This Sporting Life: NBA & WWE On PC

I would love to talk to these men about poetry

My writing this post is probably fairly akin to David Beckham talking about Dungeon Keeper 2, but thought I’d aggregate a couple of sporting links kindly folk have sent us lately. There’s been a trend over the last few years to stop porting B-list (and I mean that in the polite sense) games to PC, most especially sports titles. However, we’re seeing something of a porting rennaissance at the moment – for every publisher/developer who claims they’re washing their hands of PC due to the P word, another seems to redouble their efforts to release everything they’ve got on it. Capcom are an impressive example of the latter with stuff like Street Fighter 4, but seems like 2K and THQ are returning to our loving arms too.

We hear from Richo that 2K are releasing their latest basket-to-ball game, NBA 2K9, on PC, and mercifully it’ll be a port of the shiny 360 version rather than a Wii or PS2 eyesore.

Additionally, The B dropped us a line to say THQ are planning on an online PC version of their long-running man-slapping WWE series, Smackdown vs RAW. Sounds like, as with Company of Heroes Online, it’s specifically for the Asian market, but it’s a wrasslin-based MMO is a hilarious concept, so let’s hope it reaches the West too. Not due until 2010, but by the sound of it’s actually a PC exclusive rather than a port. Interesting stuff.

Much as, in all honesty, I personally care about each of those games about as much as I care about athlete’s foot, it’s fine news indeed that PC gamers aren’t denied such sweaty delights.


  1. Chris Evans says:

    A shame there is no Facebreaker coming to the PC, that would be so awesome if it did.

    I also think the wrestling MMO has potential to be loads of fun. No seriously, create your own wacky storylines and get the chance to put your friends through tables? Hells yeah!

  2. Optimaximal says:

    They’ve probably seen the large sports-centric gap in the market now EA Sports have semi-officially abandoned the our platform.

  3. Alex Cox says:

    Don’t worry about the lack of Facebreaker, Chris Evans — it’s only appealing for about 5 minutes. That sort of in-and-out, ADHD game is of the variety that’s most likely to get pirated, wouldn’t you think?

    I’m not quite sure why THQ is wasting its time, though. Presumably because once the WWE game is ported it can get away with pushing out the barely-noticeable yearly iterations with little to no requirement for actual work.

  4. skillian says:

    Well, I’m pretty damn happy about this. As long as NBA 2K9 supports two players on one machine (and surely it will) then I’ll almost definitely buy it.

    I haven’t played a wrestling game since the N64, but I doubt that will appeal to me. SF IV will hopefully take care of my beat-em-up (rather than hug-em-up) needs.

  5. mashakos says:

    NBA 2K9 on the PC? A perfect port to boot?

    the apocalypse is near!

  6. Trousers says:

    I’ll pay money for 2k9 even though I don’t really follow basketball, just to support this kind of thing (up with that).

    I outgrew wrestling and can’t go back no matter how hard I try, so I won’t be checking out smackdown. I still wish EA would port a nice version of the 360 Madden 09 to PC. Didn’t I hear EA changed their minds and decided to keep making madden for the PC (with more effort even!)? I thought I remembered “09” somewhere in the story, but I never understood if that was referring to the football season or the year.

    I’d also pay good money for a proper port of the next Fight Night, but that’s more of a long shot, especially given the ports I’ve purchased recently, mainly the Madden 08 port, which only had PS2 features (WHY?!?!) and most recently Mercenaries 2.

  7. Lavitz says:

    Oh SHIT!! I don’t watch wwe for a long time but wrestling games are fun but not owning a console since last gen this is awesome news !!!
    Edit (after reading)
    see how excited i was !!! no wwe smackdown vs raw – back to bashing the game :) But w/e sf 4 !! lol

  8. hamachi wu says:

    NBA 2K9 FOR PC???OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG , i have just cancelled my play asia pre order for the ps3 version after hearing this and r now eagerly awaiting 4 its appearance on bt muhahah

  9. The Apologist says:

    it’s a ball-to-basket game, surely?