RPS Compo: WAR Compo Update


There was a smattering of confusion yesterday with our WAR Collector’s Edition compo, regarding who could enter. We’re super-sorry, but because this is the GOA edition of the game, it will only work in Europe. So to the rest of the world, understand that we love you, but this one’s not for you. However, to the rest of the European continent, you’re welcome to enter. Hey, we’re not paying the postage. All the details for entry are in the previous post. We recommend reading it before entering however – four people so far have entered without including, um, their entry. Odd choice.


  1. James G says:

    Clearly they believe that RPS is so wonderful a collectors edition wouldn’t have to include anything more than your wise words. They are wrong of course, because extra stuff is always good.

  2. fish&chips says:

    So “your peon continent” means them Brits can’t enter, right?