PC Gamer Showdown: Update

It´s really real

Live, from inside the PC Gamer Showdown. RPS is on the scene, bringing you the news as it happens… Er, it´s quite fun. You should come along.

For those asking when things are happening, the panel game is due to start around 8pm. But you know how these things can be, with with tourny finals happening, it might not be exact. But that´s the time to aim for.

But it´s worth getting hear earlier than that. As mentioned before, there´s a ton of games to play, with the highlight certainly proving to be Left 4 Dead. Everyone is coming away from the game excitedly discussing the story of the events they went through together – it´s just how co-op should be.

Lots of the RPS faithful are here, in their corporeal form, which is fun. And Kieron is wearing a tie.

Anything else? Bring fruit. The food available is very much of the meat and chips variety – anyone looking for a vitamin C molecule will have to have brought it from home.


  1. Stupoider says:

    I really should go to this, but I can’t pluck up the courage to ask my dad to drive me for an hour, only to have me play some games at the end of the journey.

    Anyway, I wish those of you who are going a terrific evening!

  2. Dolphan says:

    Sometimes I hate living in the far north. Ah well.

  3. Ubernutz says:

    Bloodying university. Why do I have to start tomorrow? I could have been supping Guinness and Left4Deading. Damn you academia.

  4. theineffablebob says:

    O! Europe.

  5. The D-Man says:

    I was almost gonna go to this… but last minute retardations came up and I can’t.
    Oh well, hope everyone has a good time.

  6. Sam says:

    Dolphan: clearly we shall have to get our revenge by announcing a massive gaming event, at the last minute, hosted in Thurso or something…

  7. Dolphan says:

    Ha, well, Thurso is about as far North of me as Kenilworth is south. I could probably make one in Aberdeen, I go up there quite often.

    *Announces the grand Aberdeen Gamer Showdown*

  8. Joe Russell says:

    Same as Ubernutz, apparently starting uni is somewhat more important than playing some games (not my words, mind you). Still, I’ll be thinking of you all while I fail to make friends with strangers.

  9. Wurzel says:

    Came along, was quite fun, saw everything there was to see for spectators, left. Demos of Left 4 Dead (fun) and Mirror’s Edge (very buggy) were played, and Cooler Master people walked round in worryingly military garb. Think spectator might have been a misnomer, as there weren’t any big screens to watch matches on and we were turned away from the area people were computering in. Ah well, at least my tickets were a free subscriber gift :)

  10. futage says:

    How was the sound quality?

  11. Arienette says:

    I’m here now and it is awesome, left4dead is a must buy!

  12. FruitlessEffort says:

    was there all morning, L4D is quite brilliant and a definate buy. Mirror’s Edge crashed 3 times on me, and i was told not to play a later level of Far Cry 2 due to a lack of polish. But L4D was excellent, can’t wait for the release!

  13. Arienette says:

    The controls for mirror’s edge could’ve done with some explaining, but dead space made me cack myself.

  14. Rosti says:

    Ooo! This sounds good. Am hopefully turning up on Sunday – anyone know how much a taxi might cost from Coventry train station to the site?

  15. Kieron Gillen says:

    Cost me 13 quid, I think.


  16. Reader No. 4 says:

    “i was told not to play a later level of Far Cry 2 due to a lack of polish.”

    I thought it was one big open world, Oblivion-style? How does it have levels?

  17. Steve says:

    Was there today, L4D is pretty great. But what’s with all the bloody consoles? I had to play Mirror’s Edge on the worst controller conceived by man (read: PS3). Not to mention I saw it crash about 4 times.

    I didn’t see any of you RPS chaps (maybe my tired eyesight missed you), although I did catch this at the L4D booth :p.
    Oh, and apparent lack of Dawn of War 2 was utterly disappointing.

  18. Vanderdecken says:

    I ARE THERE. It are win. I stood next to Kieron. He was wearing his ‘I write comics and am dangerous’ coat.

  19. deadbob says:

    been there, couldnt stay long, only a few hours, L4D was great, couldnt find any of the RPS blokes, but not for want of trying, :), (did catch ross from PCG at least :)), well worth it, if only for L4D, my friend thanks you for the free ticket and the yoyo booth babes, though we were both disapointed by the lack of DoW2, hopefully they will show something more thant the trailer later on in the night. You’ll definately have to organise a proper RPS pub meet at some point.

    P.S. farcry 2 was great as well.

