King’s Bounty Demo Updated: A Taste Of Paradise?

You know, considering my girlfriend bought me some Clanrats today, I probably should get around to playing this
As we previously reported, there’s a demo out for King’s Bounty: The Legend. But what we haven’t reported yet is there’s an updated demo available which features improved text and translation, video card support and – perhaps more appealingly – new character classes of Demons, Orcs and Cyclops. We haven’t reported it yet, but that’s what we’re doing now. RPS Satanist Ed Says: Hurrah for Demons!


  1. Wounder says:

    The link appears to be kerflunked. Alas.

  2. Feet says:

    Full stop at the end. Tsch.

  3. Jeff says:

    so is this game awesome?

  4. Jesucristo says:

    Does this demo have Star Force?. I mean the updated one

  5. jamuel scones says:

    It’s excellent. Very addictive. I never really got on with the HOMM series, but this is just right.

  6. Jochen Scheisse says:

    I played the first demo, and I found it boring. Warcrafty cartoon graphics, the combat felt like a chore (and I like TBS) and the story was just boring me to death.

  7. Andthensobecause says:

    The original demo was pretty amusing. You can get a wife and your text options are something like.
    1) I think you are really special let’s have a baby.
    2) Why are you a zombie?
    3) This just isn’t working out anymore.

    It was quite fun though, that game. Also, babies give you stats.

  8. MetalCircus says:

    …and the story was just boring me to death.

    Wait, what? You guys play games for storylines? Ho, ho, ho!

    Oh you guys. Such jokers.

  9. The Hammer says:

    I’m not sure whether you’re being sarcastic or not, Metal.

  10. Turin Turambar says:

    My actual game. I am liking it a lot. :)

  11. newt says:

    The more I play it, the more I think they nailed the HoM&M formula like no one ever did before. The amount of detail both in the travel & battle phases is insane. And the way quests are intertwined with character progress makes other RPGs pale in comparison. Every single thing in this world seems to have a clear purpose.

    so is this game awesome?


  12. Kynes says:

    Have any other sites caught the demo yet? I can barely get any speed off of the FTP, and I’d like to see if this added video card support includes my POS (tied to an intel 965gm at the moment, sadly).

  13. Zeewolf says:

    This is one of the best PC-games I’ve played in years.

  14. Flubb says:

    As some other review pointed out, some early battles are insanely difficult, which is not what you’d expect to find outside your initial spawn.
    Having said that, it means (endless) travelling backwards and forwards between lands trying to find mobs at your level, which is both interesting, and frustrating.

  15. Duke says:

    During installation:
    [x] Store game settings to game folder instead of “My Docments”


  16. Frank says:

    Awesome? Yes, probably better than HOMM2 (the best of the series for the uninformed).

  17. Viridian says:

    The link is down again. I couldn’t get it earlier because of the very slow speed; now that I’m ready to let it run overnight the link is dead. Is there a mirror of this file anywhere?

  18. pestilen says:

    I played it (russian version) since day one, loved it. The team is very attentive to constructive critisism, patching the holes left/right.
    Don’t like the cartoonish look? Disciplies III is the game for you then. And for me. And for everybody in the room.
    Don’t like the storyline? Go read some books.

  19. Severian says:

    i am intrigued by this. my first reaction was disappointment that the focus is on RPG instead of full-blown TBS fantasy warfare (with multiple armies). but the fact of the matter is that most AI’s are terrible at the latter but can be decent in tactical combat. the focus of this game may be a strong feature. any word on Stardock’s fantasy TBS?

  20. Alec Meer says:

    Been playing the full game, and I’m having a grand old time. Will hopefully pen a Verdict or suchlike soon.

  21. SwiftRanger says:

    I really like it, it’s cute but that’s not an issue at all.

  22. Dan says:

    Wait, where are the different character classes? I downloaded the updated version to try them before I got this, and I can’t seem to find them.

  23. elias says:

    I can’t seem to, either. I think maybe the mirrors I linked don’t have the new version? Apparently there are two mirrors with the new version and they are linked here.