some quality time once I gots Pokeylope to Rank 20.

  12. Cabbs says:

    I’ve wanted to play this for a while now, and an RPS guild only reinforces that desire.

    Anyone know a good place to buy this on the net? Direct-2-drive is being cryptic, and the EA download stuff is suitably abysmal.

  13. Chris R says:

    So levels are called ranks in War eh?

    I don’t know… i like “levels” better…

  14. Erlam says:

    Got a rank 16 Chosen on Chaos Wastes. It’s both Open RvR and RP, but hey, at least people are (in general) less retarded!

  15. Razerious says:

    I’m playing on Karak-Izor with a bunch of my RL friends. We were planning on rolling on Karak-Hirn, but didn’t bother when we saw 7h long queues on launch day

    Was in a huge keep raid earlier today. I love this game! I just hope the Order faction gets some more recruits soon. On most servers Destruction outnumber them.

    Thinking about rolling an Order alt on the RPS Order server at some point in the future though

  16. H says:

    I’m finding levelling slower than I remembered in beta.

  17. Koopa says:

    Karak-Hirn still troubled with queues, or is it actually possible to play there? I don’t have that much time to play as it is, so queues are a no-go for me.

  18. Dan (WR) says:

    Koopa – I started on Karak-Hirn after the server cloning and I haven’t really had to queue at all so far.

    I’m not sure about WAR. I’m a bit underwhelmed so far, but I’ve only played the first five levels of a few classes.

  19. wahwah says:

    the good guys on Tor Anroc could use a few more people :)
    Anyone who wants in can also contact me ingame (name: Olbrix)

  20. Cataclysm says:

    I love WAR. I feel you don’t need to race to endgame to Experience the game, unlike other MMORPGs. You can do the majority of things whenever you want in the game, be it at level1 or lvl28 or lvl40.

    The only problem for me at the moment is it lags quite alot due to my Single core 3700+ processor, which I hope to be upgrading shortly with my motherboard too.

    P.S. I will join our order side with an alt ^_^

  21. EyeMessiah says:

    I have played to level 13 DOK and I’m wavering a bit.

    I enjoyed T1 quite a bit, and I was particularly won over by the fact that you can teleport straight into a scenario, at 0xp, straight from the spot you spawn on.

    I also particularly liked that you can level pretty quickly through T1 solely by doing PQs and scenarios. This is essential for me as a few years of wow put me off solo questing for life.

    T2 hasn’t been so much fun for me so far. I’ve gone off PQs due to spending too much time standing around waiting for mobs to spawn, particularly during those “Kill 100 Whatever” first stages. Its really tiresome when the “kill 100” part is taking so long just due to a shortage of live mobs.

    I’ve been doing some RVR, but I’m not wholly convinced by it. I might re-roll a DPS class. I enjoyed the very focused experience of healing in a 5 man party in wow, but somehow in the context of the free-for-all of RVR it doesn’t work for me.

    I have also been playing scenarios but despite the rank normalisation the game does I haven’t been feeling very survivable in T2 due to the level difference between me and many of the other combatants (presumably down to lack of gear, upgraded abilities etc I suppose – not sure what the rank normalisation actually involves), so these have been a bit arduous too.

    None of these things would be a problem if I felt like I was levelling quickly and would be past the “bad patch” soon. Unfortunately despite trying ensure that I am constantly either in RVR or a scenario, my XP bar is barely moving. Too slow for me!

    I’m going to re-roll ranged dps I think, but so far I’m not sure if I will be continuing once my free time runs out.

  22. Orange says:

    Tier 2 is a low slower unfortunately and sounds like Tier 3 is not much better. Still a lot of content though so can just keep switching between faction areas and activities.

  23. EyeMessiah says:

    Been playing some crusader & sorceress – feeling a bit more jazzed. Stunty mountain indeed.

  24. Meat Circus says:

    PVE soloers are finding that the game starts to slow down in solo PVE terms.

    And they’re right, because this IS NOT WOW.

    Warhammer is awesome, and I’ve had a fantastic week teaming up with my fellow snotlings to unleash death on Order scum.

    This is an RVR game, with PQs. That’s where all the XP is, that’s where all the awesome is. Hop on a few scenarios and PQs and your XP shoots up. If you’re trying to solo PVE non-PQ quests all they way to forty you are willfully avoiding everything that makes this game awesome, and I have no sympathy for you.

    Also, jump in an Open RVR warband and pick up a battering ram and catapult. Having control of a zone gives you XP, renown and influence bonuses that are all nice to have.

  25. Dan says:

    Just jumped in yesterday, busy levelling my Magus – name of Stargrave. Enjoying thoroughly so far, seems to be loads of content, public quests great fun.. Will put in a guild invite request, up for RPSnotling-ing about.

  26. EyeMessiah says:

    Meat: “Hop on a few scenarios and […] your XP shoots up.”

    I wasn’t finding this to be true with scenarios, but I’m wondering now if XP for healing contributions is a little low at present, as most of the people I’ve talked to in game who were feeling like things were crawling at T2 were healers, and most of the ones who thought things were going fine were DPS.

    I think spank mentioned consistently being top of the scenario for healing and bottom for XP.

  27. Dante says:

    Well, I’d like to be joining the RPS guild right now, but I can’t register an account.

    I’ve been trying for a couple of hours now, but I’m getting nothing but 414 and 300 errors.

  28. cullnean says:

    40mins server queues have forced me off karak hirn (Kullnean/vormulac)

    playing on makkison(spelling?) rank 7 chosen

  29. Kieron Gillen says:

    It’s odd – I’ve never had longer than 20 minutes, and mostly none. My times are different than others.

    (Admitedly, I’m also , playing in a window while queuing and doing other stuff)


  30. Theo says:

    Cant get in to this game, its sooooo 2004 gameplay wise :(

    Still i cant believe you WaR’ers get a RPS guild and us Eve’ers dont! ;)

    good luck out there guys ;)


  31. cullnean says:

    hopefully it will get a little better when the wealth of free trials end

  32. H says:

    I’m still getting queues most nights, this weekend during the day as well, but yeah I hope it goes. Most annoying, especially since the cloning. I’m now on about five servers because a lot of them have queues.

  33. cullnean says:

    Im rolling order on karak-hirn, perpare to have at it my short term rock,paper,snotlings buddies!

  34. Cabbs says:

    Rolling goblin shaman on karak-hirn. 20 minute queue, no problems at all once I get the game installed and patched. (had to babysit the damn thing, kept breaking)

  35. Grill says:

    I’m currently queuing for (it says) 1 hour 32 minutes. Can I be bothered waiting?

  36. Mr Pink says:

    I’m in the queue too grill, says 1h for me. They’re going to need to sort this out. I might go and play my order guys for a bit.

  37. Grill says:

    Yep, I created an order character on the other server – Dwarven engineer, definitely more fun to play as than a poncey witch Elf or the frankly dull Orc bits. Does really feel a bit too much like WoW for me there…

  38. Mr Pink says:

    Well, i’ve got onto both servers and sadly no-one from either guild seems to be about :(

  39. gralek says:

    any greenskins on ironfist between ranks 4-12 send me a message in game name gralek