The RPS Electronic Wireless Show Episode 2

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Yes indeed, a second RPS podcast! They said it couldn’t be done. They look like fools now. This time Kieron and John found themselves at the PC Gamer Showdown, huddled into a hotel room, sat on the novelty-sized hotel room beds, full of hangover and cold respectively. We discuss the Showdown, the games we’ve been playing, and who Kieron was once insultingly compared to.

But what you care about most is the sound quality! It’s… slightly better, but still an impromptu recording on an mp3 player, not helped by Kieron boiling the world’s loudest kettle in the background. See below for the running order.

Running Order

0.01 – Kieron explains the dangers of alcohol
0.23 – Where we are – at the PC Gamer Showdown
0.57 – The mysterious bosom game
2.20 – Introversion’s impressive after-sales support
3.02 – Forgetting the names of our readers
3.51 – Kieron has a problem
4.35 – Why Left 4 Dead is awesome
10.08 – Who should you vote for at the Games Media Awards?
11.38 – Chet Faliszek is not a short, bald man
12.02 – Kieron Gillen’s Saved By The Bell Story
14.10 – John Walker is a moron, who calls Warhammer “Warcraft”. He apologises in hindsight.
14.15 – Paul Barnett IS a genius
15.50 – Kieron says a VERY BAD THING
16.40 – John shouts FAR too loud
17.00 – Far Cry 2
18.10 – Kieron auditions for Butlins
19.20 – Fear in games
22.00 – Games that get ignored
23.15 – Singles 2, Kieron’s favourite game
27.44 – Libel corner
28.24 – Where are Jim and Alec?
30.16 – Tales of youth work
31.43 – Back to World Of Goo
34.23 – Kieron… or JC Denton?!
35.30 – The Strong Bad episodes
37.50 – Trying to remember Deathspank
40.44 – Running out of things to say
42.11 – The End

It’s on iTunes, or can be directly downloaded from here. Let us know what thoughts it causes in your head below.


  1. Ian says:

    I dunno if it’ll be the same when we can’t all chip in and unnecessarily bitch at each other after you’ve stated an opinion but I’m willing to give it a go.

  2. subedii says:

    They said it couldn’t be done.


  3. The Apologist says:

    If it makes things easier, I’m willing to pretend that I said it couldn’t be done, even though I didn’t.

  4. terry says:

    Kettle chat!

  5. Dorian Cornelius Jasper says:

    Where are Jim and Alec?

  6. Chris R says:

    In the kettle raising a ruckus.

  7. Alec Meer says:

    We’re not in the club. Which is a shame, as I could have said a lot about Saved By The Bell.

  8. KingMob says:

    Guys, there’s a new feature called “Noise Reduction,” available for many commercial sound development products, and you can use it to reduce background noise to nothing.

    Check it out – it works wonders!
    … please?

  9. Theoban says:

    Well if no-one’s going to say it…I really liked the first one so thanks for doing another. It shall keep me sane on my way to work on Monday.

  10. Matt says:

    improvement over the first, I’m loving the witty banter (and the slightly improved sound quality)

  11. Dray says:

    Hurrah and stuff!

    Certainly sounds like a good end to a sodding long week at work. Glad you guys ignored all the sound quality jibes and did another. ;)

    Although of course it means you can’t use the ‘your mum is bad quality’ retorts.

    Shame really…

  12. terry says:

    Awesome really did come out (on the ST and Amiga by Psygnosis) – I remember copying the disk :O

    edit: for backup purposes

  13. A-Scale says:

    Jesus Bloody Christ. You have shite mics, we know that.

    But the least you can do is not SCREAM during the podcast. I just lost a bit of hearing I will never get back.

  14. Feet says:

    I jumped so much my headphones fell off my head. Thanks John.

  15. SteveTheBlack says:

    Yay, namecheck! Its awesomeness is slightly reduced from Mr Gillen getting it wrong, although it is immediately returned to awesome thanks to Mr Walker!


  16. Lu-Tze says:

    16.40 – John shouts FAR too loud

    This is an understatement. I almost died.

  17. Seniath says:

    *twitches* Sen-aye-ath or Suh-naye-ath. Never Sen-ee-ath. Back when I played WoW (wait, I’m playing again now aren’t I, er..) there was this guy. He was really annoying. And he called me Sen-ee, in a really patronising manner. This has only managed to sully that pronunciation of my name. Unfortunate, then, that my character in EVE is called Seni’ath, which is nicely shortened to Seni *sighs*.

    Of course, the moment anyone learns of the above anecdote, they either a) think I’m being a picky bugger, b) proceed to call me Sen-ee relentlessly or c) both. So perhaps writing it here was a bad idea…

    Regardless, was a pleasure to meet you and my fellow RPSites, and once again thank you for the paracetamol John. Don’t think I could’ve managed the drive home without.

  18. SteveTheBlack says:

    Sen-ee Sen-ee Sen-ee Sen-ee, you picky little lad.

  19. Dante says:

    I think it’s me John was watching play Far Cry.

    I only wanted to go to the post office :(

  20. Nitre says:

    Hurray for more podcast!

  21. neoanderthal says:

    I can’t wait to get home to listen to this.

  22. Monkfish says:

    16:40 nearly made me jump out of my skin, too.

  23. Fazer says:

    Wow. I just realised you guys speak with a British accent XD I never thought about it while reading your articles ;-)

  24. nabeel says:

    Nice ep, decently lengthed. Insert comment about sound quality here. Will you be writing reviews of Far Cry 2 and World of Goo, Kieron, and if so, for whom?


  25. cyrenic says:

    Well I’m now convinced enough that I’m going to pre-order world of goo. I was thinking about waiting till the release but I better pre-order and get it ASAP that way.

    Podcast was as enjoyable as the first, just keep trying to find better sound recording equipment and keep the screaming to a minimum :D.

  26. Muzman says:

    If the audio quality is a serious problem for people and there’s going to be a lot more of this sort of thing, maybe what’s needed is a whip-’round, Dan’s Data style, so the lads will get something along the lines of these things.

  27. AndrewC says:

    I played this in Audiosurf and it was rubbish. could you do the next one beside some roadworks? kthx.

  28. Pod says:

    I do love the homebrew nature of these podcasts. So spontanious and punk .

  29. Andrew says:

    That was very good. I love the ad-hoc nature of these things, and couldn’t give a tinker’s damn about the sound quality.

  30. Dolphan says:

    I remember the whole half-life to allied assault/AvP 2 gap. That makes me feel old.

  31. Sam says:

    It’s clearly just me who thinks that the Gooballs in the “preview” of World of Goo say “um-jackle!” and not “UNATCO”.

    Possibly I haven’t played Deus Ex enough, though.

  32. EyeMessiah says:

    The sound quality is terrible.

    John, you have the voice of a good person.

  33. Monkfish says:

    Perversely, I preferred the sound quality of the first podcast as it allowed me to fantasise that I’d dialled some kind of RPS Chatline.

  34. Fire_Storm says:

    Good podcast. More of them should feature impromptu beverage-making mid show.

    I also came over to say hi (and build a colossal Darwinian Army) but I never gave out my RPS name so would not have expected you to mention me… I did expect my Darwinian ranks to feature though.

    KG was more friendly that I imagined he would be (for some reason) JW… erm, less so. :(

  35. Tom says:

    Good, amusing stuff.
    Keep it coming.
    All ramblings welcome.

  36. EyeMessiah says:

    OMG can you really say CUNT??

  37. John Walker says:

    I wasn’t friendly? I do apologise. If it helps, I was feeling hideous with a cold, and soon after that table gathering I snuck off to my hotel room to whimper for a couple of hours. I’m ordinarily lovely.

  38. DragonSix says:

    Audio quality am cry :[

  39. hexapodium says:

    Audio quality is fixed here– thanks again John.

  40. Fire_Storm says:

    John: It does help :) I got the feeling that you just wanted to be under a blanket somewhere, with some Lemsip perhaps. More ‘reserved’ than ‘not friendly’.

    I look forward to meeting ordinarily lovely John Walker in future.

  41. christopher hyde says:

    yeehah. these are great, hope you keep ’em coming. Thanks!

  42. essell says:

    16:40 just killed me. I’m dead now.

  43. John Walker says:

    I’m going to swap it with hex’s normalised version when I figure out how. But the 16.40 is even worse there. I might try and fix it a bit so it’s not quite so terrifying.

    If it helps, I jumped at it too – a rare thing, being scared by yourself.

  44. MasterBoo says:

    Off-topic. Kieron, which one of these you wrote? The descriptions for the stories in the next volume of Frontlines was out yesterday.

    The brutal… The menacing… The twisted… Confront the vast, renowned world of StarCraft inside this collection of mind-blowing adventures.

    Heavy Armor – Part 2 The adrenaline-pumping firefight between mentor and protégé escalates to a fierce climax. Will the young Viking pilot outwit the man who taught him everything? Or will the teacher remain the undisputed master of heavy armor–and doom a colony?

    A Ghost Story Sterilized by war, a rocky planet’s bounty and dark terrors have remained safely hidden–until a Kel Morian Combine crew catches wind of it hoping to strike big. There’s just one problem: The planet seems to be haunted by a “ghost.” Newsworthy

    A pro-Dominion reporter lands the scoop of lifetime: an exclusive sit-down with Emperor Arcturus Mengsk following an embedded mission with terran marines. Every good reporter tells both sides of the story, but when she comes face-to-face with atrocity, can she handle the brutal truth, much less report it?

    Creep Feared by all and understood by none, zerg creep finally comes under the knife in the laboratory of protoss scientists. But instead of shedding light on the bizarre bio-matter, the scientists spiral into a psychologically disturbing and nightmarish struggle against a completely unknown foe.

  45. terry says:

    Re: the now infamous 16:40 overture – if only the staring eyes of Ken Levine could be rendered in audible form!

  46. Patrick says:

    Am I the only one who is bemoaning the lack of planned SDK for Far Cry 2?

    The map editor is all well and good, but missing out on the ability to mod one of the best engines and most interesting games of the year.

  47. Ging says:

    “His name is Booth”, that’d be Mike Booth, (ex-)CEO of Turtle Rock then? (He also did the bots for CSS) – Nice guy, good beard…

    I’m waiting in fear for the 16:40 shout, especially now that I’m listening on the revised version where it’s even worse! (ok, that wasn’t so bad)

  48. futage says:

    That were grand.

  49. MountMyBlade says:

    Guys. Not sure where to post this but I have written some quality hard core RPS fanfic. 18+. Anyone interested in exploring this?

  50. McCool says:

    Gillen was asked the question “Does it sound like UNATCO?” and failed to reply with “No, Savage.” I am sorely disapointed.