More HAWX. Mawx.

Gallic air-war game developer Thomas Simon features in this most recent HAWX trailer, telling us all about how computer-assistance helps players in air combat, just as it does in real-world jet-fighter war. Those men in their marvellous flying machines ain’t nothing without a big old calculator under the hood… For more Thomas Simon action, check out our recent interview with the fella.


  1. Jonas says:

    Eeps Jim, your link to the interview leads to the picture.
    I would like to refresh my memory :)

  2. Feet says:

    I just can’t get past the awful, faux street-like name of this.

  3. Okami says:

    use the force, luke…

  4. Fire_Storm says:

    Reminds me of Fury 3… I like…

  5. Yhancik says:

    Ah, ze Michel Gondry accent !

  6. AlexW says:

    I’m a bit put off that they didn’t show or mention the Eurofighter Typhoon. It had better be in the game, because it’s the most computer-aided of all of them if my memory serves me, and the idea of a fighter that would fall out of the sky if it didn’t have its computers is awesome.

    Also they should just speak in French and have English subs. It would be far easier for everyone involved.

  7. teo says:

    It’s really hard to pilot the plane without the computer?
    The computer keeps the plane flying, but it doesn’t help you pilot it

    I hate unrealistic games trying to play off of realism

  8. Alex says:

    Hmm… isn´s this old like my grandpa´s beard? I remember this mumbling about stupid assistance features from another (or the same?) trailer about months ago.

    Errr… here? link to

  9. Jonas says:

    I love unrealistic games that repurpose boring old realism for their own nafariously entertaining purposes. I’m really not a flight sim guy, but this game looks like it’ll be a right laugh. It looks like the sort of flight game that I might design if given a stupid amount of money.

  10. Optimaximal says:

    So basically it boils down the the next-gen equivalent of Dragons Lair – the QTEs. If you don’t follow the Enhanced Reality on-screen prompts to fly between buildings or evade missiles, then you crash and die.

    Arcade Flight Sims are getting worse – I felt patronised when F-22 Raptor displayed a big label saying ‘FIRE!’ (followed by an audible womans voice saying ‘Fire Now’) once you were in-range and locked onto a enemy (yeah, as if the REAL Raptor does that) – this is taking it even further into the realm of idiot territory.

  11. teo says:

    @Jonas, I don’t mind unrealistic games using real world stuff, but I hate it when they try to say that something’s realistic when it’s not. Like explaining their game mechanics with modern FLCSes and thrust vectoring.

    It’s like Brothers in Arms saying that they put the gore in there because that’s how it’s was, only this is more ridiculous.

    @Optimaximal real fighter jets have shoot cues

  12. Ginger Yellow says:

    I was wondering for quite some time why GCHQ was in that screenshot before I realised it’s probably a football stadium.

  13. Jonas says:

    I think it’s too round to be a football stadium.

  14. Iain says:

    I think he’s being a bit disingenuous with his presentation. You can’t fly a modern fighter jet without computer assistance. You just can’t. The airframes are so aerodynamically unstable that without computer assistance a pilot couldn’t retain control of the aircraft for more than a couple of seconds (irrespective of how good a pilot they are).

    What he’s actually talking about when he says “no computer assistance” is that they’re simply turning off things like the angle of attack and g-force limiters, which do radically increase the maneuverability of the plane, but would, in reality, actually give you no real battlefield advantage. See something like Pugachev’s Cobra – it looks great at an airshow, but you wouldn’t want to do it in combat.

  15. Turin Turambar says:

    Optimaximal was being sarcastic, i believe. Because some real modern fighters have a big hud indicator (and computerized female voice) saying FIRE! when the enemy is in the best range for the selected fire solution.

  16. elias says:


  17. teo says:

    No they don’t Turin
    The F-18 has a ‘shoot’ cue in the HUD in some AA modes, but it certainly doesn’t have voice cues. The computer would never tell you to fire, only give you information about what would happened if you fired. There’s a lot more than range that goes into deciding when to fire missiles.

  18. ElGuapo says:

    Our big, expensive, $1.4 billion with a “B” B-2 bomber that crashed in Guam was found to have crashed because some moisture got into the computer that controls the flight surfaces. Essentially, right after takeoff, it started to crash because the pilots couldn’t fly it at all without the computer. Bailout! GDP of Liberia, down the drain in a few seconds.

    I’ve heard the F-22 is similar.

  19. Fat Zombie says:

    Optimaximal – I am a fan of hardcore flight sims, IL2 being one of my favourites.

    Yet I can also enjoy less punishing flight combat games; the Ace Combat series were one of my faves on the PlayStation. I don’t see why the PC should get something like it.

    After all, if it’s not hardcore enough for you, there’s always more extreme stuff like Falcon 4.0 or LOMAC (I plan to get LOMAC one day). Vive le difference, I say.

  20. Badly Named says:

    I think it’s too round to be a football stadium.

    Looks to me like the Maracana.

  21. Anon says:

    hmmm … I wonder how this game will play out.

