Empire: Total War: Land Battles Trailer

Oh boy, this is the big one for strategy types. The land battles trailer for Empire: Total War shows those 18th century musketeers in action, with the ultra-detailed new battle maps that allow proper use of terrain, and of buildings. The game is coming up in February 2009 and I’m already writing off most of the month’s potential productivity… We should have more detailed info on the game for you soon.

That campaign map is beautiful.


  1. black man says:

    no engilısh-no france-no america-no rusia

  2. black man says:

    no france emparyalistttttttttttt

  3. Suspicious says:

    want. but after reading the reviews and comments about M2 im not entirely sure i want to buy it. been playing Rome forever and never felt a need to switch until i heard Empire might be a multi-threaded game that can utilize more than one core of your processor. if thats the case they have a lot of power to work with and i can believe it might be a good investment as eventually mods will come out to simulate any time period/ fantasy realm you can think of just like Rome has currently.

    and just for the record i dont think:

    “p.p.s. And while I’m ranting and raving, I might as well mention CA’s support towards moders. As in the fact that it’s non-existent. Lots of people put in a ton of effort and time in mods for RTW, producing stuff which outshone RTW, and made expansions like Barbarian invasion (or, *snicker* alexander) laughable in comparison. Europa Barbarorum, Fourth age and Napoleonic are but a few of those.”

    …is entirely true.

    as far as i know Fourth Age requires Barbarian Invasion.

  4. black man says:

    dağılın lan osmanlı geliyor heyttttttttttttt

  5. black man says:

    no france no franceeeeeeeeee napolyon = manys

  6. BoltingTurtle02 says:

    I would equate the open formations they show as being a compromise for the sake of collision detection. In any event, shoulder to shoulder did not always mean that in a literal sense. Until the French developed a good system for deploying swiftly into column the emphasis was entirely on firepower, which necessistated that troops have some degree of freedom for movement. Any game developer would take this leeway to cut down on the processor burden that results from huge formations colliding with eachother.
    The only way around this that I can think of would be totally scripted drill movements (actually not a bad idea) that would have to be individual for each nation that used a different system. It is far easier to use a dirivative of A* that will set spacing and force the system to use a limited number of turns to approximate drill movement, but most players would have no appetite for the loss in freedom of anything remotely resembling an implementation of an 18th century drill manual. I fear that most will already be frustrated by the game’s demand that you micromanage volleys.

    I can’t say how pleased I am at the superficial historical accuracy displayed so far. The cannons fire solid shot, and The uniforms passingly resemble some actually used. This is a step up for Total War, which has not had decent authenticity at any point in it’s existence, and has usually been abysmal and more influenced by what people expect than what actually happened. The only exception would be Shogun, but I exempt that because there wasn’t much chance for detail with bitmap soldiers.

  7. Paravin says:

    Damn, I can’t wait.
    I just hope they include some more larger, unoticed revolutions. For instance, if the Russian faction has made Riga and the Baltics a great place ( high civilization, very advanced etc. ) and a revolution happens in one of the cities, the whole Baltics could divide from the Russians, and try to get their independance.
    Apcourse, If I was the Russian faction, I’d surrender to them, and allow them to make me their vassal.

  8. Kevimaster says:

    Sop talking about Company of Heroes. Sorry if he did a while ago but I have no time to finish reading. COH may have gotten by without the big flags (and it is my favorite game currently) but the total war games need things like that for the massive scale. You get two nations fighting together on low graphics (mine is high but my friends is not) with similar units and it can be very hard to distinquish without using the flashing green and red thing. Which is annoying. Oh, and there are no where near as many seiges in this one! The others were in medieval times, many more seiges then. Can not wait to get this game. On my “things to do… URGENT” list! PS I thought Medieval was and is (just reinstalled after watching trailer) very fun. The game can be hard at certain points.

  9. Xander77 says:

    Better AI and diplomacy that is more than “give me a moment to kill some other guys before your sudden and inevitable betrayal” would make this a perfect game.

  10. Sandafluffoid says:

    And I thought the fight animations in med II were cool. Seriously, I will lose every battle because I’ll be too busy staring at the infantry fights.

  11. rrcc says:

    this looks like an awesome game and i hoe they have improved on MTW2 AI tacttics with cavalary of sending them round behind the main army to attack your flank,this got exteremely boring and repetetive

  12. rrcc says:

    About the FMV:after the bit wer it said “actual gameplay footage” it was in game however i suspect the HUD was slightly edited to make for better viewing

  13. messi says:

    how many turns are there in the empire total war game?