Not So Sacred It Won’t Have A Demo: Sacred 2

I’ve never played Sacred or its add-ons, so unfortunately this’ll be another one of those “Here is a game. Er.” posts. Sorry! I’m given to understand it’s highly appreciated by a sizeable fanbase however, and that doubled-edged sword of “big in Germany” can certainly be applied to it. The sequel‘s been in the offing for what feels like ages, but finally we have a demo to judge it by. Features T-Energy and High Elves, apparently. Hmm. I’ll return to Multiwinia for now, I think.

If you fancy a gander at this fantasy action-RPG prequel (it may have 2 in the title, but it’s set two millenia before the original game), grab all 1.71 hnnnng gigabytes of demo from here. It features one of the six playable races, the entire High Elf region and leeway to take your dude up to level 10. The most recent, and unintentionally comedic, trailer’s beneath the cut, in case you can’t stomach that frighteningly large demo download. Features skellingtons and a man playing the drums, while another man sings into a magical microphone that looks like a big green willy.


  1. 357SIG says:

    Sweet, I was a big fan of the original sacred. It gave me the satisfaction that diablo didn’t….. besides you could play it for hours and only explore 1.2% of the games overall world.

  2. Noc says:

    Re:The trailer:
    . . . what?

  3. 357SIG says:

    ….. I honestly have NO idea

  4. Jacques says:

    “Ingame you’ll see the concert by helping the band with a delicate mission. A mission that will lead you to many dangerous places, in search of the most valuable treasures a musician has. If you succeed in this mission you will gain gold, glory and the thanks of the band. You’ll also get to see the first ever ingame Blind Guardian concert, enjoying an almost six minute long cutscene that you’ll want to watch over and over again!”
    From the Sacred 2 website.
    Also, Blind Guardian are some German metal band, a quick check on Wiki shows that they’re nerds that are inspired by Tolkien and Moorcock.

    Think what 16 Volt did in Primal.

  5. newt says:

    Who needs Sacred when there’s King’s Bounty to be played! RPS get your hands on it, quick. It’s brilliant.

  6. Jacques says:

    But S2 has bikini clad angel babes riding tigers!!!!!!!

  7. Fetthesten says:

    So Sacred 2 is high fantasy… with laser guns. Glad that’s cleared up.

  8. Jonas says:

    I hereby declare my undying love for this trailer/music video(!?)


  9. Butler` says:

    meh waiting on diablo3 for my ARPG kicks

  10. Ozzie says:

    WTF indeed.

  11. newt says:

    But S2 has bikini clad angel babes riding tigers!!!!!!!

    But can you marry them? And make ’em pregnant? You know, I’ve just married a zombie in King’s Bounty. And brought her back to life, just to file a divorce right away. And she took some of my treasure. I think I’m in love! (with this game)

  12. Thiefsie says:

    and i watch a lot of shit from gametrailers

  13. GC says:

    best trailer teaser in ages

  14. Pemptus says:

    Good lord. Please don’t judge Blind Guardian harshly over this. Their older stuff is pretty awesome.
    Sacred 2? I want to believe, but it’s increasingly harder for me to do so…

  15. SixStringSamurai says:

    everything was cool except for the uh… laser gun on the anubite guy. huh?

  16. Tei says:

    Sacred 1 was a “fun diablo clone”, and thats important because all other diablo clones are dull. That make Sacred very special.

    Another interesting feature of Sacred hare the clases, very crazy and interesting. That makse Sacred 1 x2 very special game.
    Is also cheap, something like 10€ in the garbain bin of any mall.

  17. Mister Yuck says:

    The laser gun? The laser gun is what you took issue with in that trailer? What?

    Also, great name.

  18. M.P. says:

    Did Blind Guardian do that song for free in exchange for their unrealistically youthful and flattering CGI avatars?

  19. Flubb says:

    Ahhh the happy hours of playing Moria with BG in the background.

    I’m failing to see what the fuss about King’s bounty is- afaics it’s HOMM4/5 but prettier. Not that that is a bad thing, but I’m failing to see innovation anywhere (still loving it)

  20. onkellou says:

    “Sacred 1 was a “fun diablo clone”, and thats important because all other diablo clones are dull. That make Sacred very special.”

    I for one found Sacred pretty dull, and the S2 demo is not a patch on Titan Quest, neither technically, nor fun-wise. Rather disappointed by the demo. :-/

  21. Myros says:

    “sings into a magical microphone that looks like a big green willy.”

    Obsess about your phalic much? Of course maybe your willy actually looks like that in which case I’d recommend a good doctor/surgeon. ;p

    As far as the video goes it does seem a little odd for a fantasy rpg, but not enough to put me off the game. What would put me off would be the fact that the first game was packed full of bugs on release, many of which took almost a year to fix. It was still a decent effort though and I will likely try out the new game … though after reading some user feedback first.

  22. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    Sacred was a pretty spiffy Diablo clone, although I found it to be a few steps ahead of Diablo in terms of pace, quest system and combat. Plus, graphics were very charming and not the grainy emo type. Plus, mounts. Plus, a dwarf with shotguns (or were those blunderbusses?).

  23. Batolemaeus says:

    Sacred had a skill named “Bee Eff Gee” for the Seraphim…guess what it did.
    Yes, she summons some kind of GUN that shoots GREEN projectiles with SPLASH DAMAGE.
    How friggin awesome can it get in an action rpg?

    I loved Sacred, honestly. There are so many in-jokes (like the game masters of multiplayer servers hiding in secret locations in the addon, but as undeads..), blatant jokes (graves have insignias..all of them more or less comedic), gaming references and others references (like..a killer rabbid..the fleshwound-joke was in too i think), it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

    What i saw in the demo of Scared 2 was the stuff i loved in Sacred 1: A huge world, interesting ways to spec your character, very interesting classes (at least from the description, although i’d love my mine laying dwarf back), and a good portion of humour.

    Sacred is a game about gaming if you ask me. So many references to other games, some obvious, some hidden. Sorry diablo, but i found someone who showed me more love..

  24. Rook says:

    I’m not really too up on action RPGs not even having played Diablo, but I did play through Titan Quest at a LAN once, and this feels pretty much the same, but prettier. I might pass on the recommendation for our christmas LAN.

  25. EyeMessiah says:

    Is that actual game footage?

  26. Jacques says:

    Is that actual game footage?


  27. Jamie says:

    Right so I can only be the elf woman? is this the dev’s idea of a joke?

    Whenever I change to the badass with the gun arm, ‘start mission’ is non-clickable, wtf?

  28. Batolemaeus says:

    It’s the demo, so they apparently only included the starting area of the sexy woman with wings. Which is actually pretty expansive if you explore it all.

    But yeah, i wanted to go all cyborged, too.

  29. Julian Montebartholemieau, Esquire says:

    Nice to see Blind Guardian still suck as much as they did 20 years ago.