    The last semi-realistic flightsim that I enjoyed whole heartedly was NovaLogic’s F-22 lightning III.

    I think what I liked most about NovaLogic’s game was the simplicity of a game, the adrenaline rushes [being deep in SAM site territory with your radar off trying to track enemy fighters using heat-seeking sidewinders], and the low system reqs.

  22. Fat Zombie says:

    Wow, it seems that F22 Lightning 3 is more popular than I had thought.

    It’s the most “contemporary” (modern-day) flightey game I have, and I think it’s rather good. Although I could never shake those SAMs, and my main pleasure was in dropping the B61 tactical nuke onto airbases.

    Oh, and it had an awesome soundtrack. Very 80’s action film.

    Also, could any simbuffs advise me on whether LOMAC is a good flight-sim, or not?

  23. Fat Zombie says:

    (are the cockpit panels in full 3d, like IL2\F-22?)

  24. Anon says:

    Another one that I really enjoyed (and this was because of the map editor especially) and for the audio track (it seems like it was a trend back then eh, Fat Zombie) was iF22 (link to

  25. Klumhru says:

    I honestly thought RPS was playing a joke and posting a screen from Falcon4, as the image looks very much like a Viper climbing out above Seoul with the circular sports stadium and the harbor in the backdrop.

    In fact I had to stop watching the video when he started talking about disabling the FCC and such because I had to go visit an ophthalmologist, an Ear Nose Throat specialist and a neuro-fucking-surgeon. I had clawed out my eyes, stuck a screwdriver in my ear and swished around my brain.

    @Fat Zombie
    Yes, LOMAC and F4 are still the best modern fighter sims around, and look to remain so for the foreseeable future. Be prepared though, for they are not dumbed down arcades like YAWNX, and they don’t parade as such, in the manner that it parades as their peer.
    In regards to cockpit panels, I have yet to see a snap of one in this game. Yes. It is a flight “simulator”, trying to take it self seriously, and has shown no interior shots from the aircraft it purports to simulate.

  26. Ginger Yellow says:

    Badly Named shoots and scores. It’s definitely the Maracana. Cheers.

  27. Jason Moyer says:

    Military technology must be pretty advanced if it lets pilots fly while hovering behind the plane.

  28. JulianP says:

    I stopped watching the moment he said “innovative.”

  29. Shadrach says:

    Meh, looks like Afterburner, only better graphics.

  30. schurem says:

    what’s with all the hate? diversity ftw! to me the game looks promising, and i will most certainly get it.

  31. terry says:

    Not hating exactly but it does rather resemble Tom Clancy’s G-LOC. I would expect more from a “turn off assistance” option than a chase cam view (which I categorically loathe anyway, screw the marginally sharper response). But then I guess it isn’t a simulation and the 360 controllers have finite buttons.

    Edit: Can’t help wishing for a streamlined F-19 Stealth Fighter :(

  32. Fat Zombie says:

    Hmmm. LOMAC seeems interesting, but I think I would die at hardcore modern CFSes. I sucked at F-22, surely that’s proof enough?

    Anyway. I might as well buy it, at £5 a pop. Does anyone know whether it would be playable on a joystick with throttle and 8 buttons? (No twist or hat-switches, it’s a basic Sidewinder)

    I manage IL2 with that amount, but those planes are rather less complex.

  33. Fire_Storm says:

    I have a Saitek X45 and I can happily map EVERY SINGLE button on that (well over 200 combinations) and still have some that rely on the keyboard.

    I tried printing the sheet with all the controls out but it still took too long to find what I was after.

    I have a short attention span so LOMAC fell by the way side. Very pretty though.

  34. pepper says:

    Lomac is pretty hardcore, and definately needs your attention if you plan on staying alive, altough i had some godlike moments in multiplayer flying my frogfoot into enemy territory know that a fighter had spotted me…

    Yes, the panels are 3D, you cant click em though, and its based on photographs. It has TIR support, but not as much as IL-2 of FSX/2004.

  35. James T says:

    Thanks Mawx. Thmawx.

  36. Ice says:

    I know… old thread… but figured I’d jump in anyway. F22 Lightning III is actually my favorite combat sim still today. In fact, I just played it today. The graphics are still decent and the dynamics of the game itself are great. Fat Zombie – a few tips on shaking those SAMS – (1) don’t show up on their scope in the first place – keep your radar off and use uncaged sidewinders as much as possible. (2) If you must be visible to a SAM site, I always carry a couple of HARMs just in case, and take out the SAM site before I get close. (3) If you are fired upon, treat it like any other missle – for me, that means if I’m far enough out, swing around to fly full speed right at the missile – play chicken, if you will. Watch your nav display for the missle to show up, then at the last minute do a nose dive. The missile will fly right above you. One note, though, make sure you have at least a couple thousand feet altitude to work with on this maneuver. Now, if you are not far enough out, ie, right next to the SAM site, then your only hope is to hit the deck and fly right toward the SAM launcher to try to fly under the missile before it can get down to your level. After that, get out as quick as you can before another SAM is fired. Hope these tips help you.