  20. John P (Katsumoto) says:

    Just got back, Left 4 Dead was indeed brilliant, can’t wait. I also enjoyed your silly quiz thing muchly. Didn’t actually pluck up the courage to talk to you guys as I couldn’t think of anything interesting to say, but the guys from PC Zone admired my t-shirt so I had a nice chat with them!

    Roll on November tbh – I also can’t believe the dude from Valve said I was “going to burn in hell” because I inverted my mouse ;)

  21. Arienette says:

    I went up and tried to impress Kieron after the show with clever questions.

  22. GibletHead2000 says:

    Did I miss the cool parts? There appeared to be very little there. That projection dome thing was good and it was nice to see L4D and Mirror’s Edge in action (although the latter was on a console) but I’m glad I didn’t pay for my ticket or travel a long way, because TBH there wasn’t a great deal for us spectators to see. We couldn’t see any of the competitive play (we weren’t allowed in that part) and we exhausted all the other things to do in about an hour.

    Bit miffed I booked the whole day for it, really. I was expecting something a little less… miniscule?

  23. Rosti says:

    Thanks KG; that’s not the bad news I was dreading.

    Anyone fancy playing a game of Werewolf at some point tomorrow? Strikes me as a very RPS thing to be doing and I’m craving a game at the moment.

  24. Switch625 says:

    I went this morning at 11am and by about half twelve we were really hanging around looking for something to do, so we left. It was *tiny*. I was wondering if there was another hall where the rest of it was, but nope, that was it. Nice to see Left 4 Dead and Farcry 2 in action but that was about all that was running on PCs – everything else was consoles and most of it not even new stuff. Glad my ticket was a free one too!
    The jDome was cool though.

  25. Steve says:

    Yeah, I have to agree, it was disappointingly small (especially as we drove 3 hours to get there! Although L4D was worth it).
    What gives? It was run by one of the largest gaming mags in the UK!

  26. deadbob says:


    Yeah, I can understand your disappointment, I only had about 2 hours there (3pm-5pm), but I wasn’t expecting a huge amount to be going on. Around that time the tournaments would be in full swing and therefore nothing outside the LAN play would be planned until after. I can’t complain though, I got to play Mirror’s Edge (prone to crashing and low textured on a PS3 but still cool), Dead Space, Farcry 2, L4D and that dome prototype.

    The only thing that let me down was the lack of any new Dawn of War 2 stuff, but maybe that was being saved until later.

  27. MisterBritish says:

    Did you take part in the LAN? That was after all the point. It’s not an expo or anything.

  28. GibletHead2000 says:

    No, I was just a spectator.

    It may not have been billed as an expo, but it was suggested there’d be stuff worth looking at. They were charging eight odd quid for a spectator ticket (if you paid) which is a bit much for a look at L4D and not much else.

    Would’ve been fine if they’d let us see the tourney stuff but we weren’t allowed in that area, and there were no screens to watch it on. Could have provided more for the spectators, I feel. *sigh*

  29. John P (Katsumoto) says:

    Hmm yes, if it wasn’t for the fact my tickets were free and that I live only 20 miles away I would have felt a bit peeved, but as things stood I had a fun couple of hours, even if I spent most of the time messing about with the ps3s!

    The way we weren’t allowed into the tourney area was a bit stupid – I mean, what were they scared we were going to do heh! Good times were had thought, Left 4 Dead made it all worth it.

  30. deadbob says:

    Trouble is it is a tourney and money IS involved so I can’t blame them for that, I enjoyed myself but the event could have done with a few more things to entertain outside the LAN area. It was dead outside when I went, but as i’ve said, everyone was busy with the lan party and it gave me quick access to the few games available outside that area.

    I must admit I wouldn’t have been so happy if I’d paid for the tickets.

    PS. GibletHead2000
    you know starfleets coming out in dvd soon?

  31. dartt says:

    It’s true, Kieron wore a tie.

    And John wore a hat.

  32. Nick says:

    Was it a fedora?

  33. Free Xbox 360 Premium says:

    I wanted to go to this.

  34. Seniath says:

    To be honest, I went more to meet people than I did to play new games (that was just a bonus), and I had a great time.

    To the naysayers; this was their first one, it’s not going to be perfect, but hopefully it’ll be enough of a success to make the next one even better.

