OpFlash 2: (Very) Wobblecam Footage

The Firstlook 2008 games event took place in Amsterdam last saturday and a few interesting materials are emerging. One is the Operation Flashpoint 2 presentation which PS3Life.nl have up on their site, and I’ve embedded after the jump. Despite the rather wobbly camera action it does demonstrate the impressive level of detail in the forthcoming soldier sim. As we’ve mentioned many times before, it’s no ArmA, but in that Far Cry/Far Cry2 way, it looks like it might be developing into something really interesting on its own right. Thanks to Nabeel for the link.

These might take a moment to load.


  1. The Shed says:

    Video’s surely aren’t working for me. To PS3life.nl…EDIT: Oh wait now they are. That was random.

    …Wow. That looks like some good shit, albeit a little on the CoD4 side. Sad to see they’ve removed the classic OpFlash moving crosshair =(

  2. Gap Gen says:

    It’s a shame ArmA’s campaign structure is so weak, as the game itself is great fun. We’ve started up semi-weekly sessions, and things like paradropping out of a blackhawk into enemy territory (or the sea), or an infantryman surviving a point-blank shot from a cannon, or the whole team being down apart from one guy frantically trying not to die are what make it.

  3. RiptoR says:

    Looks like the lovechild of Call of Duty 4 and Crysis…

    I loved the original OFP, Arma wasn’t too bad, but I can’t seem to get into this one. It bears the name of OFP, but I doubt it will play like the original.

  4. phuzz says:

    The bit that excited me the most was the animations of a bloke climbing into a hummer.
    Sad I know, but a step up from almost every other game I can remember where the vehicle entering animations are rubbish, or just non existent (so this will at least be better than OpF in one way ;))

  5. Kitt Basch says:

    Ooh, attachments. I’ve wasted so much time messing around with the different attachments in Rainbow Six Vegas, they’re just inexplicably addictive.

  6. nabeel says:

    Engine’s looking good, I hope we get to see some direct feed video soon.


  7. dartt says:

    Great find nabeel!
    I’m really interested to see how this turns out, I loved OF but Arma didn’t really do it for me for some reason.

  8. Bema says:

    Looks great – and the work they’ve put in is looking great.

  9. Aubrey says:

    “Sad I know, but a step up from almost every other game I can remember where the vehicle entering animations are rubbish, or just non existent ”

    I prefer when they’re non existant :( (or atleast very tight – Far Cry 2’s don’t look too annoying). First time you get in a vehicle is about the only time I enjoy a transition animation. After that, it’s increasingly “hurry the fuck up and put me back in control!”

  10. Tackle says:

    Anyone else having problems with the flash videos?

    It’s making my Internet Explorer 7 crash. It’s making my firefox crash.
    It’s making my Google Chrome crash, but it doesn’t kill the browser, but still gives the unhandled exception error.

    Cannot view the videos…

    Sounds like a flash problem surely, but I’m curious; anyone else?

    Ok fixed it. Had some software installed, “Camstreams media encoder”. Had a file; ipcamera_mjpeg.ax or something, that crashed flash. I installed that yesterday to set up a webcam.

    Good bye camstreams! Works fine now.

  11. nichevo says:

    It does look rather like COD4. Which is fine by me, provided they keep OFP’s openness and make sure the player doesn’t have COD-style superhumanness.

  12. phuzz says:

    @ Aubrey, I hear what you say, and it annoys me too, usually, but as you can see from the reloading animations, everything takes a realistic amount of time in OpF, if you get shot while you’re climbing into a jeep, well, you should have stayed in cover a bit longer then shouldn’t you.
    Harsh, but realistic is what they’re going for (I hope).

  13. MetalCircus says:

    In all honesty, OPF was a buggy nightmare of a game. It’s about as user friendly as rubbing salt in your eyes to be honest. It’s probably a great military sim, but it was so unpolished and buggy that it was rendered unplayable for me personally. I hope it retains the same sense of realism and authenticity (which is what attracted me to the original) but without the ridiculousl roughness and general buggy nature of the original (which is what drove me away)

  14. Joe says:

    Multiplayer OpF was an absolute joy. I had my own private game which was to jump in a tractor and survive for as long as possible before being shot.

  15. Dracko says:

    Any idea yet what kind of system would be required to run this?