Determinance, A Little Cheaper

Mode 7 Games have announced that their unusual sword-fighting game, Determinance, is now just $10. It’s a peculiar game, and not one that I can fully recommend. It’s great to see people experimenting with different ways of doing melee combat on the PC, but this just seems to be a little lacking in solidity. Hopefully they’re bit a little more, er, grounded in the next game. No need to listen to me though, when there’s a 146mb demo available from here.


  1. Will says:

    Remind me again how this form of combat interface is new?

    What about Die By the Sword? Seems like a poorly implemented clone of that overlooked gem.

  2. Five says:

    Oh, if its anything like Die By The Sword then im definitely interested

  3. Wedge says:

    Actually, the combat is vastly superior to DBtS. Unfortunately the game is primarily multiplayer and it physically can’t work that well when there is any significant amount of latency. That being said, I once got to play it on a LAN setup a couple years ago, and it was amazingly intense when I took on two opponents at the same time, parrying their attacks while striking when the chance arose. I might go try out the demo again now at least.

    The controls were just begging for a Wii port, I wonder if Ian ever had the resources for a prototype of that…

  4. tehf0nx says:

    So how exactly do these controls work, anybody care to elaborate ?

  5. EyeMessiah says:


  6. Rotondo says:

    Had a lot of fun with this back when it was in it’s early stages. Shame I’m a cheap bastard, who’s also poor, otherwise I’d probably give this a buy.

  7. Fat says:

    No way, i disagree with the above… DBTS had far better sword handling than this… it following your mouse movement a lot smoother… this can often seem like it’s sticking to rails and guiding your sword, thought sometimes just wiggles around in the middle of your sights.

    Still good fun though, i just beat up Ed Burns… GG on the off chance you’re reading this. :P

  8. Will says:

    Yeah, this wasn’t too bad, but I agree with Fat – DBtS had definitely smoother sword swinging action.

    Anyone who hasn’t tried DBtS, maybe now would be a good time – there is nothing quite so satisfying as beating a goblin to death with another goblin’s severed arm…

    Shame that the much vaunted co-op in the expansion turned out to be more like a ‘co-op’-style minigame chunklet.