Left 4 Dead Official Blogginess

First post is up, talking about Valve’s trials and tribulations with playtesting and finalising their games:

After three days of testing Half Life 2, Gabe Newell’s cousin gouged out his own eyes, turned his bloody face to the sky and began screaming, “I can still see Alyx!” So what with the constant game playing and the eye trauma, it’s all pretty horrific.



  1. Davik says:

    YAY. I love Valve’s blogs (or rather, blog, so far). The backstory they provide just adds that bit extra to the depth of the characters.

    Can’t wait for some more updates. Also, played L4D at the Showdown. Fucking Epic.

  2. Shadowmancer says:

    adding the rss only adds the tf2 blog to my current rss subscriptions? anyone else got the same bug?

  3. JakeB says:

    Yeah, probably just copied and pasted the rss feed..lol

  4. frymaster says:

    The RSS feed works, but I had to click on the “RSS feed” link… ie my rss icon didn’t light up on the webpage

  5. Lh'owon says:

    Oh dear, I can feel the inexorable NewValveGame hype gripping me now. Want. WANT.

    EDIT (nice new edit-thingy btw): Yea, the RSS at link to l4d.com works now.

  6. Nahual says:

    I guess that’s why Half Life is so good, it’s made out of pure hate.

  7. Chris R says:

    lol @ “Tighten up the graphics”

  8. Reader No. 4 says:

    Games with loose graphics are the worst games.

  9. changeling says:

    great looking blog – i like the tf2 one as well

    Sort of unrelated, but Valve have indeed changed the box art ( it’s now a left hand with severed thumb, not right) to take advantage of all possible punniness! yay!

  10. Del Boy says:

    It’s always made me wonder how games developers actually remain subjective about their game after playing through it for the 50th time.

    I suppose it just boils down to self belief. It must be the same with comedians, they write a great gag, repeat it over and over again and it ceases to be funny….to them.

  11. Nimic says:


  12. RichPowers says:

    hahah “tighten up the graphics.”

    I really dig the Valve blogs. The latest TF2 entry is simply titled “Gentlemen,” which I find hilarious simply due to the number of absurd spy-related sprays that plaster most pub servers.

  13. Alex says:

    So do you RPS sleuths know if the Turtle Rock guys have been completely absorbed into the Seattle office, or if they’re still doing their own thing in California?

  14. Y3k-Bug says:

    As I remember it, they work out of California.

  15. SPEEDCORE says:

    “Until you have to play it 30 times in a row as fast as you can and also get the “Collect All the Grubs” achievement or you’re fired. ”

    Fun times!

  16. Tertiee says:

    @Alex: Doug said in an interview that Turtle Rock refused to leave the California sun and instead turned into Valve South

  17. Lacobus says:

    This blog won’t work, no matter how many times you tell people testing games ‘is not actually that fun you know’, they don’t listen. Anyone here felt like gouging out their own eyballs?

  18. DarthS says:

    I played have been playing L4D all night at the showdown if they hadn’t closed the booth at 5. :(

    That build was 2 months old, but you could see where the graphics still needed work; a bit of clipping and the flame effects were quite basic in contrast to Episode 2.

  19. phuzz says:

    Been waiting for this game for what seems like years now (in fact, thinking about it, it has been years), and I’m starting to get a little bored of the wait.
    Come one, come on, come on Valve! I want to shoot zombies in the face!

  20. Dominic White says:

    We’ve been waiting years, and we can wait a couple months more – you wouldn’t want Valve to rush anything, anyway. Look at Team Fortress 2 and Portal for examples of what happens when you let them slow-cook a game to moist, juicy perfection.