RPS Electronic Wireless Show On iTunes

'podcast' would have been easier.

The RPS Electronic Wireless Show is now on iTunes. Which means you all have to subscribe to it and make us appear in some sort of chart, in order that we can feel a sense of validation.

That is all.


  1. Bobsy says:

    So long as it remains available as not-iTunes as well, I will refrain from burning down your houses.

    Ahem. I really don’t like iTunes dependence is all.

  2. Heliocentric says:

    i tunes… pfft, why would i even install that bag of drm, no thanks.

    links k thanks.

  3. Gap Gen says:

    Explicit, eh?

  4. Rook says:

    Neat, I hope you do more as it was really entertaining.

  5. Nallen says:

    Yeah the old C word is thrown in there. I really enjoyed it, in much the same way as I enjoy chats about stuff down the pub with my mates.

    Only RPS is like my more knowledgeable mates who can tell me things about stuff I don’t already know…oh and I better get World of Goo I guess.

  6. Paul Moloney says:

    Apologies for the tangent, but has anyone seen this?

    link to uk.news.yahoo.com

    “A man accused of murdering a British games enthusiast is to appear in a German court to face extradition proceedings to the UK.

    David Heiss, 21, allegedly flew from his home near Frankfurt to murder 20-year-old Matthew Pyke after they met on the internet.”



  7. Chris Evans says:

    Boo-hiss! Sellouts to the iTunes corporate stuff!


  8. Gap Gen says:

    Despite its utterly pretentious name that makes me want to punch an Apple marketing turtleneck until their face is no longer recognisable to their loved ones, I quite like Genius in iTunes 8.

  9. Gladman says:

    I agree with Heliocentric

  10. Alec Meer says:

    Stop moaning! Free thing! Not only in iTunes!

  11. John Walker says:

    Don’t worry – if we do more, it will be both.

  12. Okami says:

    if we do more..

    Surely you mean: when we do more..

  13. Gladman says:

    Im sorry, I can’t hear you over the DRM

  14. mandrill says:

    iTunes sucks Jack Thompson’s (Who has finally been disbarred btw) arse. Not only is it riddled with DRM it installs all sorts of background processes which you then have to remove manually every time you boot up.

  15. Budr says:

    Is there some way to express an interest and help push you up said charts whilst keeping a safe distance between my computer and iTunes?

  16. The Shed says:

    Fuckin love the ‘cast, guys. The fact that it sounds like a modern-themed recording from the 50s totally sold it for me.

    Should be going down to Coventry the day, but alas, it was not to be…

  17. EyeMessiah says:

    Boo itunes sucks boo!

  18. Matt says:

    I realize it’s hard to satisfy people on the Internet but this is a little ridiculous. Anyways, I for one really like the podcast and the more channels you guys can distribute it through, the better (including iTunes). Hope to see more podcasts in the future.

  19. kool says:

    Budr – use a virtual machine. This goes for anything DRM heavy that doesn’t need much performance. VMWare is free and dead easy to use.

    RPS – I see what you’re doing with the title yet I am pedantically required to mention that pretty much every stage of the transmission from you to me involves lots of wire. How about “The New-Fangled Computerised Audio Show.” Or just “Rock Paper Show”.

  20. Adam Hepton says:

    Why are you people complaining about this post that is intended for people who DO use iTunes? RPS aren’t saying *you* have to, just acknowledging that a helluva lot of people do, and making it easier for those people to subscribe.

  21. Pod says:

    Won’t the PCG guys let you hijack their recording sessions? They should do, the meanies.

  22. derFeef says:

    PC-gaming podcast released on Apple site which forces you to download and install crappy Apple software. What a sad, sad Day….

  23. spd from Russia says:

    oh the irony! PC-gaming podcast released on Apple site

    /me jumps on the anti-iCrap bandwagon

    never understood the need to tie mp3 broadcasts with any particular doftware

    “people who DO use iTunes” can simply get the mp3, just like everyone else!

    BTW the podcast is good and I can even understand it :)

  24. Cargo Cult says:

    Since I’m typing this from an actual MacBook Pro, I’m not sure how I’m supposed to complain about this now-also-available-on-iTunes addition to your wondrous electrical wireless extravaganza.

    My mum doesn’t have iTunes installed?

  25. Nahual says:

    I don’t own a Mac, i don’t own an iPod, and i hate iTunes’s bloaty guts, however i’ll be happy to visit a third party page like filefront or something if you guys want some sort of view count that wont affect your bandwidth much.

  26. Acosta says:

    Oh, PC Vs Mac, that is new. Another stellar discussion to add into the AAA roaster formed by the P-Word, DRM and the wowiness of WAR.

    Another subscribed here, still has to listen fully the first one.

  27. ste says:

    Man, there is a lot of insanity in this topic. iTunes isn’t Kieron’s Mom. It is just a really popular distribution method. This news doesn’t affect anyone who doesn’t want to use it in the slightest. Kieron isn’t going to make you use his Mom! iTunes is not his Mom. The millions of people who do use iTunes will now find it REALLY SIMPLE to subscribe. I am one of them! The rest of you can download the MP3 as and when they remind you of it or if you’re all hot for RSS feeds you can grab that from link to rps.libsyn.com .

    To be honest, I would have hoped those of you who are hella-irrelevently railing against DRM (THE FIGHT NEVER STOPS, PEOPLE) in here could have worked that out for yourselves. But I guess it turns out I am the alpha nerd. AGAIN.

  28. EyeMessiah says:

    Boo itunes!

    I’d just like to say I have cancelled my subscription to RPS in disgust!

    Mothers deserve better!

  29. Larington says:

    Yeah, I’m afraid I can’t go anywhere near ITunes on principle.

    On the principle its a tool of satan.

  30. mathew says:

    I listened to it and enjoyed it!

  31. Kadayi says:

    Good grief, you give a man enough rope and he’ll hang you with it. Like it or not moany Friday people, itunes in the biggest podcast distribution vehicle going, so it makes perfect sense that the RPS guys would put their show up on it, like every other gaming podcast going, and I for one welcome my automatically delivered podcasts.

    Also if your machine struggles to run with itunes on the go, I’d take that as a firm sign it’s time to upgrade from the poor excuse of a ZX81 you call a personal computer to something a bit more robust tbh.

  32. Aorawn says:

    Now how about Zune? I realize this is a predominately non-American site and the Zune is currently only available in North America, but still, it’d be nice…

  33. Steve says:

    Itunes does not put DRM on Podcasts. Itunes does not add DRM to anything, the music you download from the music store comes with it but the music you rip form a disc doesn’t. Avoiding Itunes because of DRM is stupid. Why does every-one seems to want me to have to go and LOOK for each episode when I can get it delivered. And as for the extra services, use Ccleaner.

  34. Lex says:

    Really great. Please do more. I think a lot of us are starving for a knowledgeable, entertaining PC podcast.