  35. firefeenix says:

    Was there yesterday and had a great time!
    Why are so few people mentioning FarCry 2??? It was so amazing that was enough to have me fizzing with joy for the rest of the day.
    Seriously enjoyed playing Left 4 Dead. Greatly disappointed that Mirrors Edge and Dead Space were on consoles, but not only that, just one console each, surrounded by literally hundreds of other consoles (gentle exaggeration) playing FIFA and Tiger Woods Golf.
    Met some of the RPS guys and set up a Multiwinian war with the foam freebies for a laugh.
    Got to meet a couple of the PCG guys too.
    All in all, great success. Fun times had. Great people met and laughed with. Incredible games played (FarCry 2!!! Left 4 Dead). Silly things accomplished.

  36. King Awesome says:

    I was there too as a spectator along with my housemate Gordon Freeman. As others have said the best part was Left 4 Dead, the old standby alcohol and getting to meet some new people and RPS writers. It felt like it could be a really interesting thing, a magazine holding an event day for games rather than game publishers. The focus was different, informal and fanesque.

    It did bear all the hall marks of a first time event type thing. The acoustics in the hall were pretty bad making it difficult to hear anyone talking on a microphone. A couple more mini events woulfd have gone down a treat, my only experience of a similar thing on an albiet much larger scale was the games convention at Leipzig and the best parts of that were the suprising things you could discover round a corner. Gaming art installations, a man playing classic gaming theme tunes on a piano to request, interactive stuff to do, presentations! (‘d have loved to hear Chet ramble about Left 4 Dead at length). We are games we should be able to do interactive!

    There weren’t enough PC games in the exhibition area either, I’d love to see some smaller games getting exposure. Introversion made it up but more of that please :).

    The best part was the bantering, serious chat and general video game talking. This is where a video game magazine has its strongest voice. I think you could have had two or three talky type events across the day on different subjects in rooms with better acoustics.

    Also guys, schedules, schedules schedules! The main irritant was not knowing when the quiz was going to start and whether ther would be anything happening in between that and the turning off of all the fun parts.

    Other fun stuff: Kieron drinking a teeny tiny wine bottle deliberately, John seeming very, very happy which cheered me up just looking at him, cut-scene re-enactments, embarrisng confessions of IRC/blogging handles, RPS handshake, embarrasing overabundance of ‘booth babes’ leading to gaming shame (though they seemed very nice people), Paul Barnett loving champagne, Tim’s girlfriend’s drawings, Ross for being a lovely chap.

  37. TooNu says:

    Should be gaming conventions in Sweden, here we don’t need to go to modelling agencies for booth babes, most of the women here are generally attractive. Come to Sweden!

  38. gromit says:

    You don’t fool me TooNu!

  39. dartt says:

    firefeenix, I was there with the multiwinian army! You came and set it up on the table we were sitting at :)

    King Awesome, it was great to meet you and the Free Man, come visit in the RPS chat room some time!

  40. Ketch says:

    I’m sitting clutching my free tickets, crying into them up north =[

  41. GibletHead2000 says:

    deadbob: Thanks for that, I didn’t know. My VHS copies are on the verge of collapse.

  42. High Memetic 80s Hero says:

    The event was great, kinda wish there was more to see because there weren’t enough PC games in the exhibition. No Dawn of War 2 which was a shame, they just kept looping that bloody trailer which started to get annoying after a while because it was so loud.

    Wanted to bring my rig but this was a last minute thing for me but i sometimes played on a 4king pc and played some TF2 with the PCG guys. I dominated Tim so i was happy.

    Of course Left 4 Dead was the best thing on show, got to play it like 7 times and even the later stage at the hospital. Was doing well until the bloody tank smacked me off the roof into the skybox. Was nice chatting with Chet, he was nice but wouldn’t give any secrets away.

    Only briefly got to try Far Cry 2, Left 4 Dead had more people wanting to play it but i got to play it more than Far Cry just because some greedy fuckers were hogging it all day even when people behind them clearly wanted to try it, should have had a time limit.

    Dead space on 360 wasn’t bad, it was fun. I found Mirrors Edge really disapointing, buggy and kept crashing all day.

    Got into the Lan no problem after i helped the PCG guys out, Ross said i could freely go around which was great. <3
    The quiz was great, i only wish it was longer.

    Overal had a fantastic time meeting some great people and had lots of laughs. If i had any negative to say i think some of the staff (park people and security) were rude and unhelpful sometimes. They also didn’t know where anything was onsite or what was going on. But ah!

    Look forward to the next one!

  43. Monkfish says:

    Popped along early yesterday afternoon – couldn’t stay long, but managed to check out Far Cry 2 running on monstrously powerful, water-cooled PCs. Look forward to playing it on my less-powerful, non-water-cooled PC.

    Left4Dead was absolutely spot-on, too, and rightfully attracted the most attention. Roll on November…

    Also witnessed Ross encouraging a poor geezer who was attempting to play Mirror’s Edge on the CRASHIEST PS3 EVER to smile and “look like you’re enjoying yourself” for the photographer. Which made me chuckle.

    Actually, EA could’ve tried a bit lot harder with Mirror’s Edge – their stand at Showdown being an abject lesson in How Not To Sell Your Game.

    Overall, though, not bad. Wish I could’ve stayed for the beer, merriment and a bit of banter. Maybe next time…

  44. Matt says:

    Alreet, just returned from the event myself. We were planning on camping but couldn’t be buggered in the end (mainly cos we heard we had to pay a shite load for the privilege), so went home and had pizza, beer and half drunken fifa 08 matches. We had come for L4D and FC2 which were awesome, but spent most of the time playing fifa 09.

    Something about fifa 09 is completely awesome, it seems to have better physical interaction than any of the others. We were just piddling about for the most part seeing who could get the most awesome sending off, or whether the ref can be fouled (we believe he can, but were unsuccessful this time).

    Towards the end last night we were watching Far Cry 2, someone had gotten into a gunfight on a train track. He injured a guy who was lying with his neck resting nicely over the track itself. His mate was urging him to put a bullet in the head of the injured foe to finish him off, stating that it would be okay to do so because it’s just a videogame. He hesitantly walked up and did said deed, and as he looked up a truck roared over the train track and smashed right into him killing him instantly. Which sent everyone but the player into a fit of laughter. Karma can be a bugger.

    We went again this morning just to see if we could get another go on FC2, which we did and I was rubbish this time (crashed my car into a lake, ran around aimlessly and shot someone in a friendly village for pushing me away so I tried to leg it, but again got lost and eventually got prawned). Mr. AcousticToad who I went with had a better go which ended with him standing next to a ‘splodey barrel, which he shot for some awesome ‘splodey suicide action, for which he was congratulated.

    We decided against bringing our ‘puters this time, but if this turns into an annual thing, we may well bring ’em next time. Time to unleash the wrath of the Wombat onto the PC gaming world we thinks. Though we are rubbish when it comes to doing anything competitively, and usually end up shooting ourselves or diving off high buildings (which was contemplated during a L4D match, but I decided against it)

  45. firefeenix says:


    I feel the army was a great success :P
    I think my friend (crouching, taking a photo in that shot), who’s idea it was, was mistaken for an Introversion employee for trying to set it up. We were hoping for a much larger army but eveyone hung onto their Multiwinian’s for dear life and I was only able to blag 8 of each colour from one of the lovely ladies working the stands.

    I really hope this becomes an annual event and I am not at all surprised by EA’s complete lack of competency in showing their games. Its almost as if they dont want people to play their games.
    I hope next year to be able to watch the tournaments on view-screens or something. There was just too much seperation between the “spectators” (no spectating took place in the slightest) and the competitors.

  46. Rosti says:

    Hello Matt; random response but I witnessed AcousticToad’s ‘splodey barrel action and congratulated appropriately (although I think I was eating a sandwich at the time, so it would have been a thumbs up.) Excellent work all round.

    Mostly agree with the vibe here from other spectators – intersting stuff and people, a little thin but very promising. If it’s not in the back of beyond would be up for LANning and some sort of RPS uprising.

  47. Pete says:

    High Memetic 80s Hero – Sorry you didn’t get a chance to play it as much as you wanted. We were working on the system of “you die, next person goes on”. In hindsight, a hard time limit would have worked better. Due to various non-game related issues it also wasn’t running on two of the four PCs we had there which obviously didn’t help the queues.

    FruitlessEffort – Not polish, just spoilers. It’s a huge game – 80% into the game represents maybe 40+ hours of gameplay and associated story. That’s the only reason we were loading up the earlier save files (usually around 10 or 20%). Had I more time I’d probably have removed the later save files – no sense spoiling the story before the game’s out.

    Hope that answers a few questions.

  48. firefeenix says:

    @ Pete

    Were you the Ubisoft guy working the stand?

  49. x25killa says:

    “anyone looking for a vitamin C molecule will have to have brought it from home.”

    Or if you were lucky enough, you get an orange from Tim Edwards :)

    That PCGamer lan event was epic. Now I have to wait roughly 2 months for left4dead to be released :(

  50. Vanderdecken says:

    @x25killa: Woo! We were orange tossed by Tim Edwards!

    Or not…