Dynasty Warriors 6 Demo

Dynasty Warriors: where many dudes get hit at the same time, and other dudes get simultaneously thwacked, all for the love of martial art. Koei’s mass-brawling games in the Dynasty Warriors series have always been slightly clunky and never quite hit the high notes of all-time excellence, but nevertheless they remain workmanlike in their delivery of unlikely battlefield combat. This sixth iteration is one of the better games, and it pleases me that Koei saw fit to bring this (and Warriors Orochi earlier in the year) to PC. The 321mb demo is here.


  1. Heliocentric says:

    I always felt that these games shied away from strategic complexity not because of their rampantness but because of limitations in the controls. I’m not saying that now its on the pc it’ll be deep, but a user mod could make it so. Any word on that front? So many eastern publishers seem terrified of user created content.

  2. Albides says:

    I love the Dynasty Warriors series. Sure, it’s a little silly, doesn’t really do much in the way of reinventing itself from sequel to sequel, and is terribly simple, but, goodness, it’s a whole lot of fun smashing your way through armies and officers with an exquisitely dressed historical superhero. All those silk costumes and absurd moves. Man! It’s great! And the weapons! How can you not love taking down soldiers with a freaking flute! It’s the sort of arcadey thing PCs usually look down upon, but forget that it’s a hell of a lot of fun all the same.

  3. Dreamhacker says:

    Is it just me or does this game look better on PS2?

  4. Jochen Scheisse says:

    Dynasty Warriors rocks! It’s just that the only playable character in this demo got an incredibly gay voice.

  5. wcaypahwat says:

    I recall that the DW4 on PC had the option to use either the english or japanese voices. Which was a boon as the english voices were horrible.

  6. mjhoward says:

    The Dynasty Warriors series are my favourite good bad games. They’re enormously fun in 2-player.

    Unrelated, but what’s up with the adverts today? I’ve seen 2 variations on the annoying animated “Congratulations, you are a winner!”, and one “Click here to chat with a Mormon”

  7. Ben Abraham says:

    There are 6 of them now?!!?

  8. Klaus says:

    Perhaps fate is trying to tell you something, mjhoward.

    I have Dynasty Warriors 2, which I’m not sure I beat or if it even can be finished. All the killing just ‘blurs’, I get into a faze and then turn it off.

  9. Gladman says:

    @ Ben Abraham

    Oh there are MORE than 6

    I agree with everyone else on Dynasty Warriors being the best bad game around, awesome awesome awesome

  10. ru says:

    initially, i didn’t read the “and one” between your quotes
    imagine my surprise

  11. Bhazor says:

    Sod Dynasty Warriors, what about the Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI PC demo? Probably the best empire sim you’ve probably never played (hedging my bets a little there).

    Reply to mjhoward
    At the moment I’m being shown an ad from the WSPA. With pictures of all the animals that will die if I don’t give them my money. Thats illegal, surely?

  12. Clicky says:

    @Ben Abraham
    More like 11 or so.

  13. Mugi says:

    Onlime gameplay? I’ve seen multiple games like this to PC so far but NOT ONE have offered online play ><.

  14. Robert D. N. says:

    I love Dynasty warriors. the best game series!

  15. Wedge says:

    Wow, it’s nice to see a reasonably sized demo for once, where they don’t make you download half the game for 15 minutes of play. Must check this out, since I loooove me some DW.

  16. Monk says:

    I can’t believe my machine can’t run this at over 15 fps…

  17. Dorian Cornelius Jasper says:

    The best bad game ever, yes. It’s nice to be able to admit liking the Warriors series